Bigfoot Spotted on Google Earth?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 31st, 2013

Bigfoot Spotted On Google Earth? That, Or Some Guy Taking A Leak

Don’t ask me who is sitting around probing every inch of of the North American wilderness on Google Earth looking for evidence of Bigfoot. All that matters is that someone did it, and that the image follows the classic Bigfoot sighting model: Blurry and inconclusive.

Still, paranormal researcher Wowforreeel thought it was important enough to share on YouTube, and a handful of people have already begun to theorize and debunk in the comments. Is it a log? A gap in the bushes? Or could it possibly be Bigfoot?

Who knows, but being as close to the highway as it is, can we be positive that this isn’t just some dude taking a leak? Bigfoot, or something more reasonable?


No idea, I just did the editing… but I like it : )

Here’s how to find on Google Earth . . .
I accidentally cut the bit that shows you how to navigate there (booo, no fun) so here are the coords if you want to look for yourself:


All imagery credit – Google Earth

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7 Responses to “Bigfoot Spotted on Google Earth?”

  1. Burton Caruthers via Facebook responds:

    I like how, by changing the angle of viewing, he claims it’s “gone” when you can still clearly see the dark patch as he moves it around further.

  2. BryanandShannon Impey via Facebook responds:

    Interesting to say the least. Hasn’t there been instances of the deep underwater live 24hour a day cameras been available to the public? I think I saw this that somebody saw a type of giant squid while trolling through some of the footage. It could be a good way to troll for Cryptids or just compelling animal activity.

  3. John Kirk responds:

    How can it be gone? Google earth does not show movies. It shows stills. Nice try pal, but the level of idiocy on this forum is somewhat less than on the Zeke and Jethro Bigfoot Booger and Critter forum so you’re not fooling anybody.

    Again, dead giveaways: Spooky music, exclamations, and the use of WTF.

    Really? Do we have to continue to comment on these idiotic attempts to deceive? Come on.

  4. semillama responds:

    It’s the root mat from a fallen tree.

  5. springheeledjack responds:

    Yeah on all counts…sigh

  6. Goodfoot responds:

    Looks like a rotten stump to me. Are all stumps rotten? Is that what makes them stumps?

    Not really looking for an answer, just musing in words. Is this Google Earth or Street View? I wasn’t aware Earth View took pics of every stretch of wilderness. What on earth for?

    What was I saying? Oh yeah… stump.

  7. sasquatch responds:

    Looks like it has a burlap bag on it’s head like a scarecrow.

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