Erickson Project News: Bigfoot DNA Project Using Two Dead Bigfoot Bodies for Samples

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 27th, 2011

Just posted today!

Shocking news regarding the Erickson Project!

Is it fact or fiction?

Source: Robert Lindsay

New Erickson Project News: Bigfoot DNA Project Using Two Dead Bigfoot Bodies for Samples

I was recently put into touch with a hunter from Western North America who is quite well known in his field. You might even say that he is famous. He and others were the subject of a recent book, and he often gives talks at various forums. He was formerly employed at America’s foremost science museum but is no longer working there.

He is considered to be at the top of his field, which I will not reveal here. He was recently described as “the doyen of North American [name of field withheld].” He is also a hunter and travels around North America hunting. He especially likes to hunt bears. He has killed over 1,000 bears in his life, including grizzly bears. This puts him in touch with many other hunters. He is also active on taxidermy boards. He has deep ties to the Erickson Project and the Olympic Project.

He will be known anonymously as Bear Hunter in this article, as he only talked to me on the grounds that his identity was kept secret.

Robert Lindsay: Hi, what made you decide to get in touch with me?

Bear Hunter: Well, I read your article where you interviewed Richard Stubstad, and I thought, “Wow! This guy is hot on the trial! He’s really close. He’s closing in. I could not believe you had access to this information. So I decided to fill in some blanks for you.”

RL: Is there a reason why you decided to spill the beans on this hot news to me just now?

BH: Yes, I am getting very impatient with the pace of this project. You know, it’s always coming out this year, then next year, then this year again, then next year again, then this spring. It goes on and on. I’m getting tired of it. I want to jumpstart this project and tell them to get going and finish it up.

RL: You say you have some blockbuster news regarding the Erickson Project Bigfoot DNA study, right?

BH: Yes I do. But first of all, let’s start at the beginning. This all started from a thread on, a website where I hang out sometimes. There are periodic threads on Bigfoots, and in this one thread, a fellow said that he had just shot two Bigfoots! The guy is a trapper, a taxidermist and a hunter. This was blockbuster news of course, and soon there were many followup posts. Somehow the guy’s name and number got out, and there were reports of people bothering him and harassing him. He asked the webmaster, George Ruff, to shut down the thread. George shut it down.

Well, afterward, I got in touch with the guy and talked to him for a while. Others talked to him too, including Adrian Erickson and Matt Moneymaker. Tyler Huggins was involved too. Moneymaker and Huggins are with the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization). Erickson had heard of Bigfoots getting shot, in fact, he had collected a number of stories from Canada where they get shot fairly regularly. But, as he put it, he said he had never been two weeks behind a shooting before. Everybody was frantically scrambling after this guy.

RL: How was it that the Bigfoots came to be shot, and were they killed?

BH: In November 2010, this fellow was hunting on the border between Nevada and California, inside California, near a game refuge. (RL: Based on my investigation, it took place in or near the Dixie Mountain Game Refuge west of Frenchman Lake on the Plumas National Forest in Plumas County. See a map here). He was poaching bears out of season, as it later turned out.

One one side of the game refuge, there was a single road in a canyon leading into and out of the refuge. Bigfoots were apparently using the game refuge, as they are safe from hunters there.

The guy was on this road when he suddenly came upon a large dirty-white Bigfoot standing in the road blocking his way. Since the narrow road was the only route in and out of the place, the Bigfoots were forced to use this road whether they wanted to or not. The Bigfoot was standing there waving its arms at him. Apparently he was telling the hunter to back up so the Bigfoot could move through, since the Bigfoot was stuck on the road.

The guy jumped out of his truck, and for some unknown reason, he shot the Bigfoot with a 25.06. The Bigfoot whirled around, and he shot it again through the side of its chest, piercing its lungs. The Bigfoot fell down dead.

Next thing he knew, he heard loud barking sounds coming from the side of the road. There were two young Bigfoots that suddenly appeared out of the cover there. They were brown-colored. Apparently they were upset that the parent Bigfoot had just been shot. For an unknown reason, the hunter aimed at one of the young Bigfoots and shot it dead!

He said it died in his arms. 4 feet tall, about 80 pounds. He told me it had a huge head, and then I knew it was a young Bigfoot, because the young ones have gigantic heads while they are still young. The head is more normal sized as they get older. Remember that “Pancake Video” from the Kentucky Project, with the young Bigfoot with the huge head that everyone was saying was a human with some birth defect? Well, that is what they look like when they are young. Have you seen the Jacobs footage that they say is a mangy bear?

RL: Yes, what is it? A bear?

