“Bigfoot-Like” Creature Captured at Vermont Ski Resort

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 21st, 2013

Vermont wardens have confirmed the capture of a large, unidentified “Bigfoot-like” animal at Okemo Mountain Resort today. Details are still coming in, but Ride Vermont has obtained footage…

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

21 Responses to ““Bigfoot-Like” Creature Captured at Vermont Ski Resort”

  1. Barbara Barrett via Facebook responds:


  2. Chupacabra Millie responds:

    Oooh this is promising! (If it wasn’t that it looked like a yeti suit…)

  3. DWA responds:

    At least the continued confusion of sasquatch and yeti continues to provide amusement.

  4. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    This is the clearest image of a possible Bigfoot I’ve seen yet. This could be the real thing, guys…. Someone better get up there and check it out.

  5. Insanity responds:

    The other figure seen in the background looks like Elvis.

  6. corrick responds:

    Took all of 30 seconds on google to confirm this is just part of an ongoing publicity hoax by the resort itself to attract business.

  7. Hapa responds:

    This is a waste of time. Talking about getting people’s hopes up for junk like this. Why even post it? Its just another shot at us, another humiliating cyber hoax that is neither funny nor worthwile.

    The last lifeline Sasquatch has is the Oxford DNA research study (If it EVER comes to the light of day) and that blimp project that will use infrared and other things to hunt Sasquatch in hotspots: after these are done, and if they show nothing, then we can forget this reward-less pursuit and put more focus on other cryptids of the world.

  8. Craig Woolheater responds:


    Because it’s a pop culture reference to Bigfoot.

    Just because you think it’s a waste, doesn’t mean that everybody does.

    What’s even more ironic, is that you wasted time to type up a response complaining about it…

    Not every post here on Cryptomundo is going to appeal to every reader.

    If it has to do with cryptids or cryptozoology at all, chances are that you will see it here at Cryptomundo.

  9. DWA responds:


    “The last lifeline Sasquatch has is the Oxford DNA research study (If it EVER comes to the light of day) and that blimp project …”

    Well, not so much. (Hey might as well say something interesting between resort commercials.)

    The North American Wood Ape Conservancy (NAWAC) is my bet to come up with proof if anybody’s going to. I missed their conference last week, but they have had two pretty productive long-term stays – OK, a month is long-term when this isn’t your real job – in what appears to be occupied habitat. Nobody else is doing this; Patterson and Gimlin are the only other people who have, in fact.

    That’s how you conduct confirmation research, not blimps and DNA chains off alleged steaks.

    So I wouldn’t consider this over yet by a long shot. In fact, it hasn’t even really started yet, and won’t until people search the way full-timers do it for other species.

    Boarder in suit is a change of pace, anyway.

  10. Goodfoot responds:

    So it seems the ski business has tailed off a little earlier than expected, huh?

  11. bigyeti responds:

    In response to Craig’s reply to Hapa:

    I don’t think Hapa has a problem with Bigfoot/Yeti being used in pop-culture, but rather this is an issue of some deliberate misleading. Why not just call the video “Ride Vermont Bigfoot Advertisement” or even “Bigfoot-like Creature Seen Snowboarding” ? With the title as it is, people will click the link expecting to see something more substantial than a minute and a half of a man snowboarding in a poorly-made costume. This is the intent of the video, no doubt, but I understand why Hapa would be against trickiness like this.

    Anyway, maybe add a note above the video telling what the video is? Or change the title of this post to “Bigfoot-Like Creature in Vermont Ski Resort Viral Video”. Just a suggestion.

  12. corrick responds:

    I’m totally with Happa. And Craig, it’s your misleading header combined with your “tease” not the dumb content that’s offensive. Hyping eyeballs and “hits” I guess.

  13. Hapa responds:


    Its one thing to have such “pop cultural” things about Sasquatch, its another to call the story “Bigfoot like creature captured at Vermont ski resort” and it turns out to be a big joke. That sounded like something that could be a little more substantial than a guy in a Yeti suit donning a snowboard or skis.


    Thanks for the heads up on NAWAC. I will look them up shortly.

  14. Hapa responds:


    Its one thing to have such “pop cultural” things about Sasquatch, its another to call the story “Bigfoot like creature captured at Vermont ski resort” and it turns out it was already known to be a big joke. That sounded like something that could be a little more substantial than a guy in a Yeti suit donning a snowboard or skis.


