Sierra Kills Bigfoot “Steak” DNA Results

Posted by: Guy Edwards on December 26th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

“Bigfoot DNA” tested and is determined to be Bear/Human

Over a month ago (11.24.2012) Dr. Melba Ketchum claimed in a press release that she had completed a 5-year Bigfoot DNA study.  It was news that reached mainstream media. Although the press release acknowledges that the DNA research was conducted upon over a 100 of samples, there is one sample that was the most controversial and most talked about. It was a sample from Justin Smeja who claimed he had killed two Bigfoot, known as the “sierra kills” or “bigfoot steak” sample. For many the story of killing Bigfoot was anecdotal at best and the DNA results were anxiously anticipated.

Independently a few Bigfooters took the same samples to Canada’s most respected forensic DNA labs at Trent University. The samples came back with two DNA results; a female black bear and human (from the person who had handled it).

This sample could be considered a centerpiece to Melba Ketchums study, and as recently as last Sunday on Coast to Coast AM, Ketchum announced that she believed that Justin Smeja was telling the truth. The question is, did she also come up with the same results? You can read the questions we are asking next as well as the lab report at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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30 Responses to “Sierra Kills Bigfoot “Steak” DNA Results”

  1. Redrose999 responds:

    I feel sorry for the folks believing it this. Con men like Ketchum and Smeja do not deserve the attention they are getting. I wish there was a way to prosecute people like this.

  2. William responds:

    Not sure about the law but hopefully some legal experts will know and pursue charging Smeja with civil fraud in lying to the public for monetary gain. He should at the very least have to pay some sort of fine for fraudulent actions in his lying scheme.

  3. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Bring me my steak Mr. Smeja with a side of Ketchum! Talk about two “frauds” who deserve each other. How are the Ketchum apologists going to explain this one?

    I think its time for both of them to go away.

  4. painted8 responds:

    Maybe it’s Manbearpig?

  5. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Manbearpig confirmed by Science!!

  6. alan borky responds:

    painted8 “Maybe it’s Manbearpig?”

    Sounds more like ManBearPig’s ear!

    I have to confess Guy when I started reading this I thought you were talking about evidence for some sort of potential hybrid and although I tend to read things all the way through a lot of people I know’re trained by tabloids to believe the essential story’s always in the first few lines so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’re people out there tweeting their mates right now “they’ve discovered Bigfoot’s half man half bear!”

  7. shownuff responds:

    Wait I listened to the same C2C interview. she said she did not want talk about the smeja evidence. and that she was shocked that he passed a Lie detector test. She tested thousands of dNA. I am pretty sure that she can tell the differences between Bear DNA and Human. I never believed Smejas story anyways. He should go to Jail. It wasn’t bear season. People take a chill pill. If this Scientist is fabricating anything then let her be. At least she did not kill anything and pass it off as something else. Smeja gives Mountain men a bad name. He had his 15 mins of so called fame. The only problem I have w/ the Doc is the BoTox she got before the News interview. Gross. and she needs to change her facebook picture to a more current one. She just did this out of curiosity. And now she is way to deep. I’d say 90% of so called Bigfoot Researches are BS con artists. And Smeja found an oppurtunity w/ the help of some Team whatever to get over on her. She stated she is aware now about the BS. So in my opinion which means ( nothing ) let her do her thing. She will over embarrass herself. Or She can finally prove to people like myself that you do not need a body. I can care less about the Quakademics! There haters anyways…

  8. scotteb responds:

    This is starting to get really old and ticks me off. Let’s start sueing idiots who pull pranks for gain. That will stop people like this, Tomas Bacardi and the fake bigfoot, Finding Bigfoot team, Todd Standing and SO on. This has my faith about an absolute 0 for “Bigfoot” even a possibilty.

    You can see if Loch Ness Monster is there, just drain the Loch? That will never ever happen as it does not exist. It creates too much money, just like this Bigfoot hoax keeps going on and on. When will Matt/Bobo and company simply admit, they make money off people who thought the world would end on the 21st.

    I am So sick of, “tomorrow evidence will be released”. I’m done with this site after years of watching and others. I was made a fool.

    Loran, I am ashamed. I know you and others are looking into all this, but have ANY of you in your heart seen anything remotely close to a sighting? Honestly?
    Signed, ticked off bad 🙂

  9. peteyweestro responds:

    Before everyone condemns Smeja and Ketchum for that matter, all the testing proved was that the piece that was submitted was from a bear. If everyone remembers correctly the story says they went back to the site weeks later whilst it was under like 2 feet of snow and they found this. Nobody had ever said the “steak” was from the bigfoot for sure. I am not by any means saying Smeja’s story was true i wasn’t there after all but i also don’t remember him sayong he removed the piece from the actual bigfoot and that it was 100 % from a bigfoot that had been shot.

