Yukon Bigfoot Sighting

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 25th, 2013

Legendary Bigfoot sighted near Kasigluk

Here is the original sketch of the creature witnessed on May 29, 2012, drawn by one of the primary eyewitnesses. The being was tall, dark, and covered ground with amazing speed while walking.

A family out egg hunting last spring near their village of Kasigluk came upon an incredible sight – a large, dark, hairy creature walking upright was heading towards them.

They – two teenaged brothers and their mom – were on the outskirts of the village riding their 4-wheeler when they saw it. It was approximately around 3pm, and the weather was beautiful, although slightly cloudy. School was out for the summer and the date was May 29th, 2012.

Could it have been the elusive Bigfoot?

“We came across it by the lagoon here in Kasigluk,” said one the eyewitnesses. “It was back there southeast of Fox Lake.”

While they were out that day, the three family members saw other people who coming home from egg hunting. So at first they thought the creature was a person.

“After it passed, we looked at each other and thought, ‘we just saw Bigfoot’,” the eyewitness said.

The creature was very tall and dark. Its long arms hung below its knees. It was approximately 75 yards away. The family watched it for about 2 minutes.

“It was walking towards us and then once it saw us it turned and started going to the other side of the hill,” said the witness.

When it disappeared into the bushes, the family headed towards where they last saw it but it was nowhere to be seen.

They didn’t hear about anyone else seeing the mysterious creature.

The following is the firsthand account about the sighting written by the mother of the two boys, one of the eyewitnesses.

“I wanted to go egg hunting, but didn’t want to go alone so I had my two sons follow me since I didn’t want to go alone. My oldest son said he knew of a place where we could go check so off we went towards the lagoon where there is flat land to the east.

“Upon reaching the lagoon my older son got off the four wheeler and ran off to see if anybody was in that area. He ran to the edge of the hill and soon ran back saying that somebody was already there. So we decided to go check somewhere else when that “somebody” started running at an incredible amount of speed. No human person would have gone from down there by that flat land to already towards us up the hill.

“That “somebody” was all black from top to bottom, kind of hunchbacked, like it had no neck and its head was cone-shaped. Its long arms went past its knees and it was incredibly tall.

“At first we all asked each other, “Who is that?” Then after about 10 seconds as it was walking with long strides it would occasionally look towards us. The way it walked was fast and no human could cover that amount of tundra in the same amount of time.

I asked, “WHAT is that?”

“All that time we were awestruck and dumbfounded to what we were witnessing. Then as it was going to disappear from our view finally I said, “I think we just saw Bigfoot!” As it passed in our full view it had covered the whole entire hill in a matter of about a minute. It seemed to be just walking but with big strides.

“We went up to the top of the hill but we didn’t see it anywhere so we went straight home feeling kind of excited.

“That’s my account. It looked exactly like the Patterson footage of Bigfoot if you’ve ever seen it.”

Big Foot or Hairy Man sightings are not unheard of in the Yukon Kuskokwim delta region. Last summer there were reports of a number of sightings in the Johnson River area and other locations.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

24 Responses to “Yukon Bigfoot Sighting”

  1. RonNasty64 responds:

    Just a couple of questions about the report:
    1. What kind of eggs were they hunting for?
    2. What school lets out for summer in May?

  2. Alamo responds:

    Hey Ron,

    Kasigluk is in Alaska… the natives there go egg hunting (waterfowl) in the spring.

  3. Goodfoot responds:

    1. Is the answer important?
    2. One that doesn’t have any losses due to “snow days”?

    Seriously, it has been my experience that the snowier the location, the fewer days are lost because of snow. They just go on with their lives. Conversely, places with less frequent, less severe snow are more likely to call it a (snow) day.

  4. Stadtusquo responds:

    Interesting witness account. Nothing prolific in the description of events, which is rare. My curiosity is peaked, for sure. FYI… I’m not surprised by school being out as my Son’s High School is out the last week of May, in southern California, as their school year started August 14th.

  5. richcap responds:

    Interesting. I live in Anchorage and have traveled to Kasigluk. It’s beautiful country, some rolling hills but pretty open.

    I have a little trouble with the end portion of the story. There’s really no where to “hide” out on the tundra if it was that large. Seems like they’d be able to get after it on their Atvs. But – perhaps they did not wish to. On the hide note – moose here in Alaska are large beasts yet can walk into brush and be completely invisible.

    Regarding school getting out in may – that is correct. Our schools end for the summer at the end of May.