    Thanks for the heads up on NAWAC. I will look them up shortly.

  15. Craig Woolheater responds:

    The headline for the post came directly from the ski resort’s website where the video was originally posted.

    Here’s their original post: “Bigfoot-Like” Creature Captured at Vermont Ski Resort

    LUDLOW, Vermont (March 19, 2013) — The Vermont Game Warden’s Office has confirmed that it has shot, and subsequently captured, a man-like forest beast that had been terrorizing freestyle terrain parks in the area. Video of the creature is above.

    “We’ve been chasing this thing — some of the locals call it a Yeti — since the Clinton administration,” said warden Casey Willax at a news conference today. “We finally bagged the big bastard.”

    The as-yet unidentified species was captured at the peak of Okemo Mountain after several frightened snow-bladers reporter a large, hairy, smelly snowboarder doing back flips off the pole jam feature in the park.

    “I’ve seen plenty of big hairy men before, but I was all like, no way bro, there’s no way that’s a human,” said one of the snow bladers, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation by other Yetis that may still be lurking in the area.

    “More Yetis may be on the loose,” warns Willax. “If you see one, please do NOT feed it or give it money. That just encourages them.”

    I included the link to their website in the post, so anyone could follow it for background.

    It seems so inconsequential an event to complain about.

    You clicked on a post and there was a video that you had the option to watch or not watch.

    The cover image of the video clearly shows the face of the “Bigfoot-Like” Creature.

    It didn’t cost you anything to check it out, and I seriously doubt you’ll miss the minute and a half of your life if you even watched it all the way to the end. It was clear in the first few seconds what it was about, and you could punch out as fast as I do when Lynard Skynard’s Freebird comes on the radio.

    And folks like corrick saying “Hyping eyeballs and “hits” I guess.” Do you begrudge the probable $0.001 that Cryptomundo earned by Hapa clicking on the post?

  16. Goodfoot responds:

    Hapa, et al: It was light-hearted entertainment. A joke even. Get your panties unbunched and hove aboard. LIGHTEN UP. Jeez.

    This field of study get way too serious sometimes. Part of Cryptomundo’s role is keeping us able to laugh at ourselves – before those other people can.

  17. DWA responds:

    Goodfoot: agreed.

    Soon’s I saw the yetiface, I chuckled. (Soon’s I saw the boarding I though RIP IT! In a yeti suit! BOOYA!) The chuckle/BOOYA! were the only reasons I watched the video, which I figured was gonna be for yuks (and sellling that terrain park) from the instant I clicked.

    See, some of us aren’t distracted by every single bingle gingle zingle sideshow that comes along. We know the evidence well. We know the conclusion to which it clearly points. We are comfortable with waiting for the mainstream to get its head out of its [yetisuit] and join us.

    And this is supposed to be a fun site.

    It is.

    (Woodape.org. For the serious. Look and listen.)

  18. Desertdweller responds:

    Oh, this is so lame and bogus!

    If you want to see a Bigfoot that is authentic both in appearance and behavior, check out a Jack Link’s Jerky “Messin’ with Sasquatch” commercial.

    As Dirk Pitt once observed, “I’ve heard better French spoken in a Chinese restaurant!”

  19. Goodfoot responds:

    Desertdweller: Maybe you could ask for your money back.

    Who would EVER have thought this item would have garnered so much commentary, much of it clueless?

  20. Desertdweller responds:

    This stunt is the same crap that was pulled a few months ago in Montana. It wasn’t all that funny back then.

    “Messin’ with Sasquatch”, now that’s funny. And it makes no false claims.

    There are precious few places where Bigfoot is discussed seriously. The one thing that could confirm the existence of Bigfoot is an intact specimen. If this happens, it will likely be a dead one killed by a hunter.

    When a ski resort claims to have a real Bigfoot, then comes up with something like this, it trivializes the efforts of serious researchers. Too many people already think BF researchers are a little nuts, and this stunt reinforces this image.

    When people come to this website seeking serious information about Bigfoot, and are greeted with a subject title liked the one used, then we are the ones getting our chain yanked. This is disappointing.

    I agree completely with HAPA on this. If we are to have a serious discussion on a serious subject, we need to avoid this kind of hype.

  21. Goodfoot responds:

    SHAME on you, Craig!! You made a bunch of clueless, humorless twits SO unhappy!!! (Notice I didn’t name any names….)

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