It’s Raining Spiders!

Posted by: KryptoKelly on February 9th, 2013

Check Out This Arachnid Freak Show!

Hundreds, or maybe thousands, of spiders between two poles in the town of Santa Antonio de Plantina in Parana, Brazil. We don’t know why they’re acting like this, we’re trying to find out and will post if anyone gets back to us with an answer.

It’s hard to get a still shot that does video justice. It looks like the spiders have the house surrounded. The guy filming it just keeps saying, “it’s raining spiders!”

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One Response to “It’s Raining Spiders!”

  1. Dr Kaco responds:

    That video is creepy as heck!! BUT like most Bigfoot videos the guy moves that damn camera too much!! I know they’re spiders but damn! Also, how big were they? The way this guy zooms in/out its hard to determine the size of the critters. One minute they look like average sized Orb Spiders and the next shot looks like a 6 foot beast coming at ya! ;p

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