Adam Davies: In Search of the Mande-Burung

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on February 6th, 2011

As Adam commented in the post about Dr. Anna Nekaris’ yeti presentation here on Cryptomundo:

Thank you for this, I really enjoyed this talk. Dr.Nekaris is an engaging speaker, and she presented an informative and balanced presentation.

Given that she touched on Indonesia during it, I would like to have heard her mention the important work that has been done on verifying the existence of the Orang-Pendek.

As many of your readers will now from your post about it, I recently led an expedition to search for evidence of the Mande-Burung. The footprint at the beginning of the talk, which we visited, is sadly just an unusual shape in the rock. However, the team really did pick up footprints of the Mande-Burung while we were there, and I was fortunate enough to be able follow a fresh trail of it by a small stream.

If any of the Cryptomundo readers would like to hear more about it, I recently recorded an interview on the expedition for Tim Binnall’s radio show, which is available for download on his website.

The analysis of evidence the team found whilst we were in India, is of course, still ongoing…Adam Davies

Here is the link to the interview of Adam Davies on Binnall of America:

World class cryptozoologist Adam Davies, author of the fantastic book Extreme Expeditions from Anomalist Books, returns to BoA:Audio to tell us about his 2010 expedition to India in search of mysterious creature known as the Mande-Burung. He’ll tell us how the journey came about, the conditions in India during the expedition, how witnesses describe the Mande-Burung, and the evidence for the creature that Adam and his team collected during the trip. We’ll also get an update on Adam’s ongoing quest to prove the existence of Sumatra’s Orang Pendek, including extremely promising new DNA findings and what Adam sees as the best way to take the investigation to the ‘next level.’

It’s a fun and informative edition of the program with Adam Davies, a hardcore esoteric researcher who has traveled to the ends of the Earth stalking the world’s most mysterious creatures.

Full Preview: We kick things off by finding out how 2010 was, in general, for Adam and how it stands as another landmark year for his work. We then begin our trek into discussing Adam’s big 2010 expedition to India in search of the mysterious creature known as the Mande-Burung. We first find out what planted the seed for Adam to search for this very obscure cryptid and he details the extensiveness of the pre-planning for the trip as well as the dangers and environment faced on the expedition. Adam also illustrates the truly remote nature of the area when he shares the tale of a beautiful place he encountered that had previously barely been explored.

Adam then talks about how his reservations about the Mande-Burung’s viability were changed as a result of the expedition. He also shares anecdotes about some of the promising evidence uncovered during the expedition. Looking specifically at the Mande-Burung, itself, Adam shares a number of remarkable stories from local witnesses who have seen the creature. We also hear an amazing tale of one man who witnessed the Mande-Burung over the course of three days. We then examine the theory that part of the problem in searching for bipedal primates is that they are migrational creatures and constantly on the move. Adam also contrasts the prevalence of the Mande-Burung in India with the Orang Pendek in Sumatra.

Digging into the finer details of his expedition, we ponder how Adam would handle a return trip in search of the Mande-Burung in the future. We then find out how long it actually took for Adam to go from Manchester, UK (where he lives) to the jungles of India looking for the Mande-Burung as well as having him reflect on spending nearly three weeks in the jungles. Adam shares the tale of the ‘100 Drums Festival’ that he attended during the expedition. Adam also details what physical evidence his team recovered from the India expedition as well as a stunning story of how the trip may have inadvertently played a hand in discovering a new deer species in the area.

We also find out about filming that was done on the expedition and where that film may eventually be seen. This leads to some discussion on the relationship between Adam’s expedition team and the filmmakers who accompany them. Covering another potential danger behind the trip, Adam talks about the diseases he had to be weary about when traveling there. We wrap up our Mande-Burung discussion with a look at where the search for the creature stands now.

Next, we dive into discussing Adam’s proverbial white whale: Sumatra’s Orang Pendek and he tells us about the amazing recent news of the DNA testing on the evidence he recovered during his 2009 expedition. He muses on how this new evidence is the latest shift in how the Orang Pendek is looked at by academia and animal experts. Being the leading expert on the search for the Orang-Pendek, Adam explains, in detail, where we stand with DNA, hair, and other evidence for the creature’s existence. We also ponder what would constitute taking the search for the Orang Pendek to the ‘next level,’ should Adam return to Sumatra.

Wrapping up the conversation, we find out what Adam has on his dream agenda for 2011. During this segment, he reveals some very exciting potential plans for a series of future expeditions that will excite BoA:Audio listeners. We then spend some time discussing the logistics of this potential new expedition and how it may evolve.Binnall of America

Adam Davies Bio

Adam Davies has tracked so called Mysterious Creatures all over the globe. His adventures include being shot at in the Congo whilst looking for the Mokele–Membe the Congo dinosaur, and being arrested by the Mongolian army as a spy whilst hunting the fabled Death Worm!

Adam sincerely believes that some but not all of these fabled creatures exist, and embarks on filed research in order to substantiate this. He has also had some fantastic successes, with scientists confirming his finds as “remarkable” and “astonishing” in the case of both the Sumatran Yeti and Norway’s Nessie.

Remarkably to date, Adam’s expeditions have been entirely self funded. He has been featured and or presented some very enjoyable documentaries including “Russian Bigfoot” on the National Geographic Channel and “The Real Hobbit” and “China’s Wildman” on the History Channel’s Monster Quest series. Adam would love to pursue his passion full time, but at present works as a Civil Servant in Manchester U.K.

His website is

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  1. Adam Davies responds:

    Thank you very much for mentioning this, I appreciate it.

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