New Bigfoot Video Out Of Kansas?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 13th, 2011

A Cryptomundian tipped me off to this video this morning.

Big Foot spotted in Osawatomie, Kansas??

youtuber Bubther posted the about video with the commentary below.

Big Foot spotted near our campsite in Osawatomie!!Bubther

What do the Cryptomundians think?

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

46 Responses to “New Bigfoot Video Out Of Kansas?”

  1. Brothermidnight responds:

    That really really looks like a person in a dog costume .I have never heard of Bigfoot having long floppy ears. This looks like it could be viral marketing for the FX show Wilfred like in this pic:

  2. Sharon Lee responds:

    Oh Brother! lol

  3. RWRidley responds:

    I think it’s a father just having some fun with his son.

  4. Stadtusquo responds:

    Is it me or does it look like it has a trunk? I think this is a prank on the family. Gait is human like, arms are human like. Smells like a hoax to me.

  5. wolfatrest responds:

    Funny but if you insert Santa into everywhere they say bigfoot it sounds a lot more believable.

  6. monsterhunter316 responds:


  7. Staff responds:

    They sound like they’re acting.

  8. lukedog 1 responds:

    A little unfortunate the person taking the video also happens to suffer from parkinsons disease. Did bigfoot stop for a leak behind the tree? is that typical squatch behaviour?

  9. canadiangeek responds:

    this is clearly a fake.
    when the “mother” says “it’s hiding” she seemed to keep the unsteady camera mostly in the area where the so called “big foot” was to be acting shy. along with that she acted like the kids were seeing santa claus for the first time, there was no fear in her voice or words that gave way to any natural instinct to make sure the children were safe.
    the “father” right off the bat shouted “we’re making history here guys” which leads my analytical mind to think he really means they are trying* to make history…you can also hear him in the back ground muttering about calling cnn. it seems some what surprising that a man who certainly wanted some sort of fame would only post this on youtube.
    now to get to the video.. if i saw a big foot, didn’t run away in fear and was able to film it; the first thing i would do is make sure i get steady shots of the animal moving and some close ups would have been smart. seems whenever the “big foot” is on the move the camera would rise up or lower just enough to miss it… when there is footage of the “animal” moving it looks like someone tried very hard to look like they were in the patterson~gimlin video. its too forced for me.

  10. CBASS2 responds:

    Lets all welcome Kansas to the man in suit club.

  11. SirKen63 responds:

    FAKE…Guy in a Gilly suit or a Puppy dog outfit look like it has floppy ears.
    Why do people make stuip video like this? Do they really think someone is going to say that a Bigfoot???

    Oh yea there is someone that would !!!

  12. j stewart responds:

    The overly shakey camera and the shots of the tree tops and the only catching short spurts of the creature scream hoax or maybe a guy in a GHILLIE suit out scouting for deer. It seems everyone that catches a supposed bigfoot on camera suddenly cant hold the camera still. Even the cheapest of digital video cameras come standard with what is called STEADY CAM or STEADY HAND which makes even the most jumpy set of hands seem rock steady. I would have to say it looks like a guy in a suit of some kind. my vote is guy in a ghillie suit.

  13. gridbug responds:


  14. mandors responds:

    At the 35 second mark, I thought it was a guy in a suit. At the 47 second mark, I then thought it was that same “guy” in the same “suit” that’s been around for FIFTY years of films, i.e., maybe real. I think that’s the problem, the creature, if it exists, really does look like a big dumb guy in a suit.

    The “jaw” flapping comments are problematic, though. Do they indicate a mask maybe coming off?

  15. Budman030 responds:

    Nonsence , the movements are to deliberent, fake, fake, fake….

  16. weaponx88 responds:

    Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!! Seriously are you kidding me??? Since when does bigfoot have big floppy dog ears?????

  17. Cryptoraptor responds:

    Was the video taken by a paint can shaker?

  18. Redrose999 responds:

    Has there been an analysis of this vid yet? I noticed it has no neck, the head is attached to the shoulders. I’m not an expert. As an artist and photographer and only can judge on those terms. The lighting of the hair on the body showed the fur too mat and clean for a wild animal: yet the movement reminds me sort of though not exactly of Patty. I didn’t see the arm length well enough thought to have a good judge of the “animals” movement. The length of the Arms gave Patty a unique movement. It could be a gorilla suit, the folks on the film seem to think it is a hoax.

