Bigfoot Exhibit Opens in Idaho

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 15th, 2006

Idaho Bigfoot Exhibit

Dave Mead, exhibits director at the Idaho Museum of Natural History, holds up a life-sized plaster cast of a purported image of Bigfoot that will be part of the museum’s Bigfoot display, in this Sunday, June 12, 2006, file photo taken in Pocatello, Idaho. (AP Photo/The Idaho State Journal, Bill Schaefer) (Bill Schaefer – AP)

The exhibit, titled Bigfoot: How Do We Know?, opens Friday at 10 AM, in conjunction with the Bigfoot Rendezvous at Idaho State University. Here is a link with local news footage of the exhibit. The exhibit is scheduled to run through the summer of 2007.

Bigfoot Painting

Bigfoot Paintings at Idaho Museum of Natural History

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5 Responses to “Bigfoot Exhibit Opens in Idaho”

  1. cor2879 responds:

    So that head is supposed to be cast from an imprint of an actual bigfoot face? Where did the imprint come from?

  2. Bennymac responds:

    It’s the “purported image” of a bigfoot, probably an artist’s rendition from an eye witness. And a pretty good rendition if you ask me, very nice.

  3. Benjamin Radford responds:

    Looking forward to the conference, I think it will be not only fun but informative.

  4. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning Bigfoot folks….

    Looks like another excellent exhibit….helping raise public awareness…nice job….the face looks like me before my morning java…LOL

    seeing is believing…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  5. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    the face looks a little like a “grey” to me, in that the areas around the eyes are huge and sunken by the way the brow ridge extends down and around the eyes… but maybe that is just the lack of hair (and, you know, never having actually SEEN one of the critters, who am I to say)

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