Thylacine Footage

Posted by: Nick Redfern on August 15th, 2012

Check out this, which is pretty cool: a website that contains all the footage known to exist of the Thylacine.

Whether the Thylacine is or is not still with us, the fact that we have this priceless footage ensures it will always be around in some fashion.

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7 Responses to “Thylacine Footage”

  1. David-Australia responds:

    I’m “going bush” in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney NSW this weekend – I’ll see if I can get you some more recent footage…

  2. marcodufour responds:

    David-Australia, not wanting to be greedy, but can you get some Yowie footage at the same time please ?

  3. Novelhawk responds:

    These videos are very haunting. I got choked up watching the last movements of a beautiful and unique animal that probably doesn’t exist anymore.

    I really hope it does of course, but either way those videos serve as a stark reminder that we should protect what needs protecting because once they are gone, this world is diminished.

  4. HulkSmashNow responds:

    Novelhawk, do feel this way about the dodo, as well? I hope so.

  5. Novelhawk responds:

    @HulkSmashNow – Any animal that is lost – especially if the extinction had something to do with us – is sad. That being said, I’ve only ever seen sketches and drawings of dodos.

    Until the videos in this thread, I had only ever seen thylacines in pictures as well. Seeing them move, play with the handlers, yawn, eat, etc. made it much more real to me that they are lost to us. And the grainy black and white silent nature of the film made it look like I was watching a memory.

  6. corrick responds:

    Safe to say I know a lot about the thylacine since I probably have the largest collection of Tasmanian Tiger “stuff” outside Australia. Obviously, it’s my favorite “cryptid.”
    My educated guess is a greater than one but less than five per cent chance thylacines still survive. Except not in Tasmania. Irian Jaya or mainland Australia are much more likely.

  7. asecretcountry responds:

    The videos are great..
    The web site is excellent..
    But.. using historical footage owned by the Australian people and provided for the world to see..then vandallsing it by watermarking it is not legal or even moral.
    Normally people watermark footage that they own..

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