Brooklyn is Bigfoot’s Backyard?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 29th, 2015

This is Unbelievable footage that I captured in Brooklyns Prospect Park. I recently started a live streaming / time lapse channel called Brooklyn Live Video to capture different parts of Brooklyn. I had set up a camera in Prospect Park on a side trail to capture the snow fall, today I went back and collected it and found this footage. It appears to me to be Bigfoot…. Seriously. Looks like it was taken at around 7 am this morning.

Take a look and tell me your thoughts. I am no expert, but this is pretty compelling stuff. I am baffled how this creature could be in Brooklyns Prospect Park.

~ Russell Strark

Bigfoot’s backyard? ‘Sasquatch’ sighted in Prospect Park

Bigfoot might live in Prospect Park!

A Fort Greene videographer claims to have shot footage showing the legendary Sasquatch lumbering around a wooded area of Brooklyn’s backyard near the Prospect Park Zoo during Monday’s snowstorm.

“I don’t know what it is, but it looks like Bigfoot,” a man going by the name Russell Strark said. “I don’t know what to say, man, I’ve never seen something like this.”

Strark said he was working to launch a YouTube channel featuring time-lapse videos of Brooklyn and had set up several cameras to catch the snowfall on Monday. But he said he never bargained for what turned up on one of the memory cards.

The clip shows a still forest scene with snow falling around 7 am. Enter a tall, dark figure on the left side of the screen. It crouches to dig in the snow for a moment, then walks down a hill in the center of the frame and out of sight.

The bipedal beast walks with a distinct hunch, and Strark said the way it scoops up the snow reminds him of an animal digging for nuts, or a rodent digging a hole. It is unclear if the humanoid-or-simian creature is wearing clothes, but Strark said he takes the dark material covering its body to be hair. He rejected the notion that the being might be a homeless person, or his buddy dressed up in a Bigfoot costume.

“I think it’s his posture, and the way he doesn’t have on anything that looks like a mask or a jacket,” he said. “He’s covered in hair and looks like he’s scavenging around. I don’t think it’s just some bum.”

Strark said he is far from a conspiracy theorist, but has no other explanation for the figure his camera recorded.

“I don’t believe in the horoscope let alone a f—— bigfoot,” he said.

Strark is a bit of a mystery himself. The video is the first on his YouTube account, and profile photos accompanying that account and his e-mail address picture NBC News investigative reporter Jeff Rossen. Searches for “Russell Strark” on Facebook, Twitter, and white‌ did not yield any results, and Strark declined to provide further proof of his identity.

Upon publication of this story online, Strark changed his Gmail profile photo to a mugshot of Martin Scorcese’s nephew Frank.


Well, there was the Long Island Bigfoot reported here on Cryptomundo back in 2006:

Long Island Bigfoot Photo
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Update: Long Island Bigfoot

#BigfootinBrooklyn #LongIslandSasquatch

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

16 Responses to “Brooklyn is Bigfoot’s Backyard?”

  1. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL!!!! bigfoot in brooklyn.

    cmon man.

    this shit is far too comical.

    man… people in america get stupider by the day… the guy who shot this deserves an award for being a f**king jabronie…. like this guy would be a master level jabronie.

    dunno what drugs the guy who shot this is on… looks nothing more than a guy walking ….

    it IS snowing.

    people do wear jackets. (shocking I know)

    probably a homeless guy wearing a jacket in NYC.

    now everything is a bigfoot?

    whoever thinks this is legit is WAYYYYYYYY beyond being a jabronie.

    thanks for the comic relief.

  2. SirWilhelm responds:

    Bigfoot’s arms don’t look long enough. Pending analysis by someone like Thinker Thunker, I’m guessing hoax.

  3. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Dcon, you’re judging 300 million people on the merits of one guy’s video. To me, that’s the epitome of stupidity. And what’s a jabronie, other than your favorite word? To you it seems to be some juvenile insult, to the rest of us it’s gibberish. Poor rhetorical technique, in my opinion. Then again, I’m just an American jabronie myself, as I’m sure you’ll point out.

