Rene Dahinden Film Footage

Posted by: Sharon Lee on January 24th, 2013

I have acquired a piece of film footage that show John Green and others researching tracks approximately one month before October 20, 1967.

The description of the video as follows verified by Todd Prescott and Steven Streufert:

Filmed at Blue Creek Mountain ridge, along the new road construction, 1967, from late August to the first couple of days in September.

It IS very important footage. The later part is potentially down in the creekbed, just downstream a few hundred yards from the later Patterspn/Gimlin filmsite, where footprints were found in the sandbar.

In the film are the pilot, Keith Chiazzari, along with the dog handler Dale Moffit.

John Green is the tall guy in the middle.

Blue Creek Mountain and Onion Mountain constitute the western wall above Bluff Creek basin. Tracks were found along new construction on these roads in August 1967, two separate events, the later one leading to an early September phone call from Al Hodgson to the Patterson home. From there Roger got Bob involved and made it down to the scene in October.

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8 Responses to “Rene Dahinden Film Footage”

  1. todd0329 responds:

    I believe this footage is from Blue Creek Mountain before the P/G film came about. One could argue that is was the precursor to the P/G film but there were other factors making Patterson’s film happen besides the track find on Blue Creek Mountain. Rene Dahinden, Don Abbott, White Lady (the dog) and what I suppose is the dog handler, along with John Green are all shown in the footage. I’ll consult with John Green to verify.

  2. Insanity responds:

    I was wondering if this was indeed from the P/G site as well. Without digging out a book to lookup the description, the site where Jerry Crew took casts was a construction site along a long dirt road. Mayhaps memory fails me.

    The tracks shown to look more like the fakes reportedly used by Ray Wallace, and even look to have the same square toes. The toe spread here doesn’t look like casts made from the P/G site either.

  3. squatchman responds:

    This is important footage and there is a big possibility that they are real, but some of the footprints look like the “Ray Wallace Wooden Foot.” I don’t know for sure since Ray Wallace made wooden feet based on a sasquatch print, but it looks really similar!

  4. Kimble responds:

    Hasn’t MK Davis already used still from this footage (about 1:40 in showing guns and dogs) to “prove” there was a massacre?

    At there is a video with the caption “Dog approaches skin and blood”

    Great video. Crazy theory.

  5. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Honestly can we please move on past events that happened over 45 years ago ? Can we also not post anymore “today in Bigfoot history.” Lets try and focus on the events happening now with this research. I found the latest batch of “recordings” coming out of Oregon eerily similar to the 1978 Snohomish Howls and worthy of further research. Zero posts about this. Instead its that loser Ray Wallace and these other “foogies” from the late 60’s who are still getting attention. PG film is also a DEAD HORSE. Move on !!!! No wonder why Loren wants to leave this site.

  6. twblack responds:

    A couple of the tracks look like they were made with the wooden feet that were used by i think Ray Wallace hoaxer but looks can be deceiving

  7. Dr Kaco responds:

    It just feels awkward to hear about the Patterson book depicting that female Sasquatch…a year before the Patty vid……just saying. ;p

  8. William responds:

    I would be very skeptical of any tracks along that logging road, as Wallace’s family demonstrated how they would use a rope to the back of his pickup truck to allow them to be yanked an unusally long distance between footsteps to help sell their hoax of the stride of a bigfoot. This would be the perfect place to do this along a road. It would be much more difficult to simulate the giant stride length say along that sandbar, so those prints were more likely legit.

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