Canadian Sasquatch Encounter Caught on Video

Posted by: Christopher Noël on September 23rd, 2013

Okay, folks, Jim (Timbergiantbigfoot) just posted the video footage of his encounter six days ago. The downside is that the figure’s back is to him the whole time, but there is a tremendous upside. This footage is BY FAR the clearest ever and already one of the most important clips in the history of our research because:

1) We get an extended HD eyeful of the shape (sagittal crest, etc.), the gorgeous auburn color, the evident bulk;

2) We learn the context of what we’re seeing thanks to what Jim found where the Sasquatch was sitting…those nuts and the cracking tools.

In other words, we are FINALLY allowed to clearly observe a Sasquatch unaware of human presence, just going about the regular daily business of getting food. All other previous clips (except perhaps the Michael Greene thermal footage), the creature is shown WHEN IT KNOWS IT IS BEING OBSERVED.

Congratulations to Jim! His years of diligence and patience made this event and its documentation possible.

This video was recorded both on the second and third days after the encounter was filmed.

I see the video is not in HD ? I think YT is to thank for that one.timbergiantbigfoot

Christopher Noël About Christopher Noël
Christopher Noël is the author of Sasquatch Rising 2013 and editor of the newly released anthology How Sasquatch Matters: Writers Respond to the New Natural Order. Christopher Noël holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy from Yale. Noël is a freelance editor ( and lives with his daughter in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

39 Responses to “Canadian Sasquatch Encounter Caught on Video”

  1. hoodoorocket responds:

    Too bad they couldn’t manage to encode “one of the most important clips in the history of our research” any better than this. “Crap level” must be the default setting to be able to turn HD footage into this smeared mess.

    The little critter wearing the fur pajamas looks to be relatively small (compared to a one ton monkey anyway). I’m guessing a fisher or large marten enjoying a snack of nuts.

  2. hoodoorocket responds:

    By the way, cudos to Jim for being able to get this shot. Most of the candidates for what is shown here are very reclusive and rarely caught on tape. If it is a fisher, then this footage is a feather in Jim’s cap for his ability to move in the woods (of course crocs are very quiet shoes, lol).

    Tis a pity it has to be slapped with a bigfoot label to get seen.

  3. dconstrukt responds:


    video was interesting….

    there IS something there….

    looks like it has gorilla hair….

    but with all these videos and the sheer # of them hoaxed (i.e. 9.9 out of 10 are BS), the odds are this one is as well.

    here’s the red flag to me:

    how does an animal/beast, which has gone unknown to humans for god knows how many hundreds/thousands of years…. not know a dude is there?

    it can’t smell him?

    it cant hear him breaking stuff on the ground when he’s walking from a mile away?

    being able to “sneak up” on one seems completely conflicting with other information and what we seem to know about a bigfoots.

    so either this is BS or the info we know is BS

    which one is it?

  4. Matthew L. Hilt via Facebook responds:

    Fascinating. The bulk shown during the one shot really provides perspective. I hope he took measurements of the trees, leaves, branches etc. all around. Hopefully we will hear more about this one in the days to come.

  5. hoodoorocket responds:

    Not suggesting deliberate misdirection, but it is intersting that there are several fade cuts when the camera is stable and the actual animal is being shown, but every nauseating second of blurry leaves and shaky camera focusing in and out on weeds is shown in its entirety, unedited…

  6. hoodoorocket responds:

    Weird, it seems to be Youtube is randomly showing different resolutions of this clip each time it is played.

    Sometimes it is so pixelated you can’t see anything, other times portions of the clip are decent resolution.

    Anybody else experiencing this?

  7. Anthony Finch via Facebook responds:

    A deaf Sasquatch, no doubt, unable to hear the man behind him tromping through the woods, snapping twigs, and talking.

  8. cryptokellie responds:

    OK…very interesting.
    Points in favor;
    Clear video – right color – looks large – has real possibilities. This is either a man in a suit, a bear or a Bigfoot.
    Points against;
    Typical camera pan away from subject and zoom out when things get really interesting – fades equal sequence editing – inane title graphics and narration.
    The apples, nuts and things don’t impress me as all forest animals eat this stuff.
    My biggest negative point; he has the figure in clear sight and instead of observing and recording for what might be the amateur wildlife footage of the millennium, he whacks a tree to make noise not only giving himself completely away but actually driving whatever the figure is away as well with the obligatory “Holy…” exclamation as the figures move out of camera view and is gone. The he goes over to see the food stuff…
    I’m on the fence about this one. I’ll watch it a few more times and see what comes up.
    Awaiting all the comment guys, this should be a fun one.