BH: No way. It’s not possible. It’s a juvenile Bigfoot. You can tell by the head. Look at how huge that head is. And the neck. The thing has no neck. I know bears inside and out. I’ve shot over 1,000 of them. I love bears. No way is that a bear.

RL: What did he do with the Bigfoots?

BH: He told us that he left them lying there. There was snow on the ground, so we figured that there might still be enough time to go and get the bodies. Pretty soon though, we figured out that the guy was lying. First of all, he was poaching. Erickson confronted him about that, pointing out that bear season was closed in that area at the time. We soon figured out that he had taken the bodies, because taxidermists never leave anything they shoot in the field.

RL: What happened to the dead Bigfoots?

BH: Well, we put the guy in contact with the Olympic Project that is working on Bigfoots in Washington State. We didn’t hear much for a while, only that the OP folks said that they wanted to keep this guy out of jail. The hunter was convinced that if California figured out he shot these two Bigfoots, he was going to jail. He was really afraid of going to jail.

RL: Ok, then?

BH: Moneymaker and the BFRO were in on this too, and they were furious that they missed out on the body. Matt was hopping mad. He missed the boat.

We didn’t hear much more for a while until the Olympic Project starting sending samples to Melba Ketchum for her DNA project as part of the Erickson Project. Some of the samples that they were getting were of tissue, and they appeared to have been carved off a dead body! Some of the samples had dirty white hair, and the others had brown hair. It was obvious that the Olympic Project was sending Ketchum samples carved from the bodies of the two dead Bigfoots! Incredible!

RL: Who has the Bigfoots, the hunter or the Olympic Project?

BH: I think that the hunter still has the bodies. He has probably cut them up, cut off the heads, and has them on ice. They can last a long time like that. I don’t think that the OP wants to mess with the bodies themselves, and I don’t think the hunter is going to give them up.

We did a lot more digging, and we found that now the hunter is associated deeply with the OP. He’s part of their project. Of course the OP will not admit to anything. They deny it all, and they say they have no dead Bigfoots, and they don’t have access to any. But they are lying. It’s not true.

RL: Incredible news!

BH: Yes, there are some more things too. Notice how the Olympic Project is all over the Internet boards talking about how they have enough Bigfoot samples to last for years? Guess why they say that? Because they have access to two dead Bigfoot bodies!

RL: Too much…Do you know about any leaks from the Erickson Project DNA study?

BH: Yes, I do as a matter of fact. They are very close to humans. Say if chimpanzees are 2 clicks away from humans, these things are maybe 3/4 of a click away.

RL: Ok, and they are in the Homo line?

BH: Yes, I am sure of that. Recall that say 50,000 YBP, there were maybe five different hominids on the planet. Homo sapiens sapiens, Homo erectus, Homo Floresiensis, Denisova, Homo heidelbergensis and Neandertal Man. All of these other hominids are gone as best as we can tell. What happened to all of them?

RL: We killed them all.

BH: Yes, we killed them all. So the only thing that could survive was something that was huge, very stealthy and wary, hated humans, favored the most remote areas, had the use of bad smell to ward off enemies, used infrasound or an intense EMF field to paralyze and disorient enemies, was very strong and had a very thick skin that was hard to penetrate. They’re the ultimate survivors of man’s genocidal wars.

RL: Do you think they are humans or apes?

BH: I don’t know. You know Bindernagel wrote that book, America’s Great Ape, but then after he saw the Bigfoots in Kentucky, he changed his mind. Now he thinks that they are hominids. But I know one fellow who saw one face to face on a trail. He said it’s ape-like, it’s an ape-man. So who knows?

RL: Do you have any info on the Kentucky Project?

BH: do. Erickson bought that place, and he got a lot of great video out of there. He installed Dennis Pfohl and Leila Hadj-Chikh there, and they shot quite a bit of Bigfoot video. Erickson said he had so much good Bigfoot video that he was getting tired of taking pictures of them. At one point, he brought Bindernagel down there to see the Bigfoots. Bindernagel was able to see them. He also wanted to bring John Green down there, but he was very sick with prostate cancer and could not make it.

A friend of mine saw the famous video of the young female Bigfoot walking in the forest. She walks towards the camera, then sees the camerawoman, growls and turns away. He said there is no way that this could be a costume, forget it. They also shot video of a huge male at that site, but everyone is keeping very quiet about that.

RL: Do you believe that Erickson is in it for the money?

BH: I get so tired of hearing this. Erickson has sunk $3 million of his own money into this thing. $3 million! He hasn’t made one nickel back.

RL: Do you have any information about Erickson’s movie about Bigfoot?

BH: Yes, it’s finished! 100% completed. They are just waiting for the DNA study to finish up, and I have no word on that yet.

