Cliff Barackman: Bigfoot Proof is Coming Soon

Posted by: Guy Edwards on November 16th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Cliff Barackman during a recent visit to Springfield High School

“It won’t take long, a few years tops, these things are real, and soon everyone is going to know about it.”Cliff Barackman, Finding Bigfoot co-host

Cliff Barackman, co-host of the TV show Finding Bigfoot, seems to up the ante regarding the timeline for Bigfoot proof. At the risk of reading too much into the video, Barackman seems to talk with a confidence of an insider, as if he has knowledge privy only to a few. Click the following link to read our previous coverage of Cliff Barackman.

Watch the video below and read the companion article.

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15 Responses to “Cliff Barackman: Bigfoot Proof is Coming Soon”

  1. midwest mimi responds:

    Here’s the sub-text of these comments. “It won’ t take long, a few years tops” so please keep renewing our show for the next several seasons, so we can continue to look and find it.” Or not. Here’s my problem with this show. I know these things are elusive, but with regular people stumbling into them seemingly all the time, as evidence by the show of hands each week at the town hall, I find it borderline improbable that given all the time they spend in “hot spots” they haven’t found more than bupkus. It’s starting to feel a bit like the old sixties tv show “the Fugitive” where the cops chase this guy in every episode only to get this close to catching him, and then he eludes them. Milked that plot line for years.

  2. DWA responds:


    Remember, the show is about ratings, not about finding bigfoot.

    If you gave me three days to find the fox you have seen a dozen times in your neighborhood, I wouldn’t bet on me. I’ve found fox dens, a couple (only a couple) times. If those had been “bigfoot stick structures,” we’d be no further along to confirming the sasquatch. This is what a lot of people don’t get: if I say fox den, you say, cool! If I say bigfoot…you say: suuuuuuuuuuuure.

    That’s the difference between knowing and not knowing.

    So yeah, they’re milking for ratings. This show, bank on it, isn’t going to Find Bigfoot.

    But the evidence says that as soon as the mainstream gets interested, it won’t be long.

  3. somebodyssquatchingme responds:

    You are 100% correct midwest mimi. That being said, the day squatches are proven to be real to the mainstream world will be the best day in history for the animal. It will also be its worst.

  4. midwest mimi responds:

    Somebody, I fear you are right. The human species is ill equipped to deal with squatches as anything more than a curiosity. Personally, I’d almost rather any proof remain hidden. I harbor a secret hope that in the afterlife, we actually find out “the rest of the story” for squatches, Loch Ness Monster, aliens, location of the ark, Amelia Earhardt, etc and the appeal of Ryan Seacrest.

    DWA, that’s my point. I’m not sure exactly what these people are doing, but unlike the show’s title suggests, they sure as heck aren’t “Finding Bigfoot.” I become less and less convinced that these so called experts know much more than the average Joe. Let’s face it, so far they have tried fireworks, crying baby dolls, and a rave in the woods. What’s next? Bobo dressed up like a female Squatch in stiletto’s? (I”d actually pay to see that) I agree they won’t find Bigfoot, because, for all Moneymaker’s claims to the contrary, they don’t know squat. Or Squatch…..

  5. MR JOSHUA responds:

    It is all about ratings. Does any practical minded person think this species exists in all 49 states except Hawaii? The only reason they go to every state is to bolster ratings in every state for their TV show. Most people in Rhode Island could care less about a sighting in Idaho but if you mention a sighting in their state most will turn in to watch the show. If they truly wanted to “find bigfoot” they would consolidate all their efforts in the Olympic Peninsula or Vancouver Island. I am sorry and I have given it a chance but the show is a joke.

  6. sluggo responds:

    The best thing I have ever read about Bigfoot and its possibilities, and the recriminations if it should ever be found were in the book “Where Bigfoot Walks” by Michael Pyle.

    I have read a ton of related books and this one is by far the most intelligent.

  7. dconstrukt responds:

    hey i hope they find something but ya, i tend to agree with ya’ll…. its just for ratings.

    with the technology today, and the data thats out there… with all the sightings… you could plot all that info on a map on a computer…. and find patterns….. then smother those areas with trapcams and also going in there and searching…..

    thats just 1 thing… we all can come up with ways we think are better than what those guys are doing.

  8. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    I thought Justin Smeja had proof. At least he told everyone he did, but here we are, many months later and nothing. Not even a mention of an upcoming announcement. Surprise, surprise…

  9. shownuff responds:

    I hate the show for two reasons. Moneymaker and the fact that like everyone has stated its so not finding anything. I just hope that when the show is canceled that Cliff and Bobo can keep some of the equipment. I am not saying they hibernate, but it would only make sense that these creatures chill out in a Den or Cave to stay warm. It does not make sense to film to much in the winter where there is a lot of snow. I am tired of BlobSquatches. Step it up guys or Ladies. We have enough Tech now to get great video. Yo hang in there Cliff.

  10. Austin Morrow responds:


    I have a little more faith in Justin Smeja, as he seems to be telling the truth, and a couple of other reasons.

    1. Bobo said it’s true, and Bobo doesn’t seem to lie blatantly, especially when it comes to Sasquatch.

    2. A lot of the DNA studies apparently have a few pieces of meat or samples from the carcass.

    3. It’s nothing like the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax, and it’s quite the opposite. Everything is on lockdown.

    I’d personally like everything to be on lockdown, and then, when everything is in place, and all the legal matters (which you have to realize there are a ton) are taken care of, then there can be a big reveal.

  11. Goodfoot responds:

    I don’t think Bobo is a liar, either, but he may be mistaken. And I’m with Mimi; it’s better, much better, if they stay in hiding.

  12. squatchman responds:

    Cliff Barackman is in my opinion, the best squatcher ever! I know it will be soon when the existance of the sasquatch will be proved. Go Cliff!!!!!!!

  13. Kopite responds:

    One thing I noticed. There are a lot of cute young women in that video clip hehe.

  14. Goodfoot responds:

    Squatchman: Define proved? To you? To everybody? ‘Cause that last one’s really tough.

  15. Desertdweller responds:

    I still enjoy the show, although I have long since given up on them actually finding anything significant. I enjoy the interaction between the characters (sorry, researchers).

    As usual, Dr. Jeff Meldrum has come up with the best idea: a quick-response photo drone. Bigfoot probably won’t ever notice.

    Do the people on the show actually believe Bigfoot is out there? Yes, I really do. A lot of the witnesses obviously do, too.

    I’d miss the show if it were cancelled. Ironically, that would likely be the result of a Bigfoot discovery. Why look for something you already know is there?

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