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Cryptomundo’s Ultimate CZ FAQs

Posted by: Loren Coleman on March 6th, 2007

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Fans, friends, and readers of Cryptomundo, I have an idea that it might be good to have a permanent “Cryptomundo’s Frequently Asked Questions” location attached to the Cryptomundo site. Perhaps it would be via a long blog of answers, or series of blogs. Maybe it would be a hyperlinked sidebar dedicated location. I see this as a gift in return to all those who have done so much to keep my blogging alive here. Let me see if this will work.

The details will be ironed out. But the notion is to begin, to see if there’s an interest in this. I challenge you to leave one, or to ask as many questions as you can.

To get this rolling, I want to ask you – everyone reading this – to leave at least one question, via the comments section below. Please ask what questions come to your mind about cryptozoology, cryptids, cryptozoologists, cryptofiction, cryptocinema, cryptotourism, cryptocomix, cryptofakes, cryptozoo museums, cryptoartifacts, Bigfoot, and anything else even vaguely linked to cryptozoology that interests you. Cast a wide net. Expand your horizons to encompass what you are curious about within the study of hidden animals. Recall that question you’ve never gotten answered or the first one you asked.

Here are the rules:

(1) Questions only will be allowed here.

(2) No discussions of the questions.

(3) No answers to the questions.

(4) No question is too mundane, too simple, or too elementary.

(5) You can ask as many questions as you want.

(6) Questions or comments that are hidden flaming of anyone asking a question are not welcome and will be removed.

(7) You can come back often and ask questions about others’ questions.

(8) Repeat or enhanced similar questions are okay, because they may assist me to understand what is important to answer.

(9) Attempt to make the questions able to be asked and answered without the benefit of illustrations or photos, although questions about well-known images (such as the Mystery Postcard here or the Patterson-Gimlin footage) are okay.

(10) One question per comment would be best for later sorting but I’m not going to be obsessive about that.

(11) Finally, again, leave questions only.

(12) And, please, do not leave answers.

The time for answers will come soon enough.

Let’s see how this goes. Let’s see who can ask the most questions. Let’s see how many questions in total will be left. The more the merrier.

Thank you. Enjoy the Quest.

Mystery Fish Enhancement

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Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

126 Responses to “Cryptomundo’s Ultimate CZ FAQs”

  1. bukko responds:

    I gotta question. What videos or pictures of Bigfoot are belived to be real? Besides Patty. Thank you.

  2. Gihdora responds:

    What dinosaurs (or similar species) have been sighted in contemporary time?

  3. Gihdora responds:

    What are some of Cryptozoology’s “success stories” – species that were of big interest (ie Bigfoot) of cryptozoolgists before they were (re)discovered?

  4. Ceroill responds:

    How many different kinds of ‘bigfoot’ like creatures are reported to exist around the world?
    What are they called?
    What are their significant features and differences?

    Same questions regarding Lake Monsters.
    Same again for Sea Serpents.

  5. Rillo777 responds:

    What books on CZ are the most highly recommended?

  6. Rillo777 responds:

    What would cause a skunk ape to have such a noticable odor while odor in northern species is seldom mentioned?

  7. captiannemo responds:

    What happened to all the color pictures of the Minasota iceman?

  8. Rillo777 responds:

    Are there any maps available that would show the current number of reliable bigfoot sightings for each state; a sort of nationwide distribution of sightings?

  9. Rillo777 responds:

    How about distribution of lake monsters and other cryptids across the United States, by state, as well?

  10. ladd responds:

    Will the existence of Bigfoot as an actual biological entity ever be solved?

  11. Rillo777 responds:

    Do you think there will ever be a well funded expedition into the northwest to search for bigfoot? A sort of cryptozoological “Corps of Discovery” complete with scientists, trackers, cameramen, etc.?

  12. Starbright responds:

    What evidence is there that ‘bigfoot’ like creatures migrate?

  13. ladd responds:

    Will cryptozoology ever become a viable field of study like biology and accepted as a course at colleges and universities?

  14. Starbright responds:

    If there are so few Bigfoots, and such a vast area in which they reside, how do they locate one another to breed?