  10. shownuff responds:

    @ peteyweestro. But listen to the video interview of Smeja he says he shot the mom and the babies. so for that he should go to jail. If it was a Mom bear and two cubs. He admits that it wasn’t bear season. His Lawyer will use that he did not break any laws. Since he went back and they found a piece of fur with some meat attached to it. Having two weeks in between the shooting incident. Does not really mean that its the meat from the animal he so called killed.. Smeja is a redneck. and not a cool one at that. I know cool rednecks. Smeja ain’t one. The frustration is coming from people getting on awesome websites like this and getting any attention at all. People are awake now. and information is a click of a key. BS like this can be easily exposed.

  11. cryptokellie responds:

    Here is an absolute to remember;
    If ANYONE had found, killed or captured a REAL Bigfoot…they would have notified the proper “authorities” and media outlets almost imediately. There would be no “releasing evidence soon”, a classic stall move. Think of all the new species that are found each year all over the Earth, many of them reported on this site. If the discovery is factual, there is no reason for delay or subterfuge as the rewards of such a discovery would be substantial…far greater than the unearthing of a new toad species. If a REAL Bigfoot was somehow procured, alive or dead, this would become front page news all over the world in less than 12 hours. Recall the lady hunter who killed the enormous alligator or the hunters who shot the giant hogs, no hiding, no delay, all over the media quickly. Why? Because when you have something REAL…there is no reason to hide. None whatsoever.
    The second part of the absolute is;
    The discovery of a large animal, alive or dead, presents the same predicament for the capturer – namely, what the hell do I do with this? No one catches a large shark or bear or hog or crocodile and keeps it around to decompose. They alert the media and run with the story than release the living animal or dispose of the carcass in one way or another. No hiding, no delay. If you knew that you had a REAL Bigfoot carcass, would you cut it up for steaks…come on, you would cut the hand or head off. Factual proof…no dubious stories. That’s why when the discovery of a REAL Bigfoot occurs, which I hold out hope will soon happen, the news and impact will be imediate and worldwide. DNA testing on a REAL Bigfoot hand or head would only be genetic icing on the cake. That is a fact you can bank on… absolutely.

  12. sasquatch responds:

    iye, yie, yie.

  13. shmargin responds:

    It’s confirmed to be a bear/man?!?!


    I cant wait till Bearman gets captured so we can get a good look at him. A Bearman sounds like he would be seriously scary. Like a crazy man with a bear bulk and claws? I’m scared already.

    So there was no bigfoot, just this Bearman, huh?

    I’m excited.

  14. William responds:

    If Smeja would really like to make some money off of this, I suggest he run an ad offering the ability for anyone to land one punch to his jaw for a $25 fee. I would like to be the first in line to serve him a left hook! I would imagine thousands of other bigfoot fans would also wish to do the same.

  15. MR JOSHUA responds:

    The Ketchum/Smeja “spin doctors” have officially invaded this website. Now (all of a sudden) it was not confirmed what animal the STEAK came from and Ketchum now thinks Smeja is lying. Just wait until we get that hi-def footage (coming soon) and the blueberry bagel results !

    The truth is Ketchum is a “joke” in the scientific community and her company has consistently received poor ratings by the Better Business Bureau. I want the bigfoot mystery to be solved as much as the next enthusiast but its time to distance ourselves from these two charlatans.

  16. mandors responds:


    There is. It’s called fraud. If Smeja or his cohorts obtained money from this story or plane tickets or bus tickets, a dinner from someone believing him, he can be prosecuted. Depends on how much $$, so probably not going to reach felony land, but maybe.

  17. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    What a surprise, not. At least they proved that this entire Sierra Kills thing is a load of crap just like I’ve said all along. This is the beginning of the factual demise to this silly assed hoax. I cant wait to see the HD blob squatch man in a suit video they keep talking about. That should be good for a laugh.

  18. deadfoot responds:

    This is a forensic lab that did the testing, and I’m willing to bet they can only report on existing DNA. I’m also willing to bet that their equipment pales in comparison to the resources that Dr. Ketchum has had access to.

    The final report says there were 6 samples given at 3 different times between May and October. I don’t see any mention of what was done with Huggins_3.

    Look at the percentages reported for the rest of the samples. All it proves is that the samples had bear and human DNA. It doesn’t say anything about what the rest of the DNA was. Because they can’t, it’s only a forensics lab.

  19. Goodfoot responds:

    cryptokellie: Unless they WERE the “proper” authorities! There is some reason to suspect just that happened a few years ago in northern Nevada. Read Thom Powell’s book.

  20. Big Frank responds:

    I listened to C2C as well, and agree with Shownuff. People are attributing things to Ketchum that she did not say.

    Although she seems convinced Bigfoot is real, she did not say anything about this chunk of meat being the human/unknown DNA that has been discussed.

    She explained the testing procedure and peer review procedure, talked about how some of the leaks happened, and said they are waiting for the peer review to complete before discussing specifics. She confirmed the leaks that said they had samples where mitochondrial DNA was human while nuclear DNA was an unknown in the ape range, but did not tie that to any particular sample.