  9. Pete Fischer via Facebook responds:

    Would like to see footage cleaned up and stabilized. Very interesting, but still not fully convinced.

  10. Pete Fischer via Facebook responds:

    Anthony has a point…. given the intelligence of these creatures, why in the world did it stay there? Are they like the T-rex perception from Jurrasic Park…. If I don’t move, he won’t see me….

  11. Pete Fischer via Facebook responds:

    I could not hear.. with the guy so close, was the creature vocalizing?

  12. cryptokellie responds:

    Looked at Timbergiantbigfoot’s website and saw other Bigfoot videos and stuff with requests for subscribers and so forth.
    Starting to have more doubts now…

  13. G. de La Hoya responds:

    Obviously, stealth is not Jim’s middle-name. Get the hair truly tested and not by Melba Me-Ketchum-Big-One. Then, come make your claims. What’s with the Croc?? Is Jim wearing Crocs in the timber? This is a good Monday laugh, thanks Crypto!

  14. Hapa responds:

    Nice vid, but a vid is all it is. Nothing compelling, like a body, a live specimen, or major parts of a body. Not like a fossil. I hate to keep saying this, but we are drowning in film and tracks; we need hard physical evidence. The vid may be legit, might not be, but a corpse is what really says a thousand words, one of which is “Proof”.

  15. TheBeardedMan responds:

    I’ve been subscribed to his guy for sometime and he seems very sincere. I think it’s highly unlikely this was a hoax. This is either the real deal or some other animal mistaken for a bigfoot.

  16. Julie Dodge via Facebook responds:

    He was pointing out hair and half eaten apples, did he happen to get these to test?

  17. Bipedal_Bill responds:

    I’ll keep waiting for a great WOW video. This isn’t it.

    I have to ask myself a couple of questions.

    Why would someone actually filming a ‘real’ bigfoot that close be yapping it up on the camera the entire time?

    Would a bigfoot really not hear his feet cracking and constant yammering?
    Why is it edited in a way that every time the bigfoot starts to turn it’s head, there’s a fade to the next shot?

    Why would you knock a stick? And scare it away – instead of quietly filming this amazing chance of a lifetime.

    If you are knocking a stick, wouldn’t you want to keep the camera on the bigfoot that is going to probably run away?

    Apple, rocks, nuts & hair…seems too set up or contrived.

    Narrator sounds like he’s acting, and when he turns the camera on himself, he looks like he’s acting.

    So what do we really have? A big furry, slightly moving, bunch of fuzz. Sure, I can see a cranial crest if I want to, but I can also see a buffalo hide wrapped around a person if I choose to look at it from another direction. I really think the only kind of video that’s going to amaze and wow is going to be one with an HD shot of a face, hands, fingers, with proportionate bigfoot height and it doesn’t look like a chewbacca mask. I do, however, enjoy that first few seconds of seeing a new post on Cryptomundo with new bigfoot footage. That initial feeling is full of excitement and andrenaline, usually to be quickly extinguished by videos like this one. Keep ’em coming!

  18. IFC responds:

    This footage is no better than all the terrible shaky garbage we always get and the Michael Greene footage is most likely showing Michael Greene.

  19. grafikman responds:

    Ok, here we go again.

    My BS spidey-sense is tingling no.1:
    He is TALKING during the video. No person in their right mind who is actually recording a huge anthropoid and not actively running away is going to tempt its attention/aggression/departure with talking.

    No. 2:
    The self-promoting “clearest ever” and “most important” verbiage. Let the people see the video and decide that for themselves. All I saw was a fuzzy cone.

    No. 3:
    The ever-present zooming out/losing focus/ending the video *right* when it counts most.

    And finally, the biggest giveaway, no FEAR displayed by the videographer.

    I think the first actual footage is going to be by someone dug in to a specific spot, hidden well, not moving, waiting for weeks if not months, and not using infra-red, IMNHO.

  20. alan borky responds:

    “we are FINALLY allowed to clearly observe a Sasquatch unaware of human presence”.

