Another UK Lion?

Posted by: Nick Redfern on October 16th, 2012

The Center for Fortean Zoology alerts us to the latest batch of Alien Big Cat sightings – including yet another report of a lion allegedly on the loose in the UK.

Here’s the link.

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6 Responses to “Another UK Lion?”

  1. volmar responds:

    Someone really should take these people to a Zoo and show them a real lion…

  2. marcodufour responds:

    Volmar- i would love to be you, to be so certain of everything in life, were you there ? no ! all you and i can say is interesting but i myself sadly did not witness this event, if you are so dismissive then you are not very scientific in your approach.

  3. volmar responds:

    marcodufour: Well, there are lots of things I don’t know about. But these lion sightings in Great Britain are always domestic cats (except for an infamous case where the “animal” turned out to be a toy tiger). You mentioned a liger in the other post, what are the odds a hybrid lion and tiger would be roaming the UK? This most recent case, the one you suggested could be a liger, turned out to be a Maine Coon. I still think someone should take these people to the Zoo to see a real lion.

  4. marcodufour responds:

    volmar- Regarding the liger, i was being facetious. Regarding the lion sightings are always domestic cats, well
    1980- A Puma was captured in Inverness-shire, Scotland
    1989- A Jungle cat was found on the roadside in Shopshire after being hit by a car
    1991- An Eurasian Lynx was shot near Norwich, Norfolk
    1993- A Leopard was shot on the Isle of Wight
    1993- Another Puma was captured in Aviemore, Scotland
    2001- A Lynx was captured in Cricklewood, North London

    So as you can see not `all lion sightings` end up being toy tigers, so maybe the recent sightings are the same as the above ? captures and proof just waiting to happen, regards.

  5. volmar responds:

    marcodufour: There hasn’t been a LION on the loose in UK since pre-historic times. Yes, maybe there were a handful of big cats in the wild, but remember there’s one or two mistaken identity sightings every week, and that’s been going on for decades! And still no lion… Lot’s of domestic cats, no lion. What are the odds there”s a lion roaming the UK right now? Zero. Simple as that.

  6. marcodufour responds:

    volmar- it is unlikely that the witnesses saw a lion i agree, but a 100% chance that they did not ? No you are wrong, there are few things that are 100% sure in this world as we have learnt in the past and will continue learning in the future.

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