    Lastly, Kasigluk is a more “traditional” village and life is a different experience there. The “little people” are often seen there.

    The line between “what’s real” and “what’s not” is not a line we are not as familiar with.

    Interesting story nonetheless.

  6. squatchman responds:

    There is a lot of bigfoots in The Yukon, so I’m glad to hear some compelling eyewitnesses from there!

  7. William responds:

    While I have no reason personally to disbelieve their account, the skeptic reading this would certainly wonder why they didn’t at least look for some tracks and take pictures or make casts. That would have greatly aided their story.

  8. dconstrukt responds:

    interesting story… the features they describe are interesting…. the long walk… the cone head… the long arms… all seem consistent with reports… no?

    @ squatchman – not trying to attack you or anything just trying to understand…. you said: There is a lot of bigfoots in The Yukon.

    how can you say this with zero evidence?

    or do you have evidence to support this claim.

    its just like the FB show.

    (or like an investment advisor who tells you he can triple your money in 6 months, yet can’t show you any proof he’s doing it or has done it before.)

    anyone can say anything… i can say there’s bigfoots here in miami.

    to me, you gotta prove the thing is real FIRST. no?

  9. Ploughboy responds:

    Deconstrukt….to just interject…there is plenty of EVIDENCE. There is just no PROOF. I always find it helps the discussion to define those parameters.

    You may not find the evidence compelling, and you are certainly entitled to hold out for the ultimate proof, but there is/are mounds of evidence, and I expect that will increase too.

  10. DWA responds:



    This one has so many “frequently-reported” markers it hurts. People like these have way too much to do – you know, surviving day to day in the Arctic and all – to just go around making stuff like this up. For somebody like this to just roll off an account like this and get all those markers in there and just be making this up…come on. To accept that as one’s explanation and be done? Oh. OK.

    As you’ve said elsewhere: we aren’t that good. And all of us know it.

  11. DWA responds:

    And I should add:

    In my school days I was frequently done in mid-May, ’til September. My kids: done sometime in mid-June, back before end of August.

    More homework too. Yeeeeugh.

  12. dconstrukt responds:

    @Ploughboy…. evidence like the steaks? or the blurry videos? to me, most of the stuff is easily explained…. however I think there’s too much overall “stuff” for this to not be real…. but most of the stuff passed as evidence is laughable at best and easily debunked.

    I’d love to see what you’re talking about… the footprints are cool, but can be faked…. and its really no fun looking at footprints… lol… is there any VIDEO? or NON-BLURRY photos? (its 2013 we can easily take non blurry photos) the only stuff I saw that remotely got me interested was patterson film…. and then this freeman film but i have no clue if that thing is real on that or a hoax… (anyone?)

  13. Alamo responds:


    They’s going to school more, but is they learning?

  14. Alamo responds:

    Hey dconstrukt,

    Admittedly, footprints are not that exciting (unless you have a thing for feet) but they do form a four dimensional (physical location and time) picture of the subject. Some of the best work in the field has been done on trackways and some of the most compelling evidence gathered from them… let’s not dismiss them so readily because they’re not a lot of fun.

    I think the lack of high quality video is probably just a matter of a change of approach. Seems to me just going out into the woods and doing absolutely nothing at all would get better results than the techniques used by some “Bigfoot finders”. In another thread I suggested erecting tree houses/stands near natural perennial sources of food and just letting them sit there for a couple of seasons. Then staff them 24/7 during certain peak times. It could be done on the cheap: one set of good camera & recording equipment… all volunteers… National Geographic here we come…

  15. dconstrukt responds:

    @ alamo… thanks for taking the time to ‘splain….. ya, footprints while cool aren’t very interesting to look at and can easily be faked. (lets be honest, BUT it doesnt mean ALL are fake, just saying they can be faked)

    the video is harder to fake and more interesting to look at (not that one is more imp than the other but i’d rather watch a video than look at a footprint. lol)

    the freeman one looks SICK… but does anyone know if its real or a hoax?

    thing about the prints… why the hell hasn’t anyone FOLLOWED the prints? (seems like a dumb thing to ask but i NEVER hear anything about this)… if you’re looking for the creature… and there’s prints… follow them to the thing…. duh.

    i like your idea too…. I’d just camera trap the HELL out of these high food populated areas bigfoots might go to… i.e. migration patterns of animals, plus food sources based on time of year…

    like i keep saying i’d have a computer geek crunching data to find patterns most of these guys are totally missing.

  16. Ploughboy responds:

    deconstrukt….No, that’s not what you wrote, and not what I was responding to.

