Ketchum Responds to Document Leaks

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 19th, 2013

Dr. Melba Ketchum responds to the document leaks on her Facebook page:

I am so upset that the reviews got leaked. That means I was once again betrayed by an insider. On the up side, I feel a huge relief about it. Now I don’t have to sit on this horrible secret anymore. The world now knows how unethically the scientific has behaved. It also knows that we DID pass peer review and with reviews that came from geneticists that work with whole genomes. At least that is what I was told.

Funny thing, the reviewer number one that leaked the reviews and then went on to bash the manuscript publicly on some blogtalk thing states in the second review that he isn’t qualified to review it.

Bottom line, Sasquatch exists. Scientifically proven and passed by peer review by other scientists.

As far as all of the documents that were leaked, they are authentic. I didn’t leak them though. Some submitters as well as others associated with the project had access to this information so I don’t know who did. Those communications are not supposed to be leaked. So if anyone gets sued, it won’t be me. They can subpoena the blogger’s email trail. I actually am happy about the leak though. At least now everything I have said can be authenticated including the ridiculous and biased nature of the reviews. Now people will know the truth and that we did pass peer review.Dr. Melba Ketchum

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4 Responses to “Ketchum Responds to Document Leaks”

  1. DWA responds:

    “how unethically the scientific has behaved.”

    [holds head]

    “Bottom line, Sasquatch exists. Scientifically proven and passed by peer review by other scientists.”

    I see that. It’s very clear. Why don’t you see it? SEE IT!


  2. edsbigfoot responds:

    “IF” what Dr. Ketchum says is true, its sad that, a level of hypocrisy like that exists within the scientific community and within the bigfoot community. It’s even more sad that no one is held accountable….why don’t the people who supposedly received “inside info” have to explain why they would leak it when they should know whats at stake? It seems like anything that is on the path of proof of the the existence of these creatures helps all involved. Sad, but not surprising, “IF” true….

  3. DWA responds:

    On further review, I see the old “betrayed by an insider” complaint.

    Translation may vary. But most texts come up with “science somewhat suspect” for that one.

  4. NMRNG responds:

    Can someone who has been keeping up with Ketchum and her research please post a succinct summary of what she has allegedly found, what she has tried to have done to verify her studies, and what has ensued. I’ve read several posts here about her but haven’t quite got the whole story and her long, rant-ish quotes are far from a model of clarity as to the whole situation.


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