    I would be interested in a slowed down enhancement and would like to hear what the film experts, bio people and hunters (as well as the other out doors folks think) on Cryptomundo think.

  19. D1metrodon responds:

    Nope, this doesn’t work for me, sorry. The family is too “jokey” and matter of fact about the “encounter”. There is no fear or shock involved, just mild curiosity and slight surprise. Particularly with a young child present, if you had truly encountered a presumably tall, very muscular unidentifiable biped in your vicinity, you would not stick around and make with the funny…you’d protect that child by fleeing.

  20. Ragnar responds:

    Wow. A guy in a ghillie suit. Nice try.

  21. Peter Von Berg responds:

    I can’t tell because I got seasick watching it.

  22. stickyum responds:

    I think the dude who took this video must have drank a ton of coffee, because his camera was abit too shaky for this to be the real deal. I’ll never understand why it is that when people shoot these types of videos the camera is always shaking radically. Besides, the camera guy, while shooting the film, is non-chalantly carrying on a very calm-mannered, composed conversation with his mate while boasting this will make him famous. Anyway, the “thing” looks like it’s wearing an ape suit. The whole thing looks staged.

  23. stickyum responds:

    @ Lukedog 1

    You got a great sense of humor. I got a big laugh out of your comments.

  24. dermal_ridges_are_proof responds:

    One clip of film where anyone’s well meaning but overblown second by second analysis is clearly unwarranted and a waste of time!

    Just freeze a frame or two when our floppy eared friend appears from behind that tree after momentarily hiding! …Fabric, square cuffs, baggy suit, floppy ears!

    Welcome once more to Fake-o-mundo!

  25. ETxArtist responds:

    I love cheezy videos like this. The acting is terrible, but that’s part of the fun!

  26. Craig Woolheater responds:


    Welcome once more to Fake-o-mundo!dermal_ridges_are_proof

    I’m going to take that as a shot.

    If you were kidding, no harm, no foul.

    If you weren’t, it was 1:07 of your life.

    Probably took you longer to type and post your comment…

  27. dermal_ridges_are_proof responds:

    Mr C. Woolheater :-

    Hey Craig! …You’re right! I was only kidding! …I think…

    Actually when I first glimpsed this footage I was as impressed as you were; it was almost like looking at the ‘lazy mans’ equivalent of the PG footage; potentially so good (out in the open, and walking from left to right) but shot in such a poor fashion!

    I froze those frames and my heart sank! ..Bugs Bunny out looking for carrots no less!

    Never mind! Sorry to ruffle the old feathers….with a little work we can still make this friendship work!

    Regards, Dermal ridges really are proof!

  28. sasquatch responds:

    The “ears” could be re-considered as long hair…Which I’ve heard described in some reports. Still think it’s prolly fake.

  29. Nominay responds:

    I saw this a couple days ago at SasquatchCanada’s facebook page. FB/FB is actually taking it seriously and they are planning an analysis of it. They’ve been in touch with the poster 3 times. The family thinks it’s real except for the brother who thinks they were hoaxed. The unease I have with it is that this figure is as shaggy as a sheep dog, the movements seem uncharacteristically slow and lack fluidity, and …. it just really, really reminds me of the Crimean footage. Were it not for the geographical inconvenience I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the same guy.

  30. Redrose999 responds:


    Rewatch, and I saw the ears! LOL very funny!

  31. aaronlife responds:

    i didn’t even bother to listen to the video, too many shots of tree branches, the true test is to compare this to any video any guy would take at the beach…

    i guarantee THAT video would be steady, nicely zoomed in, to reveal clear detail on any cute girls in bikinis or less lying on the beach.

    any video that doesn’t have those qualities, purporting to show bigfoot, is immediately suspect in my mind, unless it’s so quick that a person didn’t have time to get the camera on, find the target, and hold still to catch bigfoot.

    i’d say this is a fake.

  32. Nny responds:

    I like the vid for a few reasons.

    It’s goofy.

    If it somehow really is bigfoot… that’s ridiculously crazy.