    Dear god in heaven Christopher it’s not as if Jim moves like a ninja yet we’re supposed to believe it’s that easy to approach a Sasquatch without it even noticing anyone’s there?

    If so then no wonder the buggers’re all but extinct but surely these things’re smart’n’ the average bear.

    But okay let’s pretend its nuts’re wonky maybe because there’s pollution all over ’em and a lifetime of nibblin’ away at em’s somehow turned it deaf if not a downright retard.

    Did Jim think to grab the Bigfoot’s nuts and have ’em tested for DNA because they sure looked covered in icky drool to me? Did he think to preserve them for signs of teeth marks or even the odd ‘Squatch hair?

    Did he even think of gettin’ still closer or circumnavigating it so we’d at least have a more panoramic sequence of multi angled shots showing it in something close to its entirety if not indeed revealing its face instead of merely making a loud clapperboard noise and all but shouting “Cut!”?

    And NO “…heat of the moment…blah blah blah” ain’t good enough these days especially when y’style y’self Timbergiantfoot!

    There should be theoretical protocols which lay down rules for virtually every contingency designed for every type of Sasquatch hunter from the wildest madass to the cravenest coward all the way through to the totally inadvertent amateur.

    Instead all we have is a suspiciously over prominent ‘sagittal crest’ which actually looks more like a cardboard mohican covered in nylon bristles.

    Y’ll have t’forgive my testiness but if y’want applause and plaudits produce somethin’ worthy of ’em.

    Bear in mind as well I’m convinced these things exist.

  21. Joshua Isley via Facebook responds:

    Hmmmm…. not too sure about this one. Lots of questions need asked. Why not sneak around to get a front angle? Why knock on the tree when he didn’t have the creature in the frame? Why not just sit there and keep filming until it got up on it’s own? Most importantly, why are you walking around in the woods with crocs?!?

  22. semillama responds:

    hmmm. Not as clear as the description would have you think. Nothing about it that could not be done with a guy in a gorilla suit. I’m not saying that is what it was, just how it looked on video. I’d be interested to know if Jim collected the hammerstone and anvil that was used for nut cracking (along with the cracked nuts) – that could be tested as well as the hairs he says he was going to collect for DNA residues.

    Also seems odd that this otherwise supposedly hypervigilant hominid was unaware of a guy walking through undergrowth in Crocs and speaking to himself.

    On another note, if you’re worried about poison ivy, then why wouldn’t you keep your shoes on?

  23. plowboy1065 responds:

    Been in the forest a lot over the years and can’t say I see much fruit that looks like apples growing wildly. Too staged

  24. William responds:

    Instead of being such a vital piece of historic evidence, this is one of the lamest videos I have seen. Utterly worthless. Looks like he “sneaked” up (and I use that word loosely) on a guy sitting down low on the ground with an auburn gorilla suit over his his head and back. Then you get a very brief glimpse of him standing up and walking away. Just enough to not be unable to determine the size, height, bulk. and gait of the subject. (Nice touch).

    This is not a well done hoax at all. About on par with the one where the sasquatch was fishing with his hand, but at least that one was funny as it showed he was wearing slippers… Just pathetic if Noel really is guillible enough to buy into this. He (Noel) would have been a favorite of PT Barnums for sure as wasn’t he the guy who also bought into Dyer’s second round of hoaxing? About time you learn something Chris. Please stop being so easily conned!

  25. cryptokellie responds:

    I think I need a real vote on this; All of you out there who feel that, while filming a real live Bigfoot, the right thing to do is whack a tree and scare it away – please explain it to me.
    Don’t give me the time-honored Bigfoot tree whacking stuff when the animal is actually within talking distance. I’m starting to smell some Sassoonery here, on this one. Go to his website and see his other stuff. There is also information on the web about Jim Timbergiantbigfoot being a fraud, unfortunately, but the Bigfoot investigation field is becoming shaky at best.

  26. silverity responds:

    I would assume you make a noise to get it to move, show more of itself, maybe get a frontal shot. Didn’t happen though.

    Must admit, I would’ve thought it was real hard to sneak up on a bigfoot.

  27. hudgeliberal responds:

    Well, many, many questions arise from this vid. The silly wood knock to scare the thing away…either the most ignorant move in the history of sasquatchery or? Yeah,interesting to a point, but like many of the Youtube guys out there, just some things that makes you wonder just how legit are most of these guys! Why in the world would you wood knock?? I don’t think any serious researcher who has a supposed squatch in his lens would risk scaring it away with something as silly as a wood knock WTF??? Also,the guy who posted, Chris Noel lost a lot of credibility this year with his support of the hoaxer of all hoaxers Rick Dyer. Just too many question marks for me to get real excited.

