Jim Wynorski Wants Everyone To Take A ‘Monster Cruise’

Posted by: Monster Island News on April 29th, 2010

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Jim Wynorski / Undead Backbrain / Avery Guerra

Some time ago, a popular adult men’s magazine would sponsor a yearly event called, “The Boobs Cruise”, which as you may have guessed, was a tropical boat trip filled with big breasted women.

Now when you read the title of this article, and saw the name, Jim Wynorski, your eyes may have played tricks on you and you may have read, “Monster Boobs Cruise.”

That was just your eyes playing tricks, this really is a monster movie.

Granted, since this is a Jim Wynorski monster movie, you can’t swing a moose without hitting some eye-candy, so don’t worry.

For the monster, Wynorski has chosen one of cryptozoology’s lesser known stars, the Ogopogo, which, as many of you probably know, is Nessie’s misguided Canadian cousin.

Likes hockey instead of soccer…..oh, um…football.

As of late, the film maker has been on a real monster kick. His last two films, “Cleavagefield” and “Dinocroc vs. Supergator”, both featured giant monsters run amok. Though, “Cleavagefield” was more about big boobs than the monster.

Reportedly Wynorski has just wrapped production on “Monster Cruise”, which couldn’t have come any sooner for his cast and crew, who where trying to keep from freezing to death on the frozen tundra near Franklin Indiana.

The photos you see here are actually from location shots near Lake Monroe, Indiana, taken last September.

Speaking of cast, “Monster Cruise” stars Kayla Gill, Erin Neufer, Paul Wallace, Shay Dickerhoff, Gerard Pauwels, Stacey Dixon, Ervin Ross, Jim O’Rear, Hal Fryar, Jim Hardin, Vicky Richmond, Bill Cothron, Tammy Logsdon, Jason Smither, David DeSpain, Dennis Crosswhite and Rick Shedd.

You may recognize the name, Hal Fryar, if you are a big Three Stooges fan. Fryar appeared in the movie “The Outlaws Is Coming” (1965) and also had starring parts in “The Three Stooges Show” during the 1960s.

In true Wynorski form, the film maker is keeping the plot to this one under wraps until after it premiers, but he did describe it this way, “….a fun filled romp that tells the story of a boy, a boat and a sea monster”.

If you think that you have seen this monster before, well you kinda have. You see, Wynorski modeled it after his favorite movie monster, the Behemoth, from the 1959 film, “The Giant Behemoth.”

Here are some shots of the Ogopogo, and the rest of the cast from “Monster Cruise”:

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