    For that matter, what would be the minimum number of Bigfoot creatures needed to sustain a healthy breeding population?

  15. earl_xian responds:

    why doesn’t anyone dedicate themselves fully to prove the existence of the lochness monster? if we can find and take time to study giant squids in the big ocean. why not find a monster in a lake?

  16. BugMO responds:

    What Bigfoot cases are believed to be more true than others?

    The same question for Bigfoot type creatures like Devil Monkeys, true giants, and Momos.(devil monkeys are my favorite)

    How many Momo sightings were there? I’ve heard of the one were the two women were chased into their car, and the one were the little boys are playing near the rabbit cages in their yard, I’ve read the book Bigfoot! and Mysterious America. So, are there any others? I’m from Missouri so I want find out more about the Momo.

    How many Bighoot sightings, Owlman, and Birdnman sightings are there, and were can I find them?

    Is the book the Owlman and Others any good I heard that it wasn’t?

    When will the book True Giants come out?

    Is the Book The Historical Bigfoot any good?

    Could you start to review cryptozoological books here?

  17. Remobec responds:

    If someone wanted to read just one book to get an understanding of cryptozoology, what would that be? How about the best introduction book on a variety of subjects, such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness, etc.?

  18. Remobec responds:

    If Bigfoot is so widespread, why is there no physical proof, like skeletons, fur, excrement, etc.?

  19. Remobec responds:

    What’s the truth behind the Patterson-Gimli film? I know that a wide number of researcher agree that it’s not a human in a suit, but so many people have come forward claiming they were part of the hoax.

  20. Remobec responds:

    What’s the evidence for sterile eels? Has anyone found these in places where lake monsters are supposed to exist? Is there any evidence for them except as a theory for lake monsters?

  21. Remobec responds:

    What are good places to go for cryptotourism? Not so much looking for cryptids, but places like the Bigfoot Museum or the Bigfoot trap.

  22. Remobec responds:

    Which are the most probable cryptids? I know you’ve already posted this before, but I think it would be great to have in an easy-reference place.

  23. Starbright responds:

    What’s the tipping point for crypto-creatures before society acknowledges their existence? We knew there was a ninth planet before we actual “found” it.

    Flipside – For that matter should there be a statute of limitations on cryptos; where after “X” number of years, if no physical evidence is presented we rule out the existence of the creature?

  24. BugMO responds:

    What are the best cryptozoological books? And what books should a cryptozoologist have on his/or her shelf?

    Are there any good cryptozoology movies like The Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas?

  25. Raptorial responds:

    What cryptids (besides the Honey Island Swamp Monster and black panther) have been reported in Louisiana?

  26. joppa responds:

    What positions do the Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture ( Forest Service) and various state agencies take on various cryptids.

    Does any Federal database exist on cryptid reports ? Bigfoot/ Mothman / Eastern Cougars / Etc

  27. HoboZero responds:

    Perhaps you can settle a recurring workplace argument…
    Are dragons valid topics for cryptozoological study? What about other creatures generally assigned mythological status?

  28. ladd responds:

    Given it’s evident popularity here has the interest in cyrptozoology in the U.S. and worldwide increased or decreased in the last 10 years?

  29. dieselsixx responds:

    Is there any credible reports of violent encounters or attacks with a Bigfoot Creature?

  30. Napoleon responds:

    What can you tell me about a more obscure cryptid called the “Mngwa”?

  31. Unknown Primate responds:

    Has the video footage taken by Daryl Owen and Scott Herriott (on Oct. 12, 1992) in northern California of a supposed sasquatch, ever been debunked? It aired on Ancient Mysteries several years ago.

  32. Unknown Primate responds:

    Have you ever heard of a hairy hominid (supposedly romps around the Sierra Nevadas) known as “Penelope”, or is this purely an “urban Legend” or “campfire tale”? Probably a weird question, but I plead rule #4.

  33. dieselsixx responds:

    Is there any credible reports of Bigfoot creatures attacking a person?

  34. ladd responds:

    Last year U.S. Navy Seals while on a mission supposedly encountered some very unusual cryptids. Have any cryptids ever been encountered by the military during war and conflicts such as WWII and Vietnam?