RL: Do you know if Dr. Ketchum has any TV or film interests in the works?

BH: Yes, she is involved with National Geographic. They want to do a special on Bigfoot, and she is involved in that.

RL: What’s the relationship between Bigfoots and trappers?

BH: Bigfoots hang out along traplines and raid the traplines. I heard of one case where a Bigfoot actually got caught in a trap. The Bigfoot actually extricated itself from the trap by bending the solid steel!

RL: You say you hear a lot of stories of Bigfoots getting killed?

BH: Yes, I have gotten a story about every 2 months now for some time. There are many stories coming out of Canada too. Erickson has also heard many stories. It’s the same every time. People kill it, and it looks so much like a human being that they leave it in the field because they are afraid they are going to be prosecuted for murder.

RL: I say that if you believe in Bigfoot, you must also believe in a few things. 1) People are shooting at and killing these things regularly. 2) There must be a government coverup. 3) We are photographing and videotaping Bigfoots on a fairly regular basis.

BH: I agree. As far as a government coverup, of course the government must know about these things. And I know that the timber industry knows about them. And people shoot at them or shoot them all the time.

There was a recent case in British Colombia where the Fish and Wildlife people were poisoning wolves. They are supposed to tell trappers about this, but they didn’t in this case. A trapper found a dead wolf and huge tracks leading away from it. The tracks were of a Bigfoot which had been poisoned by eating the wolf. The guy tracked it for a while, but then lost the trail.

He reported it to the Game people, but they paid him $20,000 to shut him up. They kept saying, “So, you lost 5 cougar dogs tracking that thing. That’s worth about $20,000.” He hadn’t lost any cougar dogs. He finally figured out they were offering him money to shut him up, so he took the money.

RL: What’s the motivation for the coverup?

BH: In Canada, I know they are worried about resource lockup. They are afraid it will curtail logging. I know that up there, as soon as there is a Bigfoot sighting, the timber people will get word of it and come in and clearcut the area. That’s done to drive the Bigfoot off, because they don’t want the Bigfoot on their logging land. They’re afraid it will keep them from logging the land.

RL: Do you think Bigfoots are getting habituated to humans in any way?

BH: Yes, a friend of mine in Alberta told me about a Bigfoot that is living on the outskirts of the Edmonton dump, living off the garbage, foraging food out of the trash. People tracked the thing way back into a remote area and found its nest. All sorts of stuff from the dump had been hung in trees 8-10 feet up, bicycles, chairs, you name it. The Bigfoot was decorating its home with that stuff.

RL: Wow!

BH: Yes, I have so many stories. When I go to give my talks, I always say if you have any Bigfoot stories, come up and talk to me afterward. Every time, people come up to talk to me. All sorts of people. They generally haven’t told many others about their sightings, and in all cases, they have not reported it to any private or public agency.

One guy told me how he was hunting in a swamp in the Southeast US, and he passed out from the swamp gas. The stuff can overwhelm you and make you pass out.

He woke up, and he was next to a spring. There was a huge 8-foot Bigfoot crouched down next to him, offering a cup of water from the spring. The cup had been hanging from the spring. People sometimes hang metal cups from springs. He took a drink, passed out again, and then woke up again later. The Bigfoot was still there, and it offered him another drink. He drank it and passed out again. He woke up the third time, and the Bigfoot was gone.

RL: Do you think that tracking dogs are good for tracking Bigfoots, say in order to capture one? Jeff Meldrum has been talking about that a lot lately.

BH: I think dogs are useless when it comes to tracking these things. You know, I am a hunter, and I use tracking dogs all the time. We take people out on guided hunts, and I hunt myself all the time using guides. Dogs will track anything, but they won’t track these things. The scariest dog on Earth will be reduced to a pissing, shivering, whimpering poodle hovering around his master’s leg.

I knew one guy who sent 6 dogs after a Bigfoot. Only five of them came back; the 6th was torn up. The other five dogs were so traumatized that they were useless as trackers. They would never track another animal again. And these were good tracking dogs.

RL: What do you think of Bigfoots’ use of infrasound?

BH: I am not sure that they use infrasound. You see, all animals have an EMF field that they give off, and these things do too. One of my theories is that these things have a very strong EMF field that they give off, and they may be able to manipulate it. One thing you notice is that when these things are around, everything goes quiet, and most of the animals around take off. That’s because of the strong EMF field that they give off, I think. It scares the crap out of other animals.

I know that they use this field or whatever to disorient people. Erickson said he was being chased out of the forest in Canada by one once, and he was so disoriented and delirious that he had to keep looking at the moss on the trees, because you know, moss only grows on the north? That’s because the Bigfoot was disorienting him so much that he kept getting lost.