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    @ PoeticsOfBigfoot – Aww… someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?

    of course there’s one person that’s too sensitive, gets offended and takes it personally.

    you want a tissue?

    stupidity is “bigfoot in brooklyn”

    the video is rubbish.

    if you think otherwise, thats a clue you’re a jabronie.

    go watch the fla skunk ape video

  5. cryptokellie responds:

    You must be kidding. No need for Stinker Stunker on this clunker. That is a man in a heavy jacket with a hat or hood. You can even see he’s wearing gloves.
    I went to school in Manhattan and spent lots of time in Brooklyn. That’s no place for a Bigfoot.
    I prefer sassoon but jabronie works just as well.
    By the way, is a jabronie a My Little Pony fan of Asian descent?

  6. SirWilhelm responds:

    @cryptokellie Your name calling hurts your credibility, rather than Thinker Thunker’s. A little forensic analysis can never hurt, because opinions are great, everyone has one, but your opinion is no better than mine, especially if you’re trying to be “scientific”, which the main stream seems to demand, where evidence of Bigfoot is concerned. On the other hand, the weight of evidence, where Bigfoot is concerned, is great, and growing daily, yet is dismissed out of hand by “scientists”, who’s own observations, supposedly carry more weight, because they are “trained” observers. Unfortunately, when you look closely, you should find that their training makes them prejudiced, rather than objective. Videos are increasingly important in courts of law, especially when they back up eyewitness testimony. So, forensic analysis, can only make video evidence, more valid. If you don’t respect Thinker Thunker’s analysis, perhaps you know someone you do respect? Or can you do a better job, than just give your opinion?

  7. dconstrukt responds:

    @ cryptokellie – LOL… no clue what you said at the end…

    @ SirWilhelm -…. LOL cmon man… how the hell can you say this:

    “Thinker Thunker’s. A little forensic analysis can never hurt, because opinions are great, everyone has one, but your opinion is no better than mine, especially if you’re trying to be “scientific””

    You’re saying your opinion is no better than his… but you’re saying thinker thinkers opinion IS better…

    LOL nothing like totally contradicting yourself in the same sentence.. LOL 🙂

    (insert foot in mouth.)

    and the last shred of credibility goes down the drain…

    oh and the fact you’re commenting that on THIS video? a bigfoot in brooklyn… right… cuz it’s totally plausible… lemme guess …you’ve seen bigfoot at the NY DELI right?

    I’d say jabronie at this point because you’re totally earned it.

    but all I can say now is… C’MON MAN!

  8. cryptokellie responds:

    I merely said Thunker, who is no scientist, doesn’t need analysis on this footage because it is so clearly a person in heavy clothing walking through the snow. I agree with you that real video evidence is incredibly important.
    Back when I was doing medical illustrations and working with local police department detectives, I provided
    illustrations of suspects from interviews with witnesses and sculptures of certain aspects related to cases.
    Very little video evidence was available then. Now video surveillance and personal usage provide a huge body
    of solid evidence. The fact that there is really no body of clear, reliable video evidence of Bigfoot is for me the one big draw back to believing in it’s existence and I have been following the Bigfoot story since 1958 when the news came out of California. I am 60/40 in favor of Bigfoot being a reality. All those tracks can’t be fakes. Yet, that Bigfoot is somehow able to avoid or evade the game trail cameras and all the other types of video equipment being used daily by thousands of people is a big problem. The P/G film and Foreman video aside, go to a site like YouTube and just look at all the videos of animals and humans too, doing all kinds of things that they should or shouldn’t be doing and yet no clear, definitive footage exists of a Bigfoot. If the almost unknown and virtually unseen in the wild Shepherd’s Beaked Whale can be caught on video off New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean, definitive Bigfoot footage should plentiful. Still, I think and hope that video evidence will be the key to Bigfoot’s provenance. Otherwise, a body will have to be obtained in some way, an unsettling thought.
    By the way, I only have credibility with my granddaughter and even that won’t last long…

  9. SirWilhelm responds:

    Thinker Thunker’s opinion is based on forensic analysis, which, if you’ve seen his videos, is much more thorough than I can do, and, from your statements, from what you did with the Brooklyn video.

