Bigfoot Video From Kansas?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 6th, 2012

The original video as uploaded to youtube.

Bigfoot sighting in Kansas breakdown.

What do the Cryptomundians think of this Bigfoot video?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

41 Responses to “Bigfoot Video From Kansas?”

  1. trapper9990 responds:

    In my opinion this is most likely a fake, and not really a good one either. It would def help to know the background info as far as what these people were doing at the time and why they were their. But based on that, every time their is a setting where their are kids involved or teenagers a flag has to go up that doesn’t mean that they are pulling a hoax, but its a flag to watch for. But even if these were adults, why would they be walking down this trail filming where they are walking. Unless they were looking for bigfoot? Videotaping isn’t surprising, but every single time I’ve been out with a camera in the woods or anyone that I have seen that has been, they aren’t just randomly filming wherever they walk. If they see an animal the camera may be turned on, or a nice view they may turn it on, but they don’t just film while they walk through the woods. Like I said unless they are specifically looking for something. So what would they be looking for in that area? Perhaps a known animal, if that’s the case this might be believable and they just happened to catch a bigfoot instead. However if they were out looking for bigfoot and suddenly became aware it was in the area, turned on the camera, and was looking for it, you wouldn’t be walking down the path clumsily making lots of noise. Nor would you be allowing your camera to bounce all over the place. That’s a very well traveled path, obviously, and it would take almost zero effort to make little noise. So what would you do? You’re out looking for bigfoot, you find one, you want good footage, and so you would obviously try and be quiet if you were trying to film one that you knew was in the area, and you would be holding your camera ready for anything.

    However, it doesn’t appear they were looking for bigfoot, otherwise the kid wouldn’t have said what was that. They would have known what it was. So on that we can assume they just happened to be filming themselves walking down a wooded path. And for what reason? Their may be a good one, but I don’t see it here. We need that info in order to determine authenticity, or at least guess at it.

    Based on what we know and see, this is a classic hoax scenario. We have teenagers walking down a well traveled path, which probably indicates near civilization, which are randomly filming themselves walking for no apparent reason, and they just happened to be filming in front of them when a bigfoot steps out across the path in full view. I really doubt this. Then you have the shakiness, lets just say they flipped the camera on to tape something, anything, they obviously would be trying to get a good steady view of it. This is the obvious, the camera is going everywhere. Then you add in the response, a very mellow and calm what was that. Their is no emotion in the voice at all. Whoever said the reaction was very natural doesn’t know much about reactions. If someone actually saw that that wasn’t looking for it, the authenticity of the response would be pretty easy to hear. It would be surprise, shock, excitement, stunned and maybe fear. It wouldn’t be, oh hey what was that. So I definitely would say fake.

    That’s the one thing I don’t like about the white PA bigfoot video. I do think its real, based on the animal and the amount of work it would require to make such a costume. However, the response what was that, doesn’t seem to fit. Then I reviewed things and realized that he only got to see it for an instant, and that their was emotion in his voice. Not a lot but some. So that puts me on the fence, but I think it’s overall real. This reaction however isn’t believable to me at all. What would your reaction be if you just saw that thing step in front of you?

    Mine would be probably something like “holy %%%%, and you could fill that last part in with many different words, use your imagination). But the last thing I’d do is turn around in a quite voice to whoever I was with and go what was that in a mellow tone. It’s just not reasonable. Listen to Freeman when he films that bigfoot, anyone can hear that there is definitely some emotion there, it doesn’t seem planned. He seems scared and excited at the same time. Its a shame there isn’t audio with Patterson’s that we can readily hear if it exists, because I’m sure that would have been very interesting.

    But this is at least one of the criteria that I look at when determining believability. Why were they there? Who was involved? What was their reaction? Was it convincing? Did they actually seem interested once they saw it?

    In this case, when you examine it, all I see are negatives.

    It’s a shame that this is the kind of thing that people do for fun nowadays. But whatever, I’m gonna laugh when some dude in an ape suit is pulling a hoax and a real one sees it and comes right up to him to say hello.

    Anyway just my opinion.

  2. Chalupacabra responds:

    As in most of these YouTube videos, there’s probably a really good reason why we didn’t get a really good look at the creature.

  3. Mibs responds:

    Mmmm…it looks staged to me, and like so many other “sighting” videos this one lasts less than two seconds long with no explanation as to why.

  4. Hapa responds:

    I think that people, if they are serious about this line of research, should not waste our times with film. If they are serious, instead of taking a camera they need to take a high powered rifle. This will never be considered something other than laughable by TPTB until a corpse or living specimen or major piece of a living specimen (skull, hide) is put on the table.

    This is not worth the time to watch.

