New trace of ‘Shennongjia Wildman’ found in SW China

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 13th, 2011

Alleged Wildman’s footprint found in Chengkou county, Chongqing Municipality.

New trace of ‘Shennongjia Wildman’ found in SW China

Five footprints, believed to be traces left by the legendary “Shennongjia Wildman,” have been found in Chengkou county, part of Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, according to a report from on Monday.

The report says that the alleged “Wildman” was first found by Wang Taizhao, a local villager, on the morning of June 2 while he was fertilizing his corn field.

“I was so scared,” Wang said, “First I heard a strange noise from the woods near my corn field, which I thought to be the bark of a dog. Then I spotted a human-like creature approaching. I took a flight to my house with great haste.”

According to Wang, the creature was 160-170 cm in height, with red and yellowish hairs covering its body. Its eyes, nose and mouth were all reminiscent of human features.

Wang later reported his encounter with the Wildman to the head of his village.

About 20 days later, police from the Public Security Bureau of Chengkou county came to the corn field where Wang Taizhao came across the creature and detected five footprints. The police made plaster copies of the footprints for further research.

Chengkou county, located at northeastern part of Chongqing, is near to Shennongjia, in central China’s Hubei Province, where many cases involving sightings of “wildmen” have been reported.

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5 Responses to “New trace of ‘Shennongjia Wildman’ found in SW China”

  1. Kopite responds:

    That is supposed to be a wildman’s footprint? Looks like the shape of a rugby ball. I can’t even see any toes.

  2. JMonkey responds:

    Looks like someone moved a rock to me. I also cannot make any toes, or any other definable shape that would make me believe it is an actual footprint of any kind.

  3. sasquatch responds:

    Not even Ranae (Finding Bigfoot) would say; “There’s a FOOT PRINT, I mean really? A FOOT PRINT”.

  4. Adam Davies responds:

    I agree that the footprint, as it is described, leaves much to be desired. However, having been to this area, I am a firm believer in the existence of the Yeren. I would certainly like a prolonged crack at finding it!

    Keep us posted with any future updates, please Craig!

  5. Redrose999 responds:

    Keep us posted Craig. I find it interesting how the authorities in China take this more seriously than the ones in the US.

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