I am going to test this theory out by buying an outfit that they sell for $100. It neutralizes your own EMF field. Supposedly, you can wear it and walk right up to animals and touch them.

RL: Were you always a Bigfoot believer?

BH: Not at all. I was a skeptic until five years ago. Then I started looking into this thing, and all of these people started coming forward, including people I had known for years and trusted completely. I started getting swamped with these stories, even people I had known a long time had stories, but they had never told me! I dove into it, started doing a lot of research, and soon it became completely obvious that these things exist. People can ridicule me all they want to, and they do, believe me. But I don’t care; I know they are real.

RL: Have you met any skeptics who saw one?

BH: More times than I could count. And many were hardcore skeptics, scofftics as you call them. But then they saw a Bigfoot, and they all changed over to believers. They said that their lives were changed completely.Robert Lindsay

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23 Responses to “Erickson Project News: Bigfoot DNA Project Using Two Dead Bigfoot Bodies for Samples”

  1. semillama responds:

    To me, this interview reads as if the same person was writing the questions and answers. I smell a sock puppet. And that’s not the only thing that stinks about this story.

  2. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Until proof is presented, then it is nothing more than a tall tale. Sounds like Dances With Squatches.

  3. MuskieSquatch responds:

    BH says that numerous people (hunters) have shot and killed Bigfoot yet none ever produced the body. They were afraid it was to human like and could be charged with murder so they leave it. Why not make an anounimous phone call to BFRO, Meldrum, or a news reporter? It sounds like this man did this. What I don’t understand is why are they doing all this DNA stuff and the videos of numerous Bigfoots and a movie? They have TWO BODIES???? Must be all about the Money. Make as much as you can. The big question I have, are they both in one freezer or do they each have their own freezer? I hope there’s a body after all this comes out. I believe that the only way to make everyone 100% believers is to drop one on a table and say there you go. Until that happens every video, picture, recording, footprint, hair sample, will be meet with some crying fake,fake,fake. So put one down and go from there as to what it really is and make laws to protect it if needed.

  4. j_porter responds:

    I live in Edmonton Alberta and I know the area around the dump, I fish the river near there but I have never heard any bigfoot activity in that area but I guarantee I will be looking next time I am out there.

  5. flame821 responds:

    As much as I would dearly love to believe there are bodies on ice…..

    I just can’t believe no one would have come forward by now, they would literally be rich and famous. (not that prison is a laughing matter, but cross the border and make a deal for leniency or something, fight extradition) And if THAT many people know about these bodies; whats the old saying? The only way two people can keep a secret is if one of them is dead.

    I so, so, so hope I’m wrong about this, but it just seems unbelievable that so many bodies have been left behind, lost or hidden for the past several years.

    And if they actually found a ‘nest’ near that dump, why didn’t they trap a live creature? Take biological samples from scat and shed hair, etc.

  6. Fred123 responds:

    Have any of you read any of RL’s other postings? If not you really should check it out to see just the kind of guy you’re dealing with here. I won’t bother giving my opinion here. Go to his website and judge for yourselves.

  7. Justin31p responds:

    Pretty incredible, to say the least, both in the good and bad way. There are certian aspects of this story that sort of sound like I would envison a senario of a bigfoot being killed. That story sounded much like I would think it could possibly happen except for the part where bigfoot was blocked and had to use the road, I’m not sure how that would happen.

    Moreover the idea about the dogs not being able to chase it because of fear makes perfect sense but the story about bigfoot giving a guy some water and the and the conspiracy of “they” dont want us to know so they can keep logging is just way to much for me to swallow. Other interesting statements such as “I have killed over 1,000 bears. I love bears” kinda sums it up.

  8. flame821 responds:


    Wow. just read a few of his articles there…..I’m literally speechless. This is not a good thing.

    I think he wouldn’t give two figs about this if the leading Dr. wasn’t a woman. He seems to have an ‘interesting’ take on ….you know what, its late and I can’t find a way to word this that would be politically correct and I don’t want to start a ****storm on this thread. I strongly suggest everyone follow Fred123’s link and read a few of the articles on the site.

  9. zpf responds:

    “I love bears.” “I’ve shot over 1,000 of them.” Facepalm….

  10. flame821 responds:

    ok, like I said, its late here but something just struck me. Over one THOUSAND bear kills?