  5. Tyler89 responds:

    This one kind of intrigues me. You can tell the person(s) with the camera are relatively young. As a kid, I used to teenager I even used to use my video camera in the woods and tape everything, so that could give a reason behind. As always it’s very skeptical but I’m hoping it can be proven real.

  6. fuzzy responds:

    Yeah, what he said.

  7. CelticBull responds:

    @ Tyler 89

    … but as a kid, I also liked to fake things.

  8. CDC responds:

    Can’t wait…Season Premier Finding Bigfoot 2013 ” The Kansas Bigfoot”

    1.6 million viewers, and an hour of “that’s typical Bigfoot behavior”, “I believe there’s a Squatch in these woods”, and of course my favorite, “that’s what Squatches do”!

    I love this site

  9. theprof responds:

    You know, I’ve chased odd lights over rough ground holding a camera and filming but never had a video come out this shaky. These people are WALKING for goodness sake.
    Typical You Tube waste of time with fakers thinking shaky camera and a Bigfoot walking ala Patty will fool people.
    One day a genuine video of Bigfoot is going on You Tube and who’ll believe it?

  10. RedLandsBigfoot responds:

    I love how the camera guy is tromping xtra loud-to signal his buddy to run out in an ape costume.

  11. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    No comment needed, except- has anyone ever been to Kansas? It ain’t no Oregon. It ain’t even no East Texas, Craig.

  12. rickodemilo responds:

    It was bigfoot! Seriously though, it was just another fake video created for “finding bigfoot” to create an episode around.

  13. viking0047 responds:

    #1 What’s with the friggin stomping? What the hell is this guy wearing???? Armor plated boots with a 45 pound weight strapped to the bottom of each? Geez make a little more noise.

    #2 With all the stomping and noise, if it was a bigfoot or wild animal they would have either hid, ran or stopped and turned to see what all the noise was about…not just casually walk off the beaten path without a glance. (The stomping was probably a cue for the “bigfoot” to walk across the path…kind of like a “here we come so start crossing now”

    #3 The coloring of the fur/hair is awfully bright which leads me to believe it’s a suit. It’s the same color hair my friends 84 year old grandmother’s has.

    #4 F YOU Kansas fakers!

    That is all.

  14. Survivor16 responds:

    When I was younger, I used to play with a video camera all the time. So I’m in agreement with Tyler89.

    Furthermore, why would this “creature” allow itself to be seen in what appears to be a more open area in the woods? Wouldn’t it be able to hear or sense that these humans are near? If I were Bigfoot, I’d be far away from them.

  15. etheral responds:

    It dumbfounds me how with the technology we have available (cheaply I might add) that we can’t get a better video. There’s supposedly hundreds if not thousands of sightings every year and no one can capture a good photo or video of one? I realize they’re elusive but these constant blobsquatch videos do nothing but add insult to injury. This particular video doesn’t look at all convincing as the shape/size/color seem off from what I understand of the creature.

    I’ve personally never seen one but I feel they exist. This video is definitely not the proof that convinces me though.

  16. DWA responds:

    “It’s a fake” doesn’t wash. You can’t see a figure that is clearly human, moving like a human. That’s when you know a bigfoot video is fake.

    Things that are suspicious:

    1) Random filming of featureless woods, and a move to the ground right before the sighting that appears to have no context nor sense.

    2) “Omigod” in a context in which the word doesn’t appear warranted. Even given that the naked eye could have registered more than the cam does, that was too quick for anyone to go, right off the bat, that was a bigfoot! Or anything else – say a random drop-in hike by President Obama – meriting an OMG.

    3) A general tenor of response that doesn’t jibe with having seen anything unusual. Not a red flag. But definitely a yellow (caution!) one.

    4) Immediate cut right after the sighting. No effort to see if you can track the animal; film tracks or vegetation damage, record your thoughts, find hair…nothing? Now some aren’t well-schooled enough to know that things like that are important (and if you freak out in a close-up encounter, which this wasn’t, you’re excused). But particularly given the yellow (note, not red) hoax flag in 1), it’s noteworthy.

    What looks interesting? The figure. The only true red-flag marker in a bigfoot video – a subject that clearly moves just like a human – isn’t red here. That’s one hell of a short star turn. I sure wouldn’t let anybody put me in an ape suit for it. I cannot tell what that is; and you can’t either.

    Who knows? I’m not wasting my time on investigating it. But it at least looks more interesting than most of them do, if only because you can’t clearly see guy-in-suit.

  17. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Good ole fun trekking in the woods with the de-rigueur shaky camera.

    Nothing but a waste of electrons.

