Christopher Noël Backs Rick Dyer?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 12th, 2013

Anyone who thinks that I “back Rick Dyer” doesn’t know me or the facts. I have never “backed” this man; I have simply verified, through several independent sources, that he did indeed shoot and kill a Sasquatch in September of 2012. Anyone who believes, on the one hand, that Sasquatch is real and that people in the woods near San Antonio (including the woman who placed the famous 911 call in 2009), but, on the other hand, that there is NO CHANCE that Mr. Dyer encountered and shot one, is making an utterly unfounded claim. Cliff Barackman, being a logical, level-headed thinker, has publicly stated that “it is possible Rick Dyer has a Bigfoot body.”

Update on the movement to safeguard Sasquatch. Please visit Facebook: STOP Shooting Bigfoot: March on Washington for Humane Legislation.


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21 Responses to “Christopher Noël Backs Rick Dyer?”

  1. Luke Clinton Gallagher via Facebook responds:

    I see people raging over the film or Rick Dyer, saying that we should just stop listening to this all and go on with our lives. Well, Dyer says that in June/July, he’ll reveal the body. After that day, we have the option of ignoring him. Until that day comes, I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and say MAYBE. Not a definite NO. To do that is to judge on incomplete evidence.

  2. greywolf responds:

    Lets cut to the core of this matter. If Rick really shot a Bigfoot and has physical evidence like body tissue etc. then lets get it out in the public for all to see and then let’s get some International protection for the critter that would make it a crime to kill another. BUT if he or any other person has not killed or in any way possess any real evidence or body part then cut the hoax crap and let the professionals do real research.

    The only real question is WHY would you shoot and kill an unknown animal? Sport? Food? or just stupid vanity? I doubt any reason will pass muster.

  3. Evso Rivers via Facebook responds:

    I ask you cryptomundo how do you feel.Even the mountain gorilla had to be killed in order to prove its existance. Even to this day there killed even on protected land …however there would be no sanctuary if a body wasn’t obtained for scientific study and clear photos to inform the public of its existance.I’m sure once its existance is proven people will see them all the time and they may become exstinct.

  4. Evso Rivers via Facebook responds:

    Extinct darn auto correct.

  5. slappy responds:

    anyone who believes that rick dyer, a self-serving, ego-maniacal hoaxer has walked into the wood behind a home depot and put a bullet into an actual sasquatch, transported the dead beast to a secure location, and has been hiding the body waiting for just the right moment to reveal it is either the world’s biggest sucker, involved in this latest hoax, or is delusional beyond the point of being taken seriously.

    there is absolutely no logical justification for buying into this humongous load of BS.

    i am actually starting to feel sorry for you people.

  6. volmar responds:

    Why would he hide the body? If he shot and killed a Sasquatch, why doesn’t he show the world the body? I’m sorry, I don’t believe in fairy tales. I do believe Sasquatch is a real animal, but I don’t believe Rick Dyer killed one. I could change my mind if only he showed the evidence he claims he is hiding.

  7. Fhqwhgads responds:

    Sure, he has a Bigfoot body. It’s being held in Atlantis for safe-keeping. preserved from decay by the Fountain of Youth.

  8. Pete Fischer via Facebook responds:

    Rick said that the world would change last month…. now June/July……ugh. …

  9. graybear responds:

    Stop with the stupid “If some miraculous fluid from a Sasquatch could save my child of course I’d shoot one” excuses and also with the “every father and son will want a trophy” bull. It isn’t true for gorillas or chimps of any variety and it wouldn’t happen when the Forest People are proven to exist. Especially if they seem to have a near human intelligence. Also, they won’t be any less rare or hard to find once we prove their existence.
    If there is a body then produce it or some significant portion of it. If there is not, admit it and then GO AWAY.
    Put up or shut up.

  10. tpanek responds:

    Right ON Slappy!

  11. springheeledjack responds:

    Yes, there is NO CHANCE.

    Prove me wrong.

  12. Fhqwhgads responds:


    Oh, come on — there’s lots more fun to have in that direction. For example, Bigfoot is arguably ethnoknown to readers of D.C. comics as the technically advanced citizens of Gorilla City. Maybe Rick Dyer has shot and killed Grodd, saving the human world from enslavement. Wouldn’t we all do the same? But Solovar does not wish the existence of hyperintelligent “gorillas” to be widely known, so Dyer has been prevented from actually displaying the body. Hey, it’s not the craziest idea to appear on Cryptomundo.

  13. DWA responds:

    And…can those of us who consider both Noel and Dyer irrelevant just put ourselves in Category 3?

  14. graybear responds:

    @ Fhqwhgads
    Get with the program, man. I’m just trying to go along with the Wookie Travel and Entertainment in Galaxies Far, Far Away Bureau. They don’t want anyone to know that Earth is a Big Wookie resort area. Keep it QUIET!!!
    Hey, makes as much sense as Dyer.