  35. Quazie responds:

    What are some famous instances of a species moving from the world of crytozoology to zoology?

  36. BadState responds:

    Is there a connection between Bigfoot and UFOs?

  37. Daniel Loxton responds:

    Has any cryptid ever been found?

    (I don’t mean, “Has the existence of any rumored animal ever been confirmed?” but “Has any specific animal ever been first identified with the label ‘cryptid’ and subsequently confirmed to exist within mainstream zoology?”)

  38. elsanto responds:

    Has the nandi bear vanished into obscurity? Have there been no sightings since the early 1900s?

  39. WildWeasel responds:

    Is there a site on the net with a large amount of cryptid media?

    I also heard stories of reopen or ropen like creatures killing humans but is there an evidence (ie. Autopsy, pictures of the “crime scene”)?

  40. davesgonechina responds:

    What’s the skinny on the Chinese Yeren? China’s five different lake monsters?

    Has there been much interaction between Chinese and foreign cryptozoologists?

  41. apocalypsis316 responds:

    Has unknown primate hair been found? Has it been tested? What were the results?

    How many primates do we have walking around America?

  42. kittenz responds:

    What kind of sustained field investigation would be needed to locate Bigfoot and document their existence?

    What equipment would be required for a thorough investigation, and how long would such an investigation take (assuming that time and cost are no problem)?

    What would be a reasonable funding for such an endeavor?

    After what time period (if any) should the search be abandoned as fruitless?

  43. kittenz responds:

    Addendum to my previous questions:

    Where would be the best place(s) to conduct a sustained field investigation to locate Bigfoot?

  44. kittenz responds:

    Is there any real evidence for the existence of living Thylacaleo?

  45. kittenz responds:

    Are there any “mainstream biologists” who believe that the thylacine is not extinct? Is there any concrete evidence of its continued existence?

  46. kittenz responds:

    Has anyone ever disappeared while actually on a hunt for a cryptid?

  47. DWA responds:

    1) Has there ever been a reasonable proposition advanced as to how the Patterson/Gimlin film could have been hoaxed?

    2) What do mainstream scientists believe is behind Bigfoot sightings? Have any scientists (other than those who already believe the animal exists) reviewed anecdotal information intensively? What are their conclusions?

    3) What are the earmarks that researchers look for to determine whether a purported sasquatch track is in fact a fake?

    4) Has any sasquatch hoaxer – or hoaxer of any other cryptid “evidence” – stated their motive for doing so?

    5) How many people have come forward with apparently genuine sasquatch experiences – then subsequently been caught hoaxing evidence?

    6) What are the best/biggest/most comprehensive sasquatch websites, particularly with regard to sighting reports? What are these sites’ standards for posting reports submitted?

    7) What are the longest sasquatch searches ever conducted, other than the one that produced the P/G film? What did these searches entail? What was found?

    8) What impacts might the current trend toward accepting something other than a “body” as a holotype have on the search for cryptids?

    9) What would mainstream scientists consider “proof” that a purported animal such as the sasquatch exists?

    10) Hairy hominoids have been reported on almost every continent. How do researchers assess the likelihood of any of these other hominoids existing, compared to, say, the probabilities for the yeti and the sasquatch?

    11) The yeti and the sasquatch, although both apparently bipedal, appear to have feet that are shaped considerably differently from one another. Has anyone thought about why this is?

    12) Are there any theories concerning the sexual/mating behaviors of the sasquatch and the yeti? On what kind of evidence are these based?

    13) Of what kinds of vocals are the sasquatch and yeti capable? Does anecdotal evidence indicate the purpose of these calls?

  48. DWA responds:

    14) What level of effort do some of the top sasquatch/yeti/hairy hominoid researchers believe is necessary to confirm such animals’ existence? Do any of them believe that amateur researchers can do it?

    15) What theories have been advanced concerning how the Yowie got to Australia? Do all theories as to what the animal is presume that it is a primate?

  49. Fred Facker responds:

    Is there an up-to-date listing of all currently operating crytomuseums?