  18. John Adams via Facebook responds:

    Must be a slow news day for this to get attention. I’m sure the folks over at “Finding Bigfoot” will proudly feature this “irrefutable proof” on a future episode :/

  19. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    @ trapper9990:

    Have to agree with you, completely, on this one. Seems a bit odd that they just happen to be randomly videotaping those particular moments of their noisy stroll through the woods when ole Sas’ ambles across their path…

    As you pointed out, it appears to be a well-travelled trail and if I’m not mistaken you can hear the whine of tires on asphalt, in the distance, beginning around the 0:10 mark.

    Clearly, this “encounter” didn’t happen way out in the boonies so, if not a deliberate hoax on the part of the videographer & friend, perhaps they were the victims of a prank perpetrated by others.

    In either case nothing here screams “legit encounter” to me.

    P.S. BTW, your final comment reminds me of that scene towards the end of Trading Places where the heavy, Clarence Beeks, wearing a gorilla suit, is locked-in the cage with the real, clearly amorous, gorilla! 😉

  20. painted8 responds:

    Hard to tell exactly what is happening in this video. Is it of a Squatch swimming under floating geese and pulling them under?

  21. RandyinCT responds:

    My guess is hoax. The “fur” has that orange color that I often associate with the crappy costumes and the reactions of the kids seems incredibly insincere.

  22. DWA responds:


    With regard to this:

    “We have teenagers walking down a well traveled path, which probably indicates near civilization,…”

    That’s not even a flag, much less a red one.

    Commonly associated with sasquatch sighting reports: well (very well) traveled paths (e.g., the Appalachian Trail), asphalt roads; railroad tracks; suburban subdivisions; crowded highways in broad daylight; exit ramps; dumpsters; chicken/rabbit coops; hog pens; barbed-wire fences; front porches; back stoops; kitchen/bedroom/living room windows; back decks; driveways; carports; casinos; construction sites; streetlights…

    …in other words: DEFINITELY indicating “near civilization.” Frequently IN civilization.

    With one connection: all of them are through, near, or at the very margin of large swatches of suitable habitat (or travel corridors).

    If the animals didn’t expose themselves to view on occasion, how would we have all this evidence?

    Not saying anything about this film one way or the other (see my analysis). But where it happened being a plausible location? Way, very. Sure. Woods are all you need; and until you’ve confirmed the sasquatch, you won’t be able to tell me different.

  23. alan borky responds:

    I’m rubbing my eyes in sheer uncomprehending disbelief at what I’ve just beheld: the living proof Balou’s ‘dance’ with King Louie resulted in a child.

    And the child even vogues!

  24. alan borky responds:


    The main fault I have with this guy’s approach at filming is why does he have to tromp up and down so hard and so much, almost to the point at times of marching on the spot?

    Is the din due to him being extremely flat footed or is this a standard operating procedure for people try’n’o flush out guys in King Louie – sorry, Sasquatch – suits?

  25. AreWeThereYeti responds:


    I can’t speak for Trapper9990, but I think the fact that the video looks to have been made near a somewhat populated area suggests the possibility of a hoax – whether on the part of the videographer himself, or perpetrated upon him by others – may be the more likely scenario.

    By that I mean most teenage hoaxers (we’re all assuming it’s a teen, right?) wouldn’t have the time, interest, money, wherewithal, etc., to travel miles into the hinterlands just to stage a sighting. Likewise, anyone looking to dress-up in an ape suit to fool passersby would, if they had any sense at all, logically pick a well-traveled trail on which to pull their stunt – I mean, if no one comes along to see you, then the joke isn’t really practical, is it?

    Obviously, and as you rightly point out, sighting reports bear out the fact that Bigfoot can and do turn up in the most unlikely of places. I’m just suggesting that the closer one gets to civilization, the easier it is for hoaxers to pull a fast one.

  26. choppedlow responds:

    Whatever stance Facebook Finding Bigfoot takes, I’ll take the opposite. I’m waiting for them to verify a Jack Links commercial.

  27. sasquatch responds:

    Hey, whatever happened to the video where the kids were making a movie out in the woods in Canada somewhere and a black something comes running from stage right to left as a kid is running toward the camera and away from someone supposedly chasing him from the opposite direction of the black creature? I always thought that clip had a lot of merit-the animal is on all 4’s but doesn’t look like a bear. No-one seemed to give these guys the time of day-and it’s a real amazing clip.

  28. DWA responds:


    Well, if you’re asking me to bet every cent I have right now, or you’ll shoot me, and there’s no way for me to get out of this deal, I’m putting my pot on prank.

    But as I said: the only true red flag in a bigfoot video is a guy in a suit that looks and moves like one.

