East Texas Game Cam Mystery Photo

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on November 15th, 2012

From MYETX.com

Possible Black Panther or Black Bear Caught on Camera in Anderson County

Palestine- This photo was taken just outside of Palestine, off Highway 287 North by a local resident’s game camera. Some people believe the animal in the photo is possibly a black panther. Others say the animal in question could be a black bear. MYETX wants to know what you think! Email us your comments to myetx.team@gmail.com or comment below.

Do you have a photograph to share with East Texas? Perhaps you caught something on a game camera, or maybe you snapped a shot of something you can’t explain. Email us your photos to myetx.team@gmail.com. You can choose to remain anonymous or we will give you credit for the photo.

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23 Responses to “East Texas Game Cam Mystery Photo”

  1. Jason P. responds:

    Isn’t that pretty clearly a black bear?

  2. William responds:

    @Jason P: or else a bigfoot doing a heck of a job impersonating a black bear to fool the camera! (LOL).

  3. midwest mimi responds:


  4. Goodfoot responds:

    Won’t play. Probably my issue. Anyone else have this problem?

  5. DWA responds:

    As someone who frequently comes on here to chide people who say, with no evidence backing them up, that this is definitely x, well, all I have to say here is that there’s nothing to make me think that’s anything more unusual than a bear.

    I mean, that’s what it looks like; there’s evidence of bears recolonizing areas from which they were formerly extirpated in TX; and there’s nothing visible that prompts any suspicion otherwise.

    Unless somebody goes there and finds panther tracks. Then all bets are off.

  6. Craig Woolheater responds:


    It won’t play? It’s not a video, just a photo…


  7. Amadeo Wayne Quilici via Facebook responds:

    That’s a bear-no question.

  8. Goodfoot responds:

    Anyone who would think otherwise has never seen a bear!

  9. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    I could see someone maybe thinking that might be some sort or dog, but definitely NOT a black panther. That is nothing more than a bear.

  10. wuffing responds:

    Why would anyone aim a game camera at a tree? Ah, I just figured it out – they were hoping for an Ivory-billed Woodpecker but got a bear instead…

  11. Hollis Rodney Williams via Facebook responds:


  12. Redrose999 responds:


  13. Kjak75 responds:

    Ok, I may have never seen a bear in real life, but that looks way more like a cat silhouette to me.

    Couldn’t it be a puma? When I first saw it I thought cat, or is everyone being ironic and it is obviously a cat and I have ruined the joke?

  14. PhotoExpert responds:

    Definitely a black bear!

  15. bamaboy responds:

    Doesn’t a bear have rounded ears? Whatever that is it looks like it has pointed ears.

  16. HulkSmashNow responds:

    A big dog, maybe?

  17. muircertach responds:

    Jaguar? Pretty sure they were found in Arizona not long ago.

  18. fooks responds:


  19. planettom responds:

    These are always fun. I say manbearpig! Just kidding, but it could however be a bear or a hog for that matter, just too hard to tell. I don’t see cat at all.

  20. Grasshopper responds:

    I think the shadows of the sticks (?) or whatever is on the ground behind the head may be causing the view to be distorted such that the head could seem convincingly similar to a bear, when in fact, this could very well just be a dog turning his head slightly away from the camera. I live in Texas, am a native, and I have never seen or heard of bear in or near Palestine. I’ve seen my own dog, drop her head in such a position. I have seen cougar prints (in the mud) just outside Jacksonville, which is only about 25 – 30 miles away from Palestine. I would lay my money on dog, coyote or cougar, but a bear? very unlikely.

  21. showmedavid responds:

    Looks like a wild boar. You can clearly see the ears and what appears to be tusk down toward end of snout.

  22. GreatNorthBlades responds:

    I’m guessing a jaguar. They are occasionally photographed by game cameras in Texas. They’re just moving back up from Mexico into areas they once lived.

  23. Hambone responds:

    I am not far from there. Alot of black bears towards Texaco land but some have seen black panthers. Especially where I hunt in Broyles Chapel area, but considering the mass of this I say it is a black bear.

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