Todd Standing Entertains Finding Bigfoot Cast

Posted by: Guy Edwards on September 2nd, 2011

Bigfoot Lunch Club

We have a Todd Standing double feature at Bigfoot Lunch Club. The producers of the TV Show Finding Bigfoot have decided to visit with Todd Standing and look into his claim of having a 10 second video proving Bigfoot. This has intrigued the local media in Alberta. So far two news articles have been written about Todd and Finding Bigfoot.

In our first Post we ask, Why Don’t Journalist Just Google Todd Standing?” We did, and then shared the results of Google’s auto complete feature. It’s a well known feature of Google. Start typing in a search, and Google offers suggestions before you’ve even finished typing.

What’s interesting is the auto complete works differently than a search result page. Its based on what most people type in the search box, as opposed to the highly complex mathematical formula used to produce search results. In other words, when most people search for “Todd Standing” they also type in the word “Hoax”. This doesn’t mean he’s a hoaxer, it just means he is more associated with the word “hoax” then he is with the word “Bigfoot”.

In our other post, “Todd Standing ‘Entertains’ Finding Bigfoot Crew” we are a little more light-hearted. We give Todd credit for producing a better picture of a bigfoot face to the Calgary Sun, then the one he released earlier this year (March 2011). You can see the comparison yourself below.

The more recently released bigfoot face

The previous release back in March of 2011

You can read both posts, including both news articles in full, at the Bigfoot Lunch Club . You can also read our entire Todd Standing Coverage.

This is the first ten minutes of the Bigfoot documentary that was toured around Western Canada by Todd Standing and his crew in 2006 and 2007 to gather signatures for species protection for Sasquatch. All proceeds where donated to local humane societies. The bill was passed by the government of Canada and petition was a success.toddster45

I wonder if Todd takes the Finding Bigfoot cast and crew to Sylvanic?

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9 Responses to “Todd Standing Entertains Finding Bigfoot Cast”

  1. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    The guy talks in circles. Never really gives specifics. The images posted here. One looks very fake like a taxidermist threw something together. The newest picture looks more believable but yet notice the common feature beside the face? A branch obstructing the face. If he got that close to the “supposed” creature why wasn’t the video camera taken out?

  2. flame821 responds:

    For some reason the skin texture of the older photo reminds me of the carved coconut souvenirs my Uncle used to bring home from the Pacific Islands. It just doesn’t look like real skin to me and the eyes look like glass doll eyes, but that’s just my opinion.

    The new picture is more believable but it also obscures much more than the first. More of the face is hidden in shadows and as much as the limbs/twigs annoy me, I won’t call anyone out on those as these creatures are reported to hide in the woods and more than likely you are just going to have obstacles between you and the creature and no telephoto lens can remove them. As for why no video [shrugs] can’t answer that one.

    The cynic in me almost wants to say ‘someone’ was listening to our critiques of the original photo and paid attention when the second photo was done. Another part of me feels the second photo is of an ape with a little Photoshopping done at the nose and lips but I’m in a skeptical, cynical mood today so don’t mind me.

  3. Hapa responds:

    I don’t care how good the 2nd pic looks: If you have a history of hoaxing, no matter how good your material, it will not be considered legit. That first photo looks like a small-eyed Roswell alien with an orange Eskimo hood on! The face alone looks like it was made of some kind of cloth (and I can’t find the original video where that pic came from: from what I remember, it reminded me of a fake head on a stick being held by somebody, rather than a man in a suit). The nose resembles Michael Jackson’s in his later years (and a pic online points this out with humorous effect. I’ll post it soon).

    I also find the fact that this so-called Sylvanic group is getting government attention from Canada i.e. recognizing it as a protected species as suspect: is there real documentation that this is the case? I’ve seen videos of Todd Standing’s people saying it was being done, but then again, this was Todd Standing’s people. If true, what happened to the common sense of Canadian politicians? If it has gotten that bad there, if politicians are convinced by a suit so poor in quality it wouldn’t have been used in the 1960’s star trek or even (dare I say) a dirt cheap elementary school educational film, then Canadians need to prepare for the worst (back to poaching harp seals? End of free healthcare and free college? If a species can be recognized by people in power and awarded protection, based on a suit better used on the Barney Children’s show, or Bear in the big blue house, then I would think that anything would go. If it happens here, Greenland won’t look so cold, and Mexico not so dangerous. Mars won’t look so far away and inhospitable.)

    This type of farce, this facade, can prove lethal to this field of study, and maybe perhaps this is the intended goal of Todd Standing: to wreck and ruin Sasquatch research, to a point beyond repair (save for a body, and probably half, if not more, investigators refuse to get a body).

    I pray that Finding Bigfoot doesn’t fall head line and sinker for this cow pattie.

  4. Joxman responds:

    Both photos strike me as a real animal. I’ve studied Special Effects Make-Up for many years. An FX artist would have created more distinction in their original sculpture. These pictures seem plain and without extravagance.

    I believe that we now know what Squatch looks like. 🙂

    I would really like to hear from anybody who has had a close-up encounter with SquatchLips and for them to say “Yes. That looks like what I saw” or “No. Not even close.”

  5. Joxman responds:

    The only thing that looks “fake” to me is in the second picture on the creature’s left cheek. The fur appears to be excessive and sticking straight out. I would think an animal would have a more streamlined skin-to-fur transition.

    Also there are shiny reflections from the fur itself which screams fake fur. Natural hair does not reflect light in that way. I could be wrong and the “reflections” could just be photographic artifacts.


  6. Hapa responds:


    Here is that photo: Although I do not endorse Pseudo-skeptics (this blog seems to be fit for their ilk), the pic is hilarious.

  7. flame821 responds:

    @ Hapa

    regarding the politics of Canada –

    Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. I’ve come to realize that politicians don’t listen to evidence and do what is right; they decide what they want to do and find evidence (or pseudo-evidence) to reinforce their pre-conceived notions. If ‘protecting’ a species of humanoid mammals that probably exists in their territories makes them seem cutting edge or increases their reputations as stewards of the environment all the better.

    They could very well have good, sound reasons for wanting to protect wilderness areas, truthfully I can think of at least a dozen myself. But it is harder for foes of the legislation to fight against something like this in the public realm. True the animal may or may not exist but why not come down on the side of caution, why wipe out a population before you can study it? The list is endless.

    Also, as you noted, this information about Canada’s laws are coming from Slyvanic sources this was proposed in 2007 but as of 2011 there doesn’t appear to be a law on the books, at least not through the House of Commons which seems to be all I can gain access to.

    Canadian MP Mike Lake who has called for Bigfoot to be protected under Canada’s species at risk act, alongside Whooping Cranes, Blue Whales, and Red Mulberry trees.

  8. DWA responds:

    On Aldo Leopold’s common-sensical tack that “the first rule of intelligent tinkering is saving all the parts,” what would be wrong, in principle, with saving large tracts of land for something that evidence indicates might be there?

    Other countries (Bhutan comes to mind) have done it. Why not the US and Canada? Our “best idea” stands a bit trumped here. Go with the flow.

  9. DWA responds:

    Forgot to comment on Todd’s “ten seconds of video that proves bigfoot.”

    Ever timed the Patterson-Gimln film there, Todd?


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