    I mean, if the sasquatch were real, and a real one walked into the frame just before Clem in the ape suit was supposed to do the very same thing, would it be a hoax? Well, until the discovery shot, yeah.

    I just toss these on the pile. Nothing one can do with them, really. Can’t say it’s a suit guy, can’t say it isn’t. Although yeah a couple things make it squeeeeely enough to decide where the bet goes.

  29. DWA responds:

    choppedlow: no kidding!

    “Confirmed on:

    Spicy meats
    Throwing things and people
    Owning his domain
    Plugging a fine product”

  30. Navman responds:

    1) I’ve spent a lot of time in Kansas and I think this guy is walking through the only grove of trees in the whole state. In the words of the Finding Bigfoot cast — definitely not a “squatchy” place.

    2) What’s he wearing on his feet… clown shoes… swim flippers?


  31. Richard888 responds:

    Personally, I think that this video has generated a lot of discussion for the two unclear frames that it provides.

    But there is another possible anomaly in the video that did not get discussed at all.

    And that is, what is the faint howl that begins just before the sighting? In fact, the howl in this video sounds exactly like one of the well known sound recordings attributed to Bigfoot – you know the one I am talking about, with the dog barking…

  32. paul_r responds:

    This could become a classic for it’s indistinct yet just clear enough quality to tantalize the senses. I know there are much better photo analysts here than I but it seems to me that after the subject turns there is a straightline along the waist line like the hem of a garment. Or it could be a trick of the light.

    Also I have to ask why the most elusive creature on the planet chooses to move in the line of sight of noisy humans when it could have simply faded back into the foliage and disappeared.

    Teenagers can hack into government agencies and do so for fun, it’s well within the realm of teen creativity to hoax bigfoot.

  33. Redrose999 responds:

    My son says, if it is not a hoax, he’s a really, really bad camera man. And if it is a hoax, he’s a really bad camera man.

    Not even a worthy Blobsquach here.

    But seriously, there is nothing here that screams authentic to me. It has all the markers of a hoax. Bad acting, bad set up, and by god, a BAD BLOBSQUATCH! For heaven’s sake, they could have at least given us a worthy blob to bat around for entertainment.

  34. fuzzy responds:

    Choppedlow: Are you inferring that the creature in the Jack Links commercials is… you know… um… not real?

  35. Ragnar responds:


    Too true. I wonder if anyone has submitted one of those to them?

  36. The Believer responds:

    Bad costume, plus why would he be recording himself walking in the woods???

  37. eyeofstrm responds:

    Why do you continue to insult your readers with this garbage ??????????

  38. Craig Woolheater responds:


    As I just posted in another comment thread:

    …Cryptomundo is not a serious scientific research site, although serious scientific research research as it applies to cryptozoology is a frequent topic here.

    Cryptomundo is a blogsite that explores humor, news, opinions, as well as research.

    All topics may not appeal to all readers. Feel free to explore the ones that appeal to you and ignore those that don’t.

    While they may not appeal to you, there are other readers that they do.

    Peace, Craig

  39. DWA responds:


    I’ll take a stab at answering your question (which I have done before when it’s been asked here).

    The responses to most of these show that most posters either (1) don’t know the difference between evidence and proof or (2) don’t know how to deal with evidence. Or both.

    I posted above to show people how to think about videos like this. While I’m not saying that we need to get a film crew and primatologists to KS, pronto, I’m saying that this cannot be conclusively determined to be fake. (Actually, there’s nothing that can be done with it.)

    Too many posters glom onto the wrong things to criticize and forget the only thing that counts: what is the subject? While much may make you go, heh heh, the only thing that counts is the subject. Skeptics go on and on about Roger Patterson’s character, forgetting that the only thing about that film that counts is what that subject is. I don’t care if he gutshot his grandmother and stole the camera. WHAT IS THAT?

    Helping people understand how to deal with evidence is a good reason to keep posting these. Because from what I see, learning is a LOOOOONG process.

  40. LordBalto responds:

    “Mmmm…it looks staged to me, and like so many other ‘sighting’ videos this one lasts less than two seconds long with no explanation as to why.”

    That’s pretty much the problem here. I mean, the guy’s got the video of the century, going to make him famous and possibly rich, and he STOPS recording? Right, fellah. Sure.

  41. LordBalto responds:

    “Bad costume, plus why would he be recording himself walking in the woods???”

    For a good idea what real people look like recording in the woods, check out “SoftyPapa“.

    Note the sharp images and commentary. Note the length of the videos. Note the identification of the location in the foothills of the Japanese alps. Note the intentional choosing of a subject. Not that this guy hasn’t seen some peculiar things. But he makes an attempt to photograph them and to describe what he thinks he’s seen. He doesn’t just stop and run away. Reality check!

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