  28. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Is it apple season yet?

  29. David-Australia responds:

    “Did Jim think to grab the Bigfoot’s nuts…..”

    Now, that WOULD have focused the animal’s or guy-in-a-monkey-suit’s attention!

  30. eyeofstrm responds:

    You guys pretty much covered this one pretty well. HOAX, HOAX, HOAX.

  31. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    Huge red flags. He gets clear, close up shots of whatever it is, but before we can see the face, he suddenly fades out or jerks the camera in another direction for no reason at all. No one in their right mind, would do such a thing, if they were looking at a real bigfoot. It just doesn’t make sense. It has to be a hoax.

  32. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    It would not surprise me in the least to learn that Tom Biscardi is behind this latest footage.

  33. NMRNG responds:


    1) Dude did not look credible.

    2) He was making way too much noise, between the tromping around stamping on branches and the constant chattering to the camera – a real animal would have heard him.

    3) He repeatedly loses focus on the alleged beast and pans around for no reason, which he would not have done if it was real.

    4) Why would he bang his stick against a tree? Makes no sense.

    5) The nuts and apples on the ground were clearly staged. Apples don’t grow wild in the woods.

    6) Christopher Noel’s stamp of endorsement automatically renders this suspect. More hype about nothing.

  34. RedLandsBigfoot responds:


  35. slappy responds:


    youtube presents videos in a rage or resolutions and automatically picks the one that will render the “best” on your connection. if youtube thinks that your connection is fast, then it will show the video in hi-res, but if youtube detects that your connection is becoming slower, it will throttle down the resolution on the fly.

    this is why the video is rendering in various resolutions for you. there is a preference somewhere that allows you to turn off this behavior, but i don’t remember off of the top of my head where that is set.

  36. dconstrukt responds:

    where did the apples come from?

    where did the nuts come from?

    I’m wondering … did this “bigfoot” stop at whole foods before the video shoot?

    did “bigfoot” just grab them and chose that spot to hang out and eat?

    why are there no other apple tree’s in the area?

    why can’t “bigfoot” hear him walking/cracking shit on the floor?

    why can’t “bigfoot” smell him?

    why can’t the “bigfoot” hear him talking?

    why can’t the “bigfoot” be on alert from a wood knock?

    If i’m watching a video and have THIS many questions…. i’m 99% sure its a hoax…. and with the sheer number of bogus videos, like i said, odds are this one is as well.

    extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

    this ain’t it folks.

  37. mandors responds:

    Hmmm… Well, if this is a hoax, it’s a pretty stupid one, because he got fur. So, it can be tested.

    The why didn’t the Bigfoot runaway argument doesn’t get that much traction with me. This guy has been filming in this area for years. Many of his videos seem to show squatchy shapes, and in others he claims to get the scent of them. So, assuming that there are creatures in those woods, (admittedly a HUGE assumption) I could see where they would have had ample time to figure out that he and his family are not a threat.

    The picnic seems questionable. Though, apples ARE in season, and in another video, TG shows himself and his son crossing a plowed field. If I’m not mistaken TG lives in Ontario, which is a significant producer of apples. So if there is agriculture in the area, there could be apple trees.

    None of which proves it’s Bigfoot, but he claims to have hair, so I hope someone puts his feet to the fire on that.

  38. Goodfoot responds:

    Why is this twit carrying his shoe in his hand? Is he more quiet with one shoe on and one shoe off?

    Maybe it made him half as noisy… that must be it.

  39. dconstrukt responds:

    filming in the area for years means nothing.

    what… the bigfoot says “oh, its the same dude filming for years, he’s cool?”

    cmon. gimme a f’n break bro!

    these creatures are supposed to not want to be seen…. thats what the reports all say… and show.

    so why would this thing let someone, a loud dude, you can hear from a mile away, walk right up on it.

    ANY animal would be defensive and be able to smell and hear the person coming.

    and either do something to let the human know not to come closer or just leave.

    thats normal animal behavior.

    this doesn’t add up.

    And yes… youre right… if hes got hair…. lets test it and see for real what it is!

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