    You wrote, “How could you say this with zero evidence.”

    My point, again, is: There is plenty of evidence. What weight you assign to it is your decision to make.

  17. DWA responds:

    Ploughboy: right again.

    And here’s the weight I assign:

    When thousands of accounts run true to form; when every shade of encounter one can imagine with a wild animal, at least someone has had with this one; when it stretches one’s concept of absurdity to say they’re all making it up; when (and it does) it stretches it far further to say that a random concatenation of lies, hoaxes and misidentifications is coming up with this consistent picture of an animal; when whatever this is is leaving footprints all over the place, that withstand scrutiny by expert specialists….

    …then one needs to stop explaining it away with hand-waves, and determine what is causing it to happen.

    dconstrukt: you seem to think that the evidence says there is something to this phenomenon. All I’m doing is agreeing with you. I think we both want to know; and I think it’s science’s job to tell us. The proponent scientists are holding up their end. Giving them their day in court is actually the mainstream’s job.

    Alamo: they ain’t teachin’ ’em half what I think they should be a-larnin’. But I survived too, and so did you, and let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  18. DWA responds:


    “footprints while cool aren’t very interesting to look at and can easily be faked…”

    No they can’t. It’s not easy to fool specialists in that very field, as Krantz, Meldrum and Jimmy Chilcutt all are. Krantz said that the sighting reports are immaterial: the footprints themselves constitute proof. The footprints brought Meldrum into the field. Chilcutt, internationally recognized for his expertise, came in to debunk Meldrum’s collection of fake prints. He wound up telling Meldrum: this is a real animal, Jeff, undescribed by science. What are you going to do about it? I’ll take them over people who just say prints can be faked.

    (And anyone who thinks footprints aren’t interesting doesn’t get out much.)

    “why the hell hasn’t anyone FOLLOWED the prints? (seems like a dumb thing to ask but i NEVER hear anything about this)… if you’re looking for the creature… and there’s prints… follow them to the thing…. duh.”

    DWA’s First Rule of Prints: you will not find what made them, and you will almost never want to try.

    Then of course there’s these guys:

    Just a bear? These guys would have been all over who was gonna get to kill the bear with his knife.

    Not to mention this: prints don’t make a straight line to the printer, which almost invariably winds up in places where prints don’t take.

    There’s way too much evidence to spend much time on why don’t we…? We don’t; and still there’s the evidence, right there. We just need to find out what’s leaving all this evidence.

  19. Goodfoot responds:

    DWA: Science abdicated their responsibility, and long ago, at that. We certainly know that, all of us.
    That’s their shame, none of ours.

  20. Alamo responds:


    Man, what a great sighting report. Sasquatch is like Chuck Norris, you don’t find him… he finds you… and when he does, you probably wished he hadn’t.

    They must be teaching them more better stuff ’cause they got rid of all the unimportant stuff like art, music and PE…

  21. Alamo responds:

    Sanderson mentioned in his “Abominable Snowmen” how the Sherpas shook their heads in admiration at how the tracks always followed the path of least resistance. Now we have a team of Special Forces who say the same about the stealth and woodscraft of the creature… high praise indeed.

  22. dconstrukt responds:

    @ Alamo: LOL@ the chuck norris comment… i was laughing so hard reading it.

    ya…. i wanna know… and i do think there is something…. TOO many stories that sound alike… from credible ppl, too many reported sightings (even if 90% are bogus – still thats 10% who are seeing what?)

    what it is i have no clue… wondered since i was a kid and saw that patterson film… always wondered WTF that thing was… was it real?… fake?

    keep in mind, i’m in the business of design… i’ve seen visual effects artists do things you’d never think were humanly possible… so yes, i believe footprints can be hoaxed… (not saying they are all hoaxed, but they can be) same for video really and photos even easier (much less work in a still frame vs motion)…. with the 3d effects these guys do you’d never even know they did anything.

    i’m just saying this because i feel the level of quality of evidence could be higher… we’re talking about bigfoot… not some new type of tiger. 🙂

  23. Goodfoot responds:

    ALAMO: It IS where they live. I’d expect nothing less of them. With rare exceptions, one doesn’t see them unless they’ve decided it’s okay.

  24. dconstrukt responds:

    btw great shout out to CM from bobo on his facebook page today…

    here’s the post:

    James “Bobo” Fay
    Hey folks, just wanted to let you know when I want to get the latest on anything cryptozoological, I go to cryptomundo.com
    Check it out!

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