  50. mystery_man responds:

    1) How many active research expeditions are looking into marine cryptids?
    2) Who is involved in said expeditions? What techniques are they employing and what is their funding like?
    3) Have there been any recent expeditions for Mokele Mbembe?
    4) At what point does the evidence become part of the realm of paranormal research and out of the realm of cryptozoology?
    5) How many people have reported seeing a bear, and then had the evidence point more to a sasquatch?
    6) We have heard of a bear mistaken for a Bigfoot, does it ever happen the other way around?
    7) If Bigfoot is found, what kind of measures can be reasonably expected to protect it?
    8) How can a thorough consensus of the population be carried out if it is found?

  51. hammerhead responds:

    How large is the preponderance of evidence leading towards the non-corporeal nature of most cryptids, including, t-birds, bipedal hominids, mystery cats, etc?

  52. Ceroill responds:

    Is there such a field as Cryptobotany?

  53. harleyb responds:

    1) Will cryptozoology be more popular as a study in the future?

  54. castlenottingham responds:

    Are there any cryptozoologists receiving private or public funding for research?

  55. raisinsofwrath responds:

    What Cryptid do you (Loren Coleman) consider to be so absurd (if anything) that you wouldn’t even consider investigating?

    Or something you investigate begrudgingly just out of a sense of duty?

  56. Ayala responds:

    I finally registered to put up some FAQs! I enjoy this site! :)

    1) “I found this picture on the internet…” or “My friend emailed me a picture of a strange creature… is it real?”

    2) “My friend told me about the __________ monster. Is it real?”

    3) “How much money does a cryptozoologist make?”

    4) “I am writing a book/ I have an interesting story/ I was abducted by Bigfoots… how can I get my story published/ will you publish my story/ will you read my story?”

    5) “There’s a farm/woods/jungle near my house. I am going to go Bigfoot hunting there with 5 or 6 of my stupid friends – is that a good idea?”

    And some really easy ones: Why is cryptozoology called cryptozoology? How long has cryptozoology existed? What do cryptozoologists do? How does one become a cryptozoologist?

    Thanks! :)

  57. Grant responds:

    This question is a little like dieselsixx’s. I’ve often wondered why most cryptid stories (except ones that go back centuries) don’t involve a dangerous creature attacking people, or at least deliberately scaring them. It seems like more hoaxes – and more TRUE stories, for that matter – would be “spiced up” by having the animal actually being a THREAT, but so few of them include that.

  58. mystery_man responds:

    1) What ever happened to the stuff Cousteau came up with in Lake Tahoe?
    2) What is happening with the goings on in Johor?
    3) Whatever became of the Yarwen hunter?
    4) What happened on the show tracking the ropen?
    5) Has any more stuff on Bigfoot being “human” come to light?
    6) Is there going to be any updates forthcoming about Pine Ridge?

  59. squatchwatcher responds:

    Has there ever been any consideration for having an expedition to study the habits and habitat specifically for Bigfoot/Sasquatch? Like the expeditions for the gorillas. Instead of looking for evidence for bigfoot, why not study the Bigfoot “hotspots” to learn more of the interaction of squatches and their habitats?

  60. squatchwatcher responds:

    Whatever happened with the Minnesota Iceman? Was he proven to be a hoax beyond a reasonable doubt? What is your (Loren) personal take on the Iceman?

  61. mantis responds:

    1) Are there any plans to go search for the dinosaur(s) in the Congo again?

    2) Are the dinosaurs & humans carved on stones found in Peru a hoax?

    3) What IS that thing in the postcard photo?

    4) What will science do if they find a population of Bigfeet?

    5) Is that guy from Russia some kind of Neanderthal throw-back?

    6) What are the types of creatures that have been found in underground enviroments?

    7) Does Bigfoot really prefer pancakes?

  62. Darkwing2006 responds:

    Do you believe that there are distinct sub species of bigfoot, in terms of the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot compared to the Southern Bigfoot? Are they different in your opinion?

  63. Ceroill responds:

    Do you think there is a correlation between ‘bigfoot’ type encounters and the reports of hairy ‘wild men’ from around the world in previous centuries?

