Download Sykes’ Yeti DNA Study Paper Here

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 3rd, 2014


Despite several decades of research, mystery still surrounds the species identity of so-called anomalous primates such as the yeti in the Himalaya, almasty in central Asia and sasquatch/bigfoot in North America. On the one hand, numerous reports including eye-witness and footprint evidence, point to the existence of large unidentified primates in many regions of the world. On the other hand, no bodies or recent fossils of such creatures have ever been authenticated. There is no shortage of theories about what these animals may be, ranging from surviving populations of collateral hominids such as Homo neanderthalensis, Homo floresiensis or Denisovans, extinct apes such as Gigantopithecus or even unlikely hybrids between Homo sapiens and other mammals.


Download here


Sykes’ book, The Yeti Enigma: A DNA Dectective Story, is available for pre-order on

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4 Responses to “Download Sykes’ Yeti DNA Study Paper Here”

  1. dconstrukt responds:

    curious …for the scientific folks out there (or anyone else who might know)… how does this compare to the melba paper?

    seems like they’re putting everything out there with nothing to hide.

    here it is, look at it and see for yourself.

    but I’m not a scientist or anything like that.

  2. Old Philosopher responds:

    I hope Mr. Sykes and his fellow academicians enjoy the notoriety and profit from their paper and books. Their elimination from further question the suspected samples submitted to them is of value.

    Once again, advantage (both monetary and publicity) is taken from a controversial subject. I doubt seriously Mr. Sykes would be writing a book if a bunch of feather samples had been tested and shown to have all come from known bird species.

  3. Goodfoot responds:

    No download link, only the paper itself. The page can be saved in its entirety, but not the paper itself.

  4. Craig Woolheater responds:


    The link is to the paper as a pdf document. It can be downloaded and saved as a pdf document.


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