Chupacabras or “Ordinary” UFO Animal Mutilations

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 21st, 2005

From our good friend Scott Corrales comes the following bit of news. Republished here on Cryptomundo with Scott’s permission.

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
December 19, 2005

DATE: Sunday, December 18, 2005
SOURCE: El Once Digital

Has the mysterious Chupacabras returned to Entre Rios?

The strange deaths of deer in a hunting preserve in the department of Uruguay has become a source of concern to local residents. These are female specimens that turned up mutilated and whose gentalia and reproductive organs were removed.

During recent days at the La Medalla Milagrosa ranch, located some 50 km from Concepción del Uruguay, near the banks of the Uruguay River, the events became a source of great concern among locals and left authorities mystified.

As could be observed, the animals had their genitalia and reproductive organs removed with incisions similar to the ones seen in bovines during 2002, a situation that caused a stir in various parts of the country.

In the light of these events, specialists in the study of UFOs and extraterrestrial life visited the site and covered 3000 hectares in search of evidence. Locals and persons in charge of the ranch claim having seen helicopters and allegedly luminous objects over the area, but there is not proof at this time to substantiate this. Uno was at the site yesterday and surveyed the preserve with Juan Rios, the person responsible for the site.

Rios stated that all of the animals had been found dead next to some of the barb wire fences that divide the parcels; another deer slain during early morning hours was found on the trail – a case that can be added to the ones found on previous days.

All of the deaths involve females whose reproductive organs, genitalia and anuses are missing, as well as part of their backs on the right side. Incisions appearing instantaneously cauterized cuts can be seen — a circumstance which drew the notice of veterinarians, including the expert attached to the police. Moreover, all of the females were lying on the same side, with their necks twisted in the same way, as if they had received a strong electric shock, according to sources.

The La Medalla Milagrosa ranch is an important hunting preserve visited permanently by national and international political figures, top-level sportsmen and artists, who come to the country in strict secrecy to enjoy hunting vacations where distinctive samples of deer, buffalo, boar and antelope can be found.

The location is truly magnificent for activities of this sort, but has also been a source of attraction for poachers who cause damage to the facilities and steal valuable specimens that have been brought in for reproduction –situations that often represented great sacrifice by the owners when it came to fighting them with police assistance.

Juan Rios has been in charge of the site for some 10 years and is aware of what this represents, but what took place in recent days has left him intrigued. “We have found dead does along a 1000 meter stretch, [all of them] presenting strange incisions. No blows or bullet holes are visible, and there are no bloodstains in the are,” he told Uno worriedly.

Rios assured us that a round and luminous object that rises and moves in an irregular manner can be seen periodicaly over the area, which has drawn his attention. Moreover, he said that local residents have seen black, unmarked helicopters descending, which are thought to be persons visiting the site to study what is going on.

“No one can explain what is going on. They say it already happened with other animals and that they took samples for analysis. The incisions are perfect and identical over the same part of the body. Burn marks produced by an electrical element are visible,” he said, waiting for some sort of answer to the enigma, which has produced curiosity in the media. “We are constantly on watch every night, but nothing could be found. The animal that was killed early this morning (yesterday) we found with you, but in spite of being on guard, we neither heard nor saw anything.”

There is no doubt that the event is a source of controversy. There are those who insist that it is the activity of a person who wishes to foster fear or uncertainty, but there are also those who claim that we face a non-terrestrial phenomenon. The fact is that it all resembles what has been going on for little more than three years, when on June 26 2002 the first case of mutilated cattle was found on the shores of the Uruguay River before spreading to the rest of the province. The method of incision is very similar, with the difference being that the cows were being found without jaws or tongues at that time. With time, everything became anecdotal and forgotten, but the phenomenon has arisen again.

Strange though it may seem, persons dedicated to exobiology reported to the site.

Ernesto Eduardo Lavorde, 63, a native of Gualeguaychu and host of the Enigma de los Tiempos radio show, participates in many meetings or conferences on the subject. Given his specialty, Lavorde acknowledges having been a witness to events of these characteristics. In a conversation with Uno, he highlighted that many UFO landing sites have been found in Gualeguaychu, which have been corroborated by scientists.

“These events lead us to believe that there is something behind all of this that is related to the subject. I think we could be witnessing a creature facing extinction and for this reason it is experimenting with animal organs,” said Lavorde, who believes in the existence of aliens, intraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

12 Responses to “Chupacabras or “Ordinary” UFO Animal Mutilations”

  1. Benjamin Radford responds:

    The biggest problem with this piece is that it begins with a logical fallacy, suggesting that there are only two explanations for the “mystery”: either the animals were attacked by a chupacabra, OR it is a UFO mutilation. Of course, there may be other explanations, including an exaggerated account of ordinary livestock predation.

    (I should also point out that in the 1980s, identical mutilations with identical evidence were attributed not to either UFOs or chupacabra, but Satanic cults!)

    Corrales offers lots of bold assertions, but little in the way of evidence. Claims like “the incisions are perfect and identical over the same part of the body” are third-hand accounts. We are simply supposed to take Corrales’s word that (unnamed) veterinarians and experts conducted thorough examinations and were baffled. Often, those claiming that the mutilations are unexplainable are making statements far outside their expertise, such as saying that the cuts had “laser-like precision.” Very few people other than surgeons use laser knives (and know what the incisions look like), so how can the average rancher or local police chief have the background to make such a statement? It’s easy to create a mystery in such a climate.

    Instead of rumor and conjecture, let’s see the detailed medical examination reports, in either Spanish or English.
    I’d be willing to bet that they weren’t done. The chupacabra is the least credible cyptid in my opinion (and those of many others); I’m glad Corrales is researching these reports, I just wish he’d provide us with more evidence and less speculation.

