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Bigfoot and Belief Systems

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 23rd, 2013

“’Belief,’ the Fortean writer John Keel once said, ‘is the enemy.’ For a researcher who many in skeptical communities would call a credulous writer of bunk-subjects and speculation, this simple adage might appear to stand in contrast to those critical perspectives taken against Keel and his work.”

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Mothman: Bizarre Events!

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 20th, 2013

“Right now, I’m working on a new book that includes a small overview of the Mothman mystery, which dominated the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960s.”

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Alien Big Cat Hoax

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 13th, 2013

“Two City of London forest keepers had quite a fright on Wednesday when they peered through the fog and spotted what appeared to be a black panther in Epping Forest, Essex…”

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Nessie: An Underwater Encounter

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 13th, 2013

“I was delighted to stumble upon this new (yet old) story of a diver who had an unsettling time of it in Loch Ness in the 1880s…”

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Backlash of the Owlman

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 9th, 2013


“But there was something deeply sinister about the winged, glowing-eyed Owlman. Every time Jon dug deep into the heart of the enigma, things would go wrong – as in big time.”

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Forbidden Bigfoot: Reviewed

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 4th, 2013

“Well, it’s time for me to get on my Bigfoot soapbox again. Or, in other words, get the collective blood-pressure of the ‘flesh and blood’ brigade soaring through the roof.”

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New British Big Cat Reports

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 4th, 2013

“The worldwide mystery cat phenomenon (or group of phenomena, if we are to be more accurate) is not JUST about cryptozoology. At its most basic level it is about the relationship between our species and various species of larger cat…”

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Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?

Posted by: Nick Redfern on December 3rd, 2013

“…I have done more than a few investigations into reports of so-called ‘Goatmen’ across the United States…”

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CryptoKids Artwork

Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 30th, 2013

I do a series of lectures each November for Dallas’ Highland Park School District on the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, the Chupacabras, the Yeti etc. And every year the teachers have the kids (aged around 7 or 8 approx) mail me drawings and letters of the things they liked and learned from the lectures. And here’s a few of the latest…

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The Eerie Owlman…

Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 28th, 2013

“It is a large, humanoid, flying monster with glowing red eyes and huge, powerful wings. It strikes fear into the very heart of all those that encounter it.”

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Commenting on the Thylacine

Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 27th, 2013

“The thylacine is not extinct. I say this without reservation. I don’t suppose the thylacine (or Tasmanian tiger) remains extant, or imagine, or even hope it is; I know categorically that the thylacine exists, because I have seen it in the flesh.”

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Riggs, Burnette, Bigfoot

Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 27th, 2013

“From the possibility of having psychic powers to why it’s so hard to find, Bigfoot goes beyond the myth to the reality of this amazing ape-man.”

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Nessie: The Photo Issue

Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 26th, 2013

“This is a good, solid article that addresses not just the photos purported to show strange creatures in Loch Ness, but certain imagery that remains out of the hands of the research community.”

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Forbidden Bigfoot

Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 20th, 2013

“Mysterious footprints. Eerie screams. For centuries, if not longer, stunned witnesses have reported face-to-face encounters with the bizarre beasts responsible for mystifying us with the tantalizing evidence they leave behind…”

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The Dark Side of Flying Humanoids

Posted by: Nick Redfern on November 20th, 2013

“For my first article of this week, I thought I would do something a bit different: namely a review of a lecture I attended just this past weekend. It was given by good friend and fellow seeker of strange creatures, Ken Gerhard…”

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