  21. cryptokellie responds:

    To Goodfoot;
    I can’t speak to the Powell incident in Nevada but, today…if someone were to obtain a REAL Bigfoot specimen by shooting, trapping or accident and they had a cell phone with them, the event would be nationwide in less than 6 hrs, viral in 12 hours and worldwide in less than 24 hours. The REAL thing would prove itself.
    As the Bigfoot “steaks” clearly show, DNA testing of randomly collected “evidence” is probably a waste of time. With nothing similar to compare them to, the sequences would be inconclusive at best and most likley be contaminated at the collection site. Why not wait and DNA sequence samples of the real thing when it finally shows up.
    I’m sorry to think it but, there must be some easy money or reward of some kind in all this current sassoonery or else no one would be doing this kind of stuff.

  22. cryptokellie responds:

    To clarify a bit…I didn’t listen to the complete Ketchum interview because my issues are not with her or her findings. I have problems with the collected “evidence” and how any of it can be realistically traced to an actual Bigfoot. If such things as saliva,
    droppings and “steaks” were actually collected in the presence of an real Bigfoot and can be proved as such by photography or video, then the issue of existence would be solved right then and there. More the matter of coming upon some interesting goo and pieces and saying maybe this is Bigfoot evidence.
    Hell, I’ve got plenty of that right in my backyard, but more likely it’s from deer, racoons, hawk and owl kills, or the big slobbering dog that lives nearby…whom I’ve actually seen, photographed and touched and walked him back to his home… If the “evidence” cannot be reliably proven to be from a Bigfoot than unfortunately, it’s probably not Bigfoot evidence at all.

  23. shownuff responds:


    I can care less about the footage. DNA is fine with me. Stop hating on the Doc. You sound really familiar. Like some geeks on utube that make bigfoot reports or Team Tazer. The ones that are full of it are them and these so called redneck bigfoot field researchers. No science behind their so called research. No wonder the Scientific community does not want to research the topic. My eggs are in the Oxford University basket. This is more interesting…

  24. Wolfie0827 responds:

    ok, honestly, did anyone really expect a different outcome on this one? Come on, from everything I saw on this particular incident I would have been surprised if it had been anything but known DNA.

  25. MR JOSHUA responds:

    @shownuff – You’re the definition of a Ketchum Spin Doctor.

    Believe me I am not associated with any of those parties you mentioned. My issue with “the doc” is that her company has a long list of complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (her latest report card from BBB is posted on Bigfoot Lunch Club – scary stuff) She does not have a great reputation by any means and that is a fact. She has fudged things as simple as domestic cat and dog DNA if you read the report card.

    However, I do look forward to the samples being tested at Oxford as well as Jeff Meldrum’s “Falcon” project. At least those two parties are “reputable.” You want to sit with Ketchum and her “angel DNA” then that is your call.

  26. dconstrukt responds:

    the BBB stuff doesn’t mean anything. Anyone can complain to the BBB, in fact if you look at some of the biggest companies in the world, ones you love, i’m sure they have TONS of complaints. It’s the society we live in.

    funny… i get heckled on here… flamed nonstop…. because I say most of the stuff is nonsense and garbage… theres no real proof.

    then you get DNA stuff thats put out completely unprofessional which undermines its credibility.

    then this stuff comes out.

    and you wonder why most people think bigfooters are looney?

    but for the umpteenth time before I get flamed again, i DO believe there is something there, however I find most of the proof people accept as garbage, skeptic? No, skeptical? yes.

  27. shownuff responds:

    @ MR JOSHUA…

    Lol, Spin Doctor? alright button warrior. fact (if you are not hard of hearing) The Angel DNA story is BS. Knapp asks the right questions and she in many peoples opinions answered truthfully. There was never anything with angel anything. Even in an old interview, David Paulides smites those rumors, as far as BBB. She even states that how competitors have the same scoring and explains why almost all DNA labs or genetics labs have bad grading. Plus BBB is suspect anyways. Google BBB and how grimy they are. I respect Doctors poking their heads out on our behalves. Even if it means ruining their reputation. As I stated on other threads recently on DNA. It is clear you did not listen to the interview. Maybe you just do not have the attention span.

  28. airforce47 responds:

    It looks like the beginning of the end for Smeja’s kill story once and for all and may put a big dent in Melba’s work. HNY and my best,

  29. MR JOSHUA responds:

    @shownuff (aka Todd Standing),

    I could sit here and argue with you but for the sake of time I won’t. Maybe its my lack of attention span. (attacking someone personally is not the way to conduct an intelligent conversation and shows how little you have to actually support yourself)

    History will tell how accurate Melba Ketchum is on her DNA results. Of couse we will have to wait another 5 years for that.

  30. DWA responds:

    Glad to know that all the attention I didn’t pay to this was justified.

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