    I have never said I thought Bigfoot was in the Brooklyn video. My opinion, pending analysis, is that it’s a hoax. You could be right that it’s just a man wearing gloves and a hat, but, I would still like to see a forensic analysis, to remove as much doubt as possible through the use of technology.

  10. cryptokellie responds:

    Okay, here it goes. Bronies are grown men who are fans of the television and on-line series My Little Pony. Seriously, I learned this when my daughter, now in her thirties, mentioned selling her old My Little Pony stuff on E Bay. So, a jabronie could be a Japanese fan…yeah, I know lame humor but, not everyone knows wrestling jargon as you do. As for Sassoons, they are people who do questionable things for questionable reasons in the world of Bigfoot. Example; Rick Dyer is a sassoon = sasquatch/goon. All this loses something in the explanation I guess.
    I’m pretty sure Thinker Thunker is a big boy and can handle a little gentle ribbing.

  11. cryptokellie responds:

    I don’t have to do anything with this video. Prospect Park is a very small park off Prospect Ave in Brooklyn. When I was at SVA in Manhattan, I went there with friends to visit and ride horses many times at Kensington Stables. At around 500 acres or so, smack in the middle of Brooklyn with a couple of busy rivers to cross, this is no place for a Bigfoot to be unless it was put there by someone somehow. The only large wild animals in Prospect Park are the ones kept at at the nice little zoo there.
    I now live in eastern PA in between two parks totaling over 3300 wooded acres and I don’t expect a Bigfoot here anytime soon, although coyotes – more properly coywolves – have arrived and are becoming established now.
    Bigfoot in Brooklyn is non-starter.

  12. dconstrukt responds:

    there is video… on this site… a page behind this one…

    Very Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot From Lettuce Lake Park Florida

    this, to me, is the best video I’ve seen in a LOOOONG time. (hopefully its not a hoaxed one, if so its one of the best i’ve seen)

  13. SirWilhelm responds:

    @cryptokellie My first comment was that I thought the video was a hoax. Then I qualified that by saying I thought it should be forensically analyzed to be sure. I recommended Thinker Thunker because I like his work, in what I’ve seen of it, online. I don’t know why you’re trying to convince me it’s a hoax, otherwise, because I’d still like to see it analyzed, regardless.

  14. cryptokellie responds:

    I don’t necessarily believe that this is an intentional hoax. I feel that this video is being presented as a possible Bigfoot encounter when it merely shows a person in heavy clothing trudging through the snow. My feeling on this matter is increased by the location of the video in Brooklyn NY. a place I’m familiar with. The heavy urban areas that would be needed to be traversed by said Bigfoot, not to mention several river crossings (by bridge?) leads me to believe that this is a video of a person not a Bigfoot. Where would that Bigfoot have come from…Manhattan, Jersey City, Bayonne, Staten Island? Or would it have come from Queens or further back onto Long Island? You are dealing with one of the most densely populated urban areas in North America. I know, I lived there for 25 years. Also, if you look closely at the close up version of the video near the latter half, I believe you can see that the figure is wearing gloves and a heavy coat and possibly a hood and ski mask. This covering does not appear to be fur which should be showing some movement in the breeze that at times is blowing snow horizontally across the view. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m stating my opinion that the possibility of this video actually showing a Bigfoot, walking through Brooklyn NY., is very doubtful in the extreme.

  15. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL…. can’t believe junk like this has 14 comments…. and the best video we’ve seen in a year or two (the skunk ape one)… and only has 7 comments.


    whats wrong with this picture?

  16. SirWilhelm responds:

    @dconstrukt Ya got me!?! I think it says more about people, than it does about Bigfoot, and it helps me understand why Bigfoot tries so hard to avoid people, most of the time.

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