  2. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Mr. Radford,
    I believe that Scott Corrales only translated the article from Spanish to English. I will try to get clarification.

  3. SCorrales responds:

    Dear Mr. Radford –
    My initial reaction is to shout “don’t shoot, I’m just the piano player”.

    News items like these come across my screen every day and should be taken for what they are–journalistic accounts, not forensic reports aimed at proving or disproving the alien/paranormal/military nature of these mutilations. If you had read my article on the 2002 wave of mutilations in Argentina, you would have seen that I am careful about giving equal time to all opinions, particularly skeptical ones. At that time a prominent vet in that country suggested that the cattle mutes could be done with the benefit of a “termocauterio” thermocauterizer) — a bottle of alcohol with a wick, capable of generating intense temperatures that would lead one to suspect a laser was at work. Other researchers, Gustavo Fernández among them, have suggested that Argentina was getting rid of illegal biological weapon stockpiles by infecting the cattle. The Argentinean government’s “official” report placed the blame squarely on the “red muzzled mouse” while Uruguay’s own conclusion named yellow jackets as the culprits.

    Not all of the theories involve laser-toting Martians, although I do hear that barbecue has become pretty big among the Cydonia Planitia crowd.

    Best regards,
    Scott Corrales

  4. Benjamin Radford responds:

    I see. It wasn’t clear from the original posting whether Corrales was the author or translator. I shall lower my skeptical six-shooter from the piano player’s back, but in any event virtually all of my criticisms remain relevant to the report, whether written or simply presented by Scott Corrales.

    While Corrales should be commended for helping make otherwise unavailable reports of mutilations accessible, I wish he would offer more critical analysis. The “I’m just reporting what others say” defense is okay as far as it goes, but mysteries are often created—- not solved–by simply uncritically repeating what others claim to have found. Corrales states that he often presents “journalistic accounts, not forensic reports.” Frankly, one solid forensic report is worth dozens of journalistic reports, and cryptozoology needs far more of the former and far fewer of the latter!



  5. 2400bc responds:

    I didn’t think it was possible to remove an anus. Has anyone ever had an anus-transplant? (No need to post pictures to prove it.)

  6. Joe Biello responds:

    If you have doubts about any cattle or animal mutilations, read an Alien Harvest by Linda Moulton Howe or the new book Hunt for the SkinWalker by George Knapp.

  7. Benjamin Radford responds:

    >2400bc Says:

    >I didn’t think it was possible to remove >an anus.

    2400bc is correct; it is very difficult to remove an anus. American voters tried to do that in 2004 but failed.

  8. 2400bc responds:

    HA! That was a good one!

  9. Paranormal Magazine responds:

    This story is strikingly similar to an incident that happened in October of this year in Calhan, Colorado, where 22 horses and a burro were found dead by unexplained means. Some of the similarities include evidence of electrical damage although the genitalia was not removed in the Colorado case. The story goes back further to 1975 where there were animal mutilations in the area along with reports of black helicopters, similar to the reports in Uruguay. Thought I’d add this bit of trivia as this story reminded me of that.

  10. cryptid hunter responds:

    last night in my back yard there were some cats. I woke up to the sound of shredding thinking the cats were scratching my mothers car. I carefully looke out my screen window attached to my door i, i saw a animal with spikes emerging from its back. The eyes were a reddish color that reflected the light off of them.I got a knife from my kitchen and opened the door. The creature ran so swifly my eyes couldnt see it.It bumped into my neighboors trashcans knocking all the trash out.I went inside and looked from my window, it was gone. Do you think it was the cupacabra?

  11. CWB responds:

    Some years ago, it was, if I recall correctly FBI personnel running about the El Yunque area of Puerto Rico during an infestation of the Chupacabras entity. Scaring off sight-seers and cryptozoologists, they never made any public statements about their endeavors at that site. UFOs as well as the strange little critters are endemic to the El Yunque site.

    It was in Brazil, I believe that men arrived with the word ‘NASA’ in large letters on the back of their jackets after a Chupacubras had been reportedly shot and killed. They removed something under wraps and left. My instant suspicion is that they were not the nice folks at NASA but “someone else” engaged in nefarious skullduggery using the ‘NASA’ letters as a red-herring to avoid further wonderment by the locals about who they really were and why they were there.

    FBI involvement would logically indicate involvement of the U.S. Govt with this strange entity — involvement perhaps having to do with what it really is and why it is here.

    Lets speculate.

    If the govt did have anything to do with its appearance, I favor a theory of the govt’s having “downloaded” it from another dimension or at least from a corridor extant beyond this one but not fully part of the next. Certain areas in which geo-magnetic faults or underground flowing rivers are located might be helpful in such an endeavor. So very many examples of cryptids and UFOs appear in conjunction with such faults as John Keel’s books have indicated.

    This same technology of ‘downloading’ Chupacabras is probably of the same type used by “aliens” to implant bits of metal in people leaving no scars at all. To transcend space and time is to transcend matter as well, because, as Bell’s Theorum asserts, all points in time and space are one in profound and mysterious ways.

    Such tech would render scalples obsolete, for surgery would no longer require “invasive procedures” to enter the body through flesh. Bombs could be disarmed safely. Those trapped in life threatening situations could be instantly rescued. The list is endless.

    This indicates and fortifies the suspicion that the govt knows much more about UFOs, cryptids, etc than they would have us believe. The scary question is and the possible scarier answer concerns WHY? Are they seeking knowledge about how to control large masses of population against their will?

    Past govt personnel of today, I would put absolutely nothing in hell.

  12. Dragons Landing » Blog Archive » Episode 24 responds:

    […] Chupacabras in the news – Well, on Cryptomundo… Chupacabras or “Ordinary” UFO Animal Mutilations […]

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