Joe Rogan Questions Bigfoot – The Reviews Are In

Posted by: Guy Edwards on July 24th, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Wednesday Night (07.24.2013) Joe Rogan Debuts “Joe Rogan Questions Everything” on the SyFy Network.

“…Joe Rogan, host of a new Syfy show, “Joe Rogan Questions Everything,” hasn’t changed my opinion one bit.” –Linda Stasi, TV Critic for the New York Post

Tomorrow night (07.24.2013) Joe Rogan will debut his new series on the SyFy channel. You can read Bigfoot Lunch Club’s earlier post “Joe Rogan Investigates Bigfoot on new SyFy show” to read our previous coverage. Even though the show does not air until later tonight, the first review is in. The review seems luke-warm based more on whether or not Linda Stasi, the TV critic, thinks Bigfoot is real.

Here is how she starts her column:

Let me be the first to confirm: There is no such thing as Sasquatch — aka, Big Foot. And Joe Rogan, host of a new Syfy show, “Joe Rogan Questions Everything,” hasn’t changed my opinion one bit. Not that he wanted to.

This despite the DNA-filled animal poop that curious Joe brings scientists to study on the first episode of this new series. What he wants to know is why there is no photographic evidence of the elusive missing link. So do I!

He’s right to ask, but the problem is that Rogan (a funny urban myth investigator) is asking the wrong question.

The real question should be how is it possible that there isn’t photographic evidence?

Fact is, a human man — whether he be whole or half- human — cannot live without public displays of nudity, no matter how risky the behavior.

Linda Stasi compares how pervasive photos of Anthony Weiner and Geraldo Rivera are. As if photos in the wilderness of Bigfoot are comparable to politicians and celebrities proactively tweeting pics of themselves. I think Bigfoot would have better things to do with a smart phone, like decapitate squirrels, or play Candy Crush.

Read the rest of the review at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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One Response to “Joe Rogan Questions Bigfoot – The Reviews Are In”

  1. Kopite responds:

    Where has Linda Stasi been these last 46 years? ‘No’ photographic evidence? Guessed she missed the FAMOUS Patterson Gimlin Footage. Sheesh. Ignorant people really niggle me.

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