    But my fav is the family interactions. Whoever said replace the word ‘bigfoot’ with ‘Santa’ was right on. It feels like that. And I think that’s great. It really brought a smile to my face because the kids are amazed and the adults are having fun with it. Good times all around.

    I find it more interesting that SasquatchCanada is interested enough to do an analysis. The vid is so goofy I’d take a pass on the whole taking it serious aspect–HOWEVER, I admire the dedication that SOMEONE wants to analysis it. Because that’s the thing, I guess, you need someone to look into it to then *know* if it’s legit or not.

    But my eye and my mind go– “Whoa! Huh. Ha! Okay, that’s cool.”

    And I like all the guesses as to what kind of suit it possibly worn. Rabbit, Ghillie, ape, bear.

    Personally I vote some kind of furry on its way to a romp.

    Has the BFRO commented on this yet?

  33. Redrose999 responds:


    “Personally I vote some kind of furry on its way to a romp.”

    OMG LMAO I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows of the furries.

  34. scarecrow responds:

    I think it looks like Bobo without his hat on. Just sayin’…….

  35. ThomasCrowley89 responds:

    The guy shooting the vid seems like he’s drunk

  36. Hapa responds:

    Well at least it is clearer than most recent so-called “Bigfoot” vids, but that isn’t saying much. The “flapping Jaw” looks suspicious (I’ve heard of dog’s with their jaws broken having their lower jaw hang down like that, but I wouldn’t expect any animal to be as calm as the figure in this video if that happened), as well as the limbs that seem to be of normal human length, i.e. not nearing the knees (as in the Patterson-Gimlin film) and the camera veering off the supposed bigfoot at otherwise opporitune moments to catch it on video. Not to mention the fact that this was filmed in Kansas of all places ( You can hide a population of even big animals from satellites using forest growth, but not in mostly treeless flatland.True, there are some trees in the shot, but then again, THIS IS KANSAS!).

    Maybe the Cowardly Lion tapped some ruby slippers and is looking for Dorothy…

  37. joeywhatever responds:

    So fake

  38. NWesterner responds:


    I love the way the guy in the cheap suit is sneakily walking, its hilarious!

    Whether the family is in on it or the hoaxer was waiting for someone with a video camera to happen by to start his performance is the only question in my mind.

    One of the funnier bigfoot hoaxes recently though I have to say.

  39. captainadam_21 responds:

    It’s time to play the music. It’s time to light the lights…
    It is Rowlf the Dog from the Muppets. I heard he was indigenous to Kansas. Probably out promoting the new Muppets movie.

  40. midwest mimi responds:

    Bad costume, bad acting, bad camera work…but I bet it gets made into an episode of “Finding Bigfoot.”

  41. Redrose999 responds:

    Look at frame 56/1:07 Kid you not, you can see a bunny tail. It’s a giant floppy eared Easter Bunny-bigfoot!

  42. krvega responds:

    Closed Circuit Transmission to redacted by Cryptomundo:

    ***redacted by Cryptomundo your opinion on this video is urgently needed!
    redacted by Cryptomundo! redacted by Cryptomundo!!!!!***

  43. Rainman responds:

    I’m thinking prank insofar as the “bigfoot” is concerned but I did want to mention that the crappy camera work is probably a result of trying to focus on something in extreme zoom. The dabbling in the treetops confirmed that for me. When you’re on extreme zoom, it’s actually very difficult to follow a subject and easy to get “lost” in the environment.

    Sorry, former media student – I don’t know much, but I know that much.

  44. DWA responds:

    Um…who took the video? Next time trust the camera to a human, not the dog.

  45. Zabo responds:

    who’s running the hand held my dog could keep it more stable. right? that’s why when we hear the word’s what is that?,it’s notta bear,and it’s walking on two legs! then we’ll know instantly that it’s bull-crap nothing more,nothing less. i think that if what your filming is real,then you’ll be as scared as humaninly possible. shaking from fear is diffrent than shaking from “hoaxview-helper.”

  46. choppedlow responds:

    100% real deal. It walks just like Heronimous.. I mean it walks just like Patty. Has to be real. Solved, done, finished, and proved! Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of it never being solved!

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