About That Canadian Sasquatch Encounter Caught on Video…

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 24th, 2013

We originally posted the following video here on Cryptomundo a few days ago and it received quite a few comments.

Cryptomundian Joshua Isley asks “Did timbergiantbigfoot fake this video?. Same top of head shot in both videos. Unfortunately, gotta call fake on this one.”

Phil Pouling of Team Tazer Bigfoot has questions about a timbergiantbigfoot video that seems to show Bigfoot moving behind a bush. The top of its head was visable and it was one of Jim’s most favorite videos until he took it down. He took it down when people began to think it was a hoax. There could be no other reason. Phil does a good job of showing that this video is suspect at best. Even the Ontario Bigfoot guys don’t believe it.Intriguing Phenomena

A look at the ‘Possible Bigfoot sighting, please read description” video. See the original hereParaBreakdown

This video has been troubling me for a while now , and I’ve decided to post it . let me know what you think . I know what I think , and it bothers me , as we had just finished filming the body imprint video about 100 ft . from the large bushes that this creature was in and behind . My son left in fear and I too left shortly after recording the head shot . I caught up to my son and didn’t mention what I had recorded until we were home . I still haven’t returned to the spot in witch this was recorded .timbergiantbigfoot

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23 Responses to “About That Canadian Sasquatch Encounter Caught on Video…”

  1. sasquatch responds:

    I guess it’s possible that he’s only caught the tops of bigfoot heads peeking outa the brush (TWICE!) but I’m having my doubts as well…

    Maybe he should invest in a BIG FOOT that he could put on a pole and have it stick out of the bushes then pull back real quick in the next video.

  2. mandors responds:

    Where to begin…

    First they are NOT the same heads. Unless one has absolutely no visual acuity, one will notice that in the latest video the figure’s head is pointed, and the the fur is auburn. In the earlier video, the head appears rounded, and the fur is brown.

    In terms of the “deductive reasoning,” rhetoric is not logic. We have zero knowledge of the actual geography of the location. ZERO. Other than of course Timbergiant’s own statement to his son, “You left me standing on a ravine.”

    TG has said in other videos that he cannot see what he is filming through the view finder. So it is very possible, if not likely, that he was standing on the steep edge of a valley filming a spot of bushes some distance away, when the brown head moved behind the bushes, and then did not notice the head until he watched the actual video later. As TG demonstrates at the end of the “Brown” video, his camera has a rather powerful zoom. All of which tends to contradict the he-could-have-just-flanked-it theory.

    Not saying these videos have captured Bigfoots, but the only thing more inconclusive then they are is Mr. Islay’s logic in attempting to prove them fakes.

  3. Clive Henderson via Facebook responds:

    the camera is focused on the object and then moves away,deffo a fake as you would not move the camera away if you had a “bigfoot” in picture

  4. redneckcelt responds:

    Was a bear, you pause it and can see the ear and top of the head… And the one video of the head shot , why does he pan out when it’s a close up one would need. more proof it’s fake maybe in my book. Nice videos but anyone going into the woods looking like a rock star isn’t looking for something they just killing time.

  5. Luke Clinton Gallagher via Facebook responds:

    Full video hasn’t been released yet. So not gonna call judgment on it. If I did, I wouldn’t be using the full scientific method.

  6. Paul Sims via Facebook responds:

    Looks like a bear when you pause it, looks like a ear and the top of it’s head. and in the other video he pans out just as it turns it’s head..classic hoax move.

  7. Allen Hopkins via Facebook responds:

    Seems like if you had a bigfoot in sight on camera you would keep the camera aimed at the creature for more than a few seconds before aiming it at everything else in the woods.

  8. Becho responds:

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s faked. I’ve been in situations before when I should have done something different and didn’t, afterward kicking myself for not knocking back or pursuing, or whatever. I do know it is amazing that he has gotten two purported videos, in daylight, of a Squatch.

    I think I might have been within thirty yards of one the other day when one made a huge commotion behind me while I was looking at an odd placement of an alder tree that had been broken off. If it was a squatch, it made sure and left itself an out and quickly slinked away. I did video tape the brush and walked around to some high ground to get a better view. But I haven’t seen anything on the video. Since that experience, last Wednesday, I’ve thought to myself that maybe I should have done this or that. In the moment you aren’t contemplating every angle. It happens so fast that sometimes you don’t have time to think.

    What does make me suspect is that he is narrating it while filming. In the case when it’s cracking nuts I can understand why it wouldn’t hear him, because it was cracking nuts. But in the one that just shows the top of his head you’d think it would have heard him.

    Being a researcher, I know most people think I am full of @%#. It is slightly annoying at times, but most of the time it makes me and my co-researchers laugh. It is a personal experience that is hard to convey in a convincing manner, no matter how many tracks we find and how many vocalizations we record and how many personal experiences I relate. That is just the nature of the human belief system.

    I don’t blame people for being skeptical. I was somewhat skeptical myself once upon a time. But if you take in the whole of all of the evidence gathered over the last several decades it becomes clear, there just isn’t that many people who are thinking of hoaxing Bigfoot.

