Beasts of the Sky

Posted by: Nick Redfern on January 25th, 2013

Shuker Alien Zoo

Karl Shuker has a good new post at Shuker Nature, which starts as follows:

“In previous ShukerNature blog posts…I have examined the remarkable theory put forward independently by several ufologists down through the decades that at least some UFOs may actually be undiscovered flying organisms – sky beasts. That is, highly specialised life forms adapted for an exclusively aerial existence amid the atmosphere encircling our planet, and thereby occupying a fundamental ecological niche that would otherwise be inexplicably ignored by the normally highly-productive nature of evolutionary radiation. And in those posts of mine, I have presented various reports that may relate to such organisms.”

And, as Karl’s latest article reveals, he’s just received another report that may fall into this category…

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3 Responses to “Beasts of the Sky”

  1. springheeledjack responds:

    This is one of those topics that always intrigues me. It is entirely plausible that given earth’s ecosystems–namely that almost every other environment has been populated with something organic and living–that it stands to reason that something would find a niche in the skies. However, I just haven’t seen the facts to back it up yet.

  2. Bob K. responds:

    I haven’t heard much mentioned on this topic in years. I remember when films of flying critters called ‘rods’ were all the rage about 15-20 years ago; as I recall, these were generally explained away as tricks of light or optical illusions.
    On another note, I can remember reading an article in either a fortean or UFO magazine in which airborne creatures that looked like amoebas were reported as being seen and photographed (I remember seeing one black and white photo in the magazine reputed to be of one of these ‘critters’. It did indeed look like – well, a large, airborne amoeba. Don’t know if I’d vouch for the authenticity of the photo, though).
    My thought is that if these creatures exist, than the old axiom “what goes up, must come down” would apply. They would land on the ground, splatter on car windshields, fall on roofs, etc. Of course, that’s assuming we knew a thing or two about their biology (which we don’t because we don’t know if they exist). Perhaps when they perish, they quickly disintegrate, leaving little or no trace behind [!]
    While it’s an interesting concept, for my money, I’d say that there’s a 95 percent chance that there ain’t no such animal.

  3. hairybeast responds:

    they could also be driven to fall into the oceans

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