  64. bukko responds:

    Have there been many serious Bigfoot expeditions here in Oklahoma or Arkansas?

  65. robzilla responds:

    Why don’t scientists take the subject of cryptozoology seriously?

  66. bukko responds:

    Mr. Coleman, do you think things of the supernatural sort have a place in cryptozoology?

  67. greenmartian2007 responds:

    Yes, I have some questions.

    a) Are there any stories from the 1960s or 1970s or 1980s from US Special Forces personnel of a cryptozoological nature? Like seeing sea serpents or other creatures? Perhaps filming them?

    b) I dimly remember reading in the 1970s a book entitled “There are Giants in the Earth,” and in there the author or authors talking about in South America I believe, a grouping called “Mono Grande”….have there been any reports more currently on this crypto creature grouping?

    c) I’d like to see more information on the Olitau, and on the flying pterodactyl stories that have taken place place in the 20th century. Has there been any photographs taken? More information on the recent stories from Indonesia, please (or was it New Guinea? Can’t recall exactly) also? (Ropen.)

    d) What happened to that film of the mokele mbembe in Lake Tele that was allegedly taken back in the early or mid 1990s? Did that actually happen?

    e) Was the Thunderbird photograph (from the Old West? I am doing this completely from memory) that Ivan Sanderson actually showed on some TV show back in the late 1960s ever been found? What is the update to that story? Has any archived videotape footage of the program been found?

    f) What percentage of cryptozoological encounters witnessed by humans are completely by accident, or by chance encounters? How many have been by methodical tracking or purposeful planning?

    g) Has anyone attempted recently to go back to the very same area that the “Sierra Sounds” recordings were done, to see if a Sasquatch population still has that as part of their range? If so, what was learned?

    f) How much scientific examination of recorded Bigfoot vocalizations has there been? Has any been done recently (say, since 2001)? If so, by whom?

    g) Does Jeff Meldrum visit this site?

    h) Does anyone have used copies of Bernard Heuvelmans’ English-language books for sale?

    i) What is Loren Coleman’s opinion of the alleged “Bigfoot” encounters up at that farmhouse in Nevada, that was written about in a book published last year entitled “Hunt for the Skinwalker”? It apparently crawled out of light tunnel or something similar. (Yes, my inquiring mind wants to know what you make of all of that.)

    j) Back to Bigfoot vocalization recordings. Are there any linguists or voice specialists willing to lend their expertise to examining such recordings? Are such people “ready” and on “stand by”? Related question: Are the number of scientists and researchers (those in academia, for example) who want to investigate this topic very small in number? How small a number?

    That should do it for now.

  68. Remobec responds:

    If time, money, and manpower were not issues, what would you theorize as the best strategy for proving the existence of Bigfoot? Lake monsters?

  69. Remobec responds:

    What should a person (whether your armchair cryptozoologist or non-cryptozoologist) do when they encounter evidence of cryptids? This would encompass making a foot cast; developing your film in such a way as to cast the least amount of doubt on your pictures; remembering where you saw it; gathering and preserving evidence; returning for more documentation, etc.

  70. Remobec responds:

    Various people have recorded or discussed alleged Bigfoot vocalizations. What is the evidence that these noises do indeed belong to Bigfoot? Could they not just as well be an unreported vocalization of a known animal?

  71. Remobec responds:

    I occasionally see pictures and evidence of “Bigfoot nests.” Are these generally considered legitimate by mainstream cryptozoologists?

  72. Remobec responds:

    What in the world is up with that missing pteradactyl/big bird photo that hundreds of people claim to have seen but no one can locate? Is there some scientific theory behind this, like group memory, or is it paranormal? Has there ever been a study on this picture and the people who have allegedly seen it?

  73. kittenz responds:

    Who’s on the list of millionaire cryptozoologists?

  74. kittenz responds:

    A number of people now famous in cryptozoological circles began their careers as intelligence agent. Who are these people? Were their interests in cryptids fueled by their careers, or vice versa?

  75. kittenz responds:

    What is a Yarwen?

    What is the going rate for them?