  15. Ploughboy responds:

    Don’t make me say it again.

    Oh, O.K…

    Please. Please. Just. Go. Away. Now.

    If you come back with a body, I’ll be sufficiently contrite, promise. Until then (if ever), you are just starting to annoy.

    (And I heard Dyer’s first choice as an investor was Randy Travis, and well, you know…)

  16. cryptokellie responds:

    My favorite song…”I aint got nobody…” and neither does Rick Dyer.
    End of story. Period.

  17. PhotoExpert responds:

    Chris, you do back Rick Dyer. When all the data, all the facts, all reality clearly shows he did not shoot a Bigfoot and you continue to hold out hope on the possibility that a proven liar did shoot Bigfoot, you are backing him sir! No doubt about it. You believe either Rick Dyer did shoot a Bigfoot or he did not. If you think it is possible, that is saying that you think he did shoot a Bigfoot and that is a possibility. It is also a possibility that I arrived on earth today in a UFO. But that is not the case. Nor is it the case that Dyer is capable of telling the truth. Nor is it the case that any rational person would believe a proven liar has shot a Bigfoot as he stated.

    Forget the facts Chris, just go ahead with your beliefs which are contradicted by every piece of evidence out there. Forget about Dyer the liar being a proven hoaxer incapable of telling the truth. Forget about Rick Dyer not being the best tracker in the world as he claims. Forget those false claims. But do take into account the recent lies. He also claimed that there would be minutes of Bigfoot footage up close and personal and you would be able to count the boogers on Bigfoot’s face. Do take into account the no body was shown in the film. Do take into account JRs video reporting at the scene and what actually took place there. No trucks, no group of people moving a Bigfoot body, all movie hype! Do take into account that the producer of the film stated there was no Bigfoot body he was aware of. Do take into account Dyer left the Bigfoot community. Do take into account that Dyer has to cancel some Bigfoot excursions he had planned. Do take into account that Rick Dyer is no out their hustling books in an effort to make some money since the film was a flop. Do take into account all these things. And when you do, a rational and normal person with any grey matter would say there is no possibility of Rick Dyer shooting a Bigfoot and possessing the body–no one in their right mind would say that was even a possibility–except you!

    So yes, you defend him. You defend the possibility beyond a reasonable doubt that Dyer has a Bigfoot body. That is your belief that is contrary to the facts at hand. You defending Dyer is backing him, just as a wife defends her husband even though she knows he is wrong. It is a matter of principle based on her belief and being hopeful. You possess both those qualities. You are a believer just like the FB/FB people who state that proven hoaxes were actually real Bigfoot. You believe in Dyer and hope so much that it happened, you are blind to the numerous past and current lies he has perpetrated. You my friend, blindly back Dyer. So stop this nonsense and quit denying it.

    You back Dyer! Good luck with that. You are going to be sorely disappointed come August 15th. Just let me know which mental facility you will be going to when your inevitable breakdown occurs and we will send you a get well card. It will be signed–We told you so!

  18. marcodufour responds:

    Anyone else notice August 15th is around 5 years since the last B.S. ? I can just imagine it will be ” See i have proved all you Bigfoot believers are idiots, i fooled you 5 years ago and now too! See you all in another 5 years “

  19. Jayross responds:

    Then why are there new “updates” everyday with desperate reasons why there is a body…

    Dyer has 3 months now to let all this fade into memory. It will take far less than that for the public to forget about it, and that will be that.

  20. William responds:

    I think Dyer might have a bet with someone that he could fool what he believes to be gullible idiots or “marks” in the bigfoot community, for the second time in five years. So far he is still in the running to win this bet but his chances are hanging by a thread, and that thread is being supported solely by Chris Noel!

    It also stands to reason that admitting Dyer is a fraud would effectively kill his book sales, if they haven’t already dwindled to nothing as I suspect. So at least in that aspect his stubborn insistence in backing Dyer makes sense. It is purely financial. He is afraid of losing his shirt.

  21. NMRNG responds:

    Christopher Noel reminds me of Linus frantically trying to convince everyone that there is a Great Pumpkin.

    What is going on with Noel is that after his obsession with bigfoot has caused him to lose countless nights sleeping out in the woods trying to connect with his local neighborhood sasquatches, after losing most of his life savings flying to visit people claiming to be bigfoot habituators and traveling to Toronto last month for the film festival, after losing his marriage and losing his job, Noel is now very desperate to have proof positive that bigfoot exists. I suspect that Noel very badly needs bigfoot to be proven real in the immediate future to show his mental stability for purposes of a contested child custody matter. For Noel, if Dyer really has a body, it will vindicate him and his entire world will make sense again, so Noel is grasping at any tiny fragment of fact to try come up with some barely articulable justifications for his support of Rick Dyer. When August comes around and Dyer comes up with some implausible excuse why he cannot produce a sasquatch body, I hope Noel finally throws in the towel and devotes himself to a more rational frame of mind.

    In my opinion!

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