  9. cryptokellie responds:

    I believe that we may cross off Timbergiantbigfoot from anything credible until his videos show the real deal…

  10. Goodfoot responds:

    A bear. Finally, someone stupider than the poster of this video. Show me one picture of a bear with a pointed head, genius.

    The shrubbery is two feet high, at most. Plus, the camera’s point of view is looking downwards.

    What it is, is a cohort with a piece of fur or something, being poked up into view on the end of a stick. If it were a bear, you’d see the part of its body. Same goes with a Bigfoot.

    Incredible, redneckceit. Just incredible, you so-called analytical “skills”.

  11. Lachoy responds:

    This is Joshua. I used a lot more than just the “same shot” logic when reaching my opinion. That was just a bizarre coincidence I saw that stood out. Some other questions I had were: Why not sneak around to get a front angle? Why knock on the tree when he didn’t have the creature in the frame? Why not just sit there and keep filming until it got up on it’s own? There are many other questions. Not too mention the fact that the “discovery site” is way to convenient. It has everything a BH would want to find. Use of tools, food sources and hair. I mean, really? I give him credit, go big or go home. He went big, but maybe a bit to big.

  12. RedLandsBigfoot responds:


  13. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    The video from a few days ago was complete and utter nonsense and was quite laughable at best. This one is just plain dumb. I don’t know who this guy is trying to fool but to me he is only making a fool out of himself. This and the other videos are worthless, full of BS and staged fakery. Clearly a hoax perpetrated by some sort of delusional yahoo. How did this sh*t even get posted here?

  14. Lachoy responds:

    As Becho says, the narrating is definitely another big red flag. Another is why would something so huge need to crack acorns open with a couple of small rocks? Why not eat them as they are or use their teeth or hands? Heck, even squirrels can do it. Why were the apples so neatly cut? He states he has returned to the site several times, implying this happened a while ago…. so what happened with the hair samples he saw and said he was going to collect? Not a mention of those in his lengthy video description.

    I believe they are out there because of eye witnesses, footprints, etc. Just can’t wait for more modern hard video/photographic evidence that will prove they do. This isn’t it.

  15. Goodfoot responds:

    Phoney baLONEY!

  16. Goodfoot responds:

    Of course you wouldn’t. This is what’s called a “tell” in poker. It proves the film’s a total fraud, and the filmer is in on the hoax.

  17. Goodfoot responds:

    It’s not necessary to use the “full scientific method” on an obvious hoax. It’s not even useful.

  18. Goodfoot responds:

    Bears don’t have conical skulls, and I do not see any ear. It’s a piece of fur on a stick, and the person holding it up is off to one side. Also, I’ve never heard of a bear hiding like that; it’s uncharacteristic of bear behavior. A bear would just run away.

  19. Goodfoot responds:

    So it could be evaluated. Do you really want someone to hide videos based on personal judgement? That would be the height of arrogance, wouldn’t it?

  20. NMRNG responds:

    Goodfoot, some of your posts here are starting to look like comments to Youtube videos posted by malcontented, tactless teenagers. Please refrain from juvenile name-calling. One can disagree with someone and provide an explanation why you believe he/she is wrong without stooping to this sort of behavior.

    The “hair samples” that were collected will be a) forgotten about and never mentioned again; b) lost; or c) contaminated (the TimberGiant guy just picks them up with his fingers – what kind of animal researcher, even an amateur, would not know about avoiding contamination of biological samples in the year 2013?)

    I agree with the above comments that a bigfoot researcher filming a genuine sasquatch encounter would have waited for the sasquatch to shift positions to one with a better view in the first video and in the second one, would have waited until the animal left the cover of that patch of bushes and stepped into plain sight. These videos were hoaxes or they were sightings of a bear or other animal that were bolstered by subsequently placing rocks, nuts, apples and hair at the alleged feeding location.

  21. Goodfoot responds:

    Okay, Craig. Sorry. I’m gone.

  22. Jayross responds:

    The video of the diminutive bigfoot in hiking boots was more entertaining… 😉

    Maybe after a certain show is cancelled, these hoaxes will die down a bit.

  23. Shubi D. Deaux responds:

    I don’t know anything about this Timbergiantbigfoot character, so I can only draw conclusions based on what I’ve seen posted here. And what I’ve viewed here leads me to believe this guy has not merely created a fake Bigfoot video; he has intentionally created a mockery of Bigfoot videos, a satire of sorts. Subtle, to be sure, but satire nonetheless. Constant jabbering? Lame, unconvincing images of the “creature”? Questionably timed camera fades and panning? Obviously staged feeding site scene? Crocs!? This video is the creator’s way of ridiculing those who believe in Bigfoot, getting a bit of notoriety, and maybe making a buck or two. What’s really funny is, reading many of the comments on his youtube channel, there are plenty of people willing to buy into this joker’s ploy. It’s obviously fake, but some want so badly to see “real” footage of these creatures, they allow themselves to be suckered by the likes of Timbergiantbigfoot. He’s probably laughing his butt off at these gullible rubes.

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