  76. DWA responds:

    16. Has the connection between the paranormal and cryptozoology permanently muddied the waters for mainstream science? Are there any mainstream scientists who explicitly disconnect the two and attempt to deal with the field on its merits?

    17. Are there any mainstream scientists aware of the sheer volume of evidence for the sasquatch? How do they propose dealing with this evidence? If they are comfortable with simply discounting all of it, what is their reasoning?

    18. How do researchers convinced of the existence of the Loch Ness monster explain the extreme paucity of sightings given the tiny and frequently visited range of the animal, and its apparent need to at least surface at intervals to breathe and thus expose itself to view?

    19. The public image of the sasquatch appears to be at odds with the animal being consistently described in sighting reports. Are any researchers addressing this?

  77. Ceroill responds:

    Loren, what do you consider the most overlooked Cryptid?

  78. ladd responds:

    What advice would you give someone who has an inherent interest in cryptozoology and wants to pursue it as a possible career but there aren’t any colleges or universities that offer it as a degree program. Should he/she forget that idea and stick with a conventional degree program?

  79. WVBotanist responds:

    Most fields of scientific inquiry are fairly accessible to anyone with an inquiring mind, via technical or summary/review publications and scientific publications such as journals, mongraphs, proceedings, etc. What are the best analogs for cryptozoologic studies, particularly Bigfoot/Sasquatch?

  80. bukko responds:

    How long would you think a Bigfoot pregnancy would be?

  81. springheeledjack responds:

    Whatever became of the Taezul wurm?

  82. springheeledjack responds:

    Where is there a full listing of lake cryptids…bodies of water and sightings?

  83. springheeledjack responds:

    What are three main reasons for less sightings of “sea serpents” in open bodies of water?

  84. springheeledjack responds:

    How do we as a group organize together to fund and go out on our own expeditions to help the cause?

  85. Rillo777 responds:

    Is there a possibility that we might begin a fund to send out an expedition of qualified researchers (I would suggest picked by Loren and preferably headed by him) to go out and search for bigfoot?

  86. Dan Gannon responds:

    In which parts of the world have diminutive hominids been reported, and in what time frames?

  87. MBFH responds:

    What are the moral and ethical arguments for and against producing definitive evidence for Sasquatch/Bigfoot/Yeti/Almasty etc. if it were found?

  88. MBFH responds:

    In ecological terms (habitat/wilderness etc) where are the most likely geographical locations on land to discover a cryptid?

  89. DWA responds:

    Why do no sasquatch proponents, in presenting the case for the animal, seem to mention the vast number of consistent sighting parameters cited in encounter after encounter, by people across the continent?

  90. mystery_man responds:

    Have there been any expeditions lately to look for the Mongolian Death Worm?

  91. squatchwatcher responds:

    Has there been any new theories or evidence pertaining to what we do know about sasquatch since the ’60s and ’70s? In other words do we know any more about them then we did 40 years ago?

  92. squatchwatcher responds:

    In some books on cryptozoology some authors state that in some parts of the world the evidence for hairy hominids point towards them being from the origins of homo erectus or neanderthals. My question is, if this is true for some cryptids, how do we explain away the fact for no tool usage or evolving any more than they did 100,000 years ago?

  93. parzanese responds:

    Have their been any recent studies done on the Giant Salamanders of Trinity Alps, California?

    What research, if any, has ever been done into supposed rumors that the OSS was working on a super soldier program in Santa Paula California, which produced the urban legend of the Billiwhack Monster?

    Is there any basis beyond old western stories to a creature living in Elizabeth Lake, California?

    Has any research been done to investigate the possibility of a former society of Lizard Men living beneath Los Angeles?

    What are the chances of an actual Megalodon Shark living in the Pacific Ocean?

  94. dontmean2prymate responds:

    If a specimen of bigfoot were made public, who would be assigned and funded to research and present the scientific findings: a cryptozoologist, or an accredited primatologist or zoologist who has never been involved in any search for, or debate over said creature?

  95. wanderingwildebeest responds:

    If mediums and psychics can truly contact spirits and help solve crimes, why couldn’t they assist in unraveling the mysteries posed by the questions asked here?

