Today in Bigfoot History | The New York Times Declares Wallace is Bigfoot

Posted by: Guy Edwards on January 3rd, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Rough estimate of the New York Times Front Page, Headline accurate

In 2003, January 3rd, The New York Times printed a front page article reporting Ray Wallace’s “death bed” confession as the guy wearing a Bigfoot costume in the famous Patterson/Gimlin film.

To Bigfooters, the Sasquatch in the film is referred to as Patty. Ray Wallace has been claiming he was Patty long before he died, but somehow as a “death bed” confession the story seemed to stick better. He also claimed at one point his wife was in the suit. The testimony of Michael Wallace, Ray’s son is the thrust of the article.

“This wasn’t a well-planned plot or anything,” said Michael Wallace, one of Ray’s sons.

“All it means is that Ray Wallace is dead, not Bigfoot,” said Dr. Wolf Henner Fahrenbach, a zoologist in the Portland area who is retired from the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center.

Though some Bigfoot believers had long suspected that Mr. Wallace created the tracks, he kept his secret, and his family never confirmed it until his death.

Michael Wallace said his father had a friend carve the feet. Dr. Fahrenbach has tried to prove — by DNA analysis of hair samples — that Bigfoot is a species heretofore unknown to science. “Sasquatch feet grow in substantial excess of general body dimensions,” Dr. Fahrenbach wrote in one study. “Hence the justifiable moniker Bigfoot.”

Filmed in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California, not far from where Ray Wallace laid his tracks, the short film shows a bewildered-looking apeman walking upright, while glancing at the camera.

The film has its believers, Dr. Meldrum and Dr. Fahrenbach among them. “As long as Dad was alive, he was Bigfoot,” Michael Wallace said.

Our favorite part is when Dr. Matthew Johnson gets wrapped into this famous article. Dr. Matthew Johnson is an active leader in the Bigfoot community and a Bigfoot witness who currently offers parenting advice via books, CDs, and conferences. His site is one-stop center for “Parenting with a Plan.” He also has a popular Facebook Group Team Squatchin’ USA.

Dr. Matthew Johnson’s participation as a witness transcends the academic argument. Read how at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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10 Responses to “Today in Bigfoot History | The New York Times Declares Wallace is Bigfoot”

  1. DWA responds:

    If you ever want any reason why Thomas Jefferson said that the man who reads nothing at all is better informed than the man who reads nothing but newspapers…

  2. cryptokellie responds:

    I humbly suggest that Mr.Wallace be posthumously awarded the “Creature of the Month”…right along with the Toad. Surely a insult to the toad as they are incapable of prevarication and attempting to profit from same.
    A little too harsh…probably.

  3. cryptokellie responds:

    Please let me respectfully correct my statement regarding Mr. Wallace…I should have written an insult. Grammatically correct and proper.

  4. Goodfoot responds:

    Following the declaration, Mr. Wallace pulled down the sheets of his deathbed to reveal the costume which made suckers of untold thousands. Nicely done, Mister Wallace!

  5. squatchman responds:

    This news paper article sucks!

  6. Loren Coleman responds:

    No death bed confession occurred. Ray Wallace died and his family members told the media about the wooden fake feet and they mentioned Ray’s post-P-G films.

    No link to Patterson-Gimlin footage was established, correct, or even discussed. Ray and his family always talked about the 1970s’ films Ray had produced with his wife in that costume.

    We should have expected something better from the New York Times.

  7. cryptokellie responds:

    No No…It is exactly what I would expect from the New York Times these days.
    All the news that’s fit to spin…ah, print.

  8. dconstrukt responds:

    wow… great to hear Loren… always wondered about that.

    in the recreations of the patterson film they always say how it cant be a human walking for various reasons… nice to hear the inside story. 🙂

  9. chewbaccalacca responds:

    Just goes to show what we already know: that all it takes to debunk an anomalous story in the mainstream press is someone–anyone–coming forward and saying they did it. Simple. No critical thinking (or reporting) required.

  10. Goodfoot responds:

    Loren: “Better”?

    Not really.

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