Squatchin (Search for the Bigfoot) 2014

From Derek Randles:

New Documentary being finished soon.

…a film crew from the UK. Gareth Walker…producer.Derek Randles

Documentary about the men and women who search for the legendary beast, Bigfoot. The film focuses on the search for the beast and more importantly the quest for the unknown. Why in the 21st Century do rational people still claim to see these creatures?

Is it possible that they are out there in the forests and dark hollows of the remotest places of the Pacific Northwest. This documentary will not be searching for Bigfoot but will focus on the lives of the people hunting the creature. Why do they go to extraordinary lengths and risk personal and professional ridicule to pursue a creature “conventional science” says is fiction. Into the forests this documentary will find out what it takes to go Squatchin’.

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  1. “Why in the 21st Century do rational people still claim to see these creatures?”


    Evidence, possibly?

    Why do so many people with no true interest in what’s up here go to these lengths to act interested?