  96. satarina responds:

    Why do so many Bigfoot researchers/believers get upset over evidence that Bigfoot may have paranormal qualities?

  97. silvereagle responds:

    1. Does the BFRO in fact have a “paranormal potty procedure” on their campouts, that have no actual permanent and/or prefabricated potties, whether or not it is labeled as such?

    2. Are any of the BFRO hierarchy, actual closet believers in the paranormal bigfoot?

    3. Does Larry Lund’s public revealing of the complete Memorial Day Footage, cast reasonable doubt on the validity of the edited for TV footage in Legends Meets Science?

    4. What have psychologists and counselors been telling their clients with bigfootphobia in the past 35 years, about the true nature of the bigfoot?

    5. Do women compose a greater percentage of the bigfoot contactees, than men?

  98. Mnynames responds:

    OK, I have a few, and I’m rather amazed that they haven’t really been mentioned thus far. Like the others, I shall keep to the question format-

    Is there a master list of known hoaxes, such that those new to the field, or returning after some time, could view to learn what to avoid considering? I wouldn’t expect painting cryptids directly with such broad strokes (Except Jenny Hannivers and Jackalopes, perhaps), but more like incidents, such as Biscardi’s hand of unknown origin or the Wallace prints. I suppose misidentifications would fall under this list as well.

    Is there a similar list of incidences where hoaxes are highly suspected, but remain unproven?

    Is there a master list of cryptids, listing their most common name, alternate names, and the dates of their most recent sightings? Long ago I tried to come up with one, but was ultimately overwhelmed. Mine included common name, aliases, range, decription, and likelihood of being real (Obviously that was from my own, subjective POV). The date of last recorded sighting seems a good thing to add though, especially considering such cryptids as Tatzelwurms and Lindorms, whose trails seem to have run cold.

    In a similar and related vein, is there a master list of animals proposed as explanations for said cryptids? This could be integrated into the other list, but might cause some confusion. Chalicotheriums (Chalicotheria?), for example, have been proposed as a possible explanation for the Nandi Bear, but putting Chalicotherium as one of the Nandi Bear’s aliases seems somewhat disingenuous, especially as it has also been proposed to explain other cryptids as well.

  99. kittenz responds:

    What is a Great Orm?

  100. bukko responds:

    If someone actually captured a Bigfoot, would they be able to stop it from escaping?

  101. apocalypsis316 responds:

    In you’re estimation, how long does a bigfoot live?

  102. greenmartian2007 responds:

    I have another question.

    Can we lump in aliens that are seen coming out of UFOs as crypto-zoological?

    These are real creatures, I would think, and since many are viewed on every continent (I have yet to see eye-witness reports of aliens occupying high-rise buildings), then seeing alien creatures in natural habitats would make them…crypto creatures?

    What do you think?

  103. DWA responds:

    What is the orang pendek? What is the status of the search for this animal?

    (And the same questions for the Bili ape.)

    (And for the Sumatran cryptid cat, the cigau.)

  104. wolfman7367 responds:

    When is cryptozoology going to be a fully recognized college course? Something that you can earn a real degree in?

  105. crypto-steve responds:

    What cryptids are known from Arizona?

  106. wolfman7367 responds:

    Regarding the tooth from Loch Ness that was found, was it proven for certain that it was a hoax, a publicity stunt for Steve Alten’s book, the Loch?

    And was Steve himself behind the stunt? I did think it curious they found it just before the release of the book.

  107. wolfman7367 responds:

    I’m a sucker for any bigfoot movies, bad or not, I have to view them myself, just to see how much is wrong. I bought “Sasquatch” 2002, (also known as the untold) it said at the end that it was based on actual events. Has any evidence ever been uncovered to support this claim?

  108. youcantryreachingme responds:

    What do you, Loren, regard as the most fantastic crypto-claim which you believe holds merit beyond reasonable doubt?

  109. hopebird responds:

    If a living population of bigfoot was proven and discovered living in the United States, how would people react? We as a population, are not generally confronted with large, wild creatures who may not stay safely in a state or federal parks.

  110. calash responds:

    Ok here is my question.

    Why is there not more emphasis on collecting feces?

  111. greenmartian2007 responds:

    Is Indonesia a place considered by cryptozoologists to be a hotbed of undiscovered creatures?

    Has there ever been an effort to get National Governments to sponsor a month-long or three-month long search for hidden animals in their respective countries? Has it happened recently? Like in the last 5 years or so?

    Perhaps the Indonesian government could be approached to sponsor an Orang Pendak or Olitau or Ropen or any other cryptid search? Has this been done?

  112. mystery_man responds:

    1) Whatever happened to the alleged Navy SEALS footage of hominids in the Congo? What is the status with African hominids in general?

    2) What is going on with Chupacabras?

  113. mystery_man responds:

    1) Whatever happened to to the story about the stuffed Bigfoot in the basement of that museum in Russia?

    2) What are some of the more dazzling marine cryptids?

    3) Are there any crytpids that are so bizarre and out there, that they are fringe even within cryptozoology?

    4) Are there any known cave cryptids?

    5) What would be the best way to capture a sea serpent?

    6) How many animals have been discovered that were ethnoknown by the natives long before being classified by science?

  114. Ceroill responds:

    How have cryptids affected history?
    How have they affected the developlement of religions and mythology?
    What will be the legal ramifications of a cryptid is discovered to share enough genetics with us to be considered human?

  115. thegoblinking responds:

    Has anyone heard or know anything of the Birdman of Rochester Ny?

  116. joppa responds:

    Do you think Bigfoot type creatures can be wiped out by bird flu, wasting disease (from deer and elk) plague, and other humanoid diseases? I often wonder if the European incursion into the new world wiped out a robust population of NAPES.

  117. dontmean2prymate responds:

    If a bigfoot specimen were produced, science (through DNA) would find a seat for it on some branch in the evolutionary system; what would say creationists?

    And despite all the new species of birds, worms, bugs, monkeys and deep-sea fantasia-life, isn’t the only thing that makes cryptozoology even a step-child of science is our hope for living dinosaurs, sea serpents and bigfoot? Are we not mostly a fan club of those three that will be celebrities of the world if/when proven to exist?

  118. Rillo777 responds:

    Animals that have slightly different DNA and slightly different coloring are often hailed as NEW SPECIES!!! Yet mankind also exhibits these same differences between races. So why aren’t the races of man considered different species. Shouldn’t the same rule apply to all creatures?

  119. Rillo777 responds:


    1) How about setting up a sort of network so that we might be able to share information or reports on cryptids within our own states/counties/territories with each other? This has worked for the UFO people. It would be a sort of mutual cryptid network? There are things that just don’t get reported on the national news or in books. Vital clues may have been missed in the past because no one ever investigated the incident.

    2) How about an on-line course to teach the best ways to conduct interviews, collect and preserve evidence, write reports and so forth, put together by you and other experts in cryptozoology? Those who pass it could then be considered “certified investigators” for their localities and would be prepared and could be called upon to conduct thorough, detailed investigations when cryptids show up in their area.

  120. Remobec responds:

    What do you surmise is behind the “blood-sucking” of chupacabra stories? Overactive imagination and urban legend? A genuine new creature that drains blood like a vampire? An old creature with new, disgusting habits? Misinterpeted data (like it’s a natural kill and only appears that the blood was drained) of a cryptid or known creature?

  121. BugMO responds:

    Could cryptomundo put a table of important cryptozoological dates and events on the site?

  122. BugMO responds:

    Will there ever be a book made about Loren’s career in cryptozoology?

  123. harleyb responds:

    When will Loren Coleman come out with a kick-butt action/adventure movie with him trying save the world??

  124. Angel responds:

    What good info is there on the supposed link between chupacabras and human vampires?

  125. lincoln s responds:

    loren I was hoping you could help me gather information on two cryptids they are the rift valley monster and muhuru. I’ve heard descriptions of them but no actual sightings could you help me?

  126. lincoln s responds:

    have there ever been any sightings of megophias megophias ,oudemans serpent (whichever you prefer to call it) in recent times.if not do you think its possible that its extinct

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