    Season lasts 3 months so that’s 12 bears a year….apparently he doesn’t care about seasons so lets say he takes 20 bears a year…. he has to be hunting over 50 years to do that (15 bear/yr would put it at over 66 years of hunting)….plus he’s a ‘doyen’ which means his knowledge far surpasses that of his fellows/colleagues. That takes a lot of time and skill, not something that just happens unless your IQ is in excess of….lets say the 170 range. Either that or he’s quite old, say minimum of mid-60s.

    How can he be a former doyen in a famous museum AND spend so much time hunting? I’m going with an in-season kill rate of once a week. I think that’s more than fair for bear. Either he doesn’t sleep or he consults from the field….

  11. Demian66 responds:

    The whole interview sounds a little more believable when you have read this one in context.

    The results of this study (if close to the truth) are even more incredible than we probably all have imagined before…

  12. WolfGirl responds:

    As many (including myself) say when evidence of Bigfoot bodies has been suggested but not yet confirmed, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

    Or, as the interwebs likes to put it, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

  13. mrdark responds:

    Nonsense. Anyone with the body of a bigfoot would be on the news within days, if not hours, as the inevitable fortune to be made as the person who landed bigfoot would be immense. Nobody has the body of a bigfoot. Never have. Period.

  14. Ragnar responds:

    “BH: Yes, I am sure of that. Recall that say 50,000 YBP, there were maybe five different hominids on the planet. Homo sapiens sapiens, Homo erectus, Homo Floresiensis, Denisova, Homo heidelbergensis and Neandertal Man. All of these other hominids are gone as best as we can tell. What happened to all of them?

    RL: We killed them all.

    BH: Yes, we killed them all. So the only thing that could survive was something that was huge, very stealthy and wary, hated humans, favored the most remote areas, had the use of bad smell to ward off enemies, used infrasound or an intense EMF field to paralyze and disorient enemies, was very strong and had a very thick skin that was hard to penetrate. They’re the ultimate survivors of man’s genocidal wars.”

    This is where I call BS. The fossil and DNA record doesn’t support the “we killed them all” thesis at all. And infrasound? EMF field? Really?

    Whole article just smells.

  15. RWRidley responds:

    The discussion on BF Forum about this is interesting and intense. There’s a poster named “Derekfoot” who claims to know the shooter. Apparently, the existence of bodies is overstated a bit. He writes:

    “It’s also very important to note, he never gave Sasquatch a second thought. He was a complete skeptic. Because of his unfamiliarity with the Bigfoot subject he had no idea of what he was looking at through his riffle site. He assumed that it was a very strange looking bear that was standing on it’s hind legs. In his mind that’s all it could have been, a bear. When the bullet hit its mark, it started to become apparent that it wasn’t a bear. It did not drop right there, it ran off. They thought they heard it crash in the brush but did not see it go down. Things started getting very weird at this point. Two smaller creatures appeared from the brush, sometimes on two feet, and sometimes on all fours. In his description they looked like a cross between an ape and a bear. They got very close to him and at one point one positioned itself above him on a outcrop. He shot it out of fear of being attacked. Probably the same thing I would have done in the given circumstance. When I’m in the wilderness I always pack a gun to protect my self from wild, sometimes unpredictable animals. There are a few times I thanked God I had it. This was starting to feel like a nightmare to him and he quickly left trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened.

    It’s very important to note that he doesn’t feel good about this incident. As a matter of fact he felt terrible. This was a case of miss-identification plane and simple.

    At a later date a search was carried out at the site and a piece of flesh was recovered. NOT A BODY, only a small piece of flesh witch was later cut in two pieces, hence the cut line. I’ll say it one more time, no body’s were found or recovered.”

  16. painted8 responds:

    “I’ve shot over 1,000 of them. I love bears.”

    What an a-hole.

    How was this hunter able to get the bigger Bigfoot out of there? He’d need the help of friends to load it into a truck, right? And they haven’t told anyone?

    This all sounds like a very tall tale. Let’s see the evidence.

  17. Cass_of_MPLS responds:

    “Is it fact or fiction?”

    It’s fiction of course. Lindsay is a joke.

    About his blog he wrote:

    “That’s sort of the idea of the blog, to be deliberately extreme and overgeneralizing, mostly just to piss people off. Why? I dunno, because I feel like it I guess. LOL. In a certain sense and on a certain level, this blog is kind of not really serious. It has a tongue in cheek aspect running through a lot of it.”
    I hope that’s true. Because otherwise one would have to conclude that he is preoccupied with “race” to the point of obsession. Here is a list of his “research papers”

    The Major and Minor Races of Mankind.
    A Few Observations About Race.
    Secular Rise in Black IQ and Head Size: Evidence For a Eugenic Effect.

    (This last proposes a bizarre claim “Since 1900, Blacks have been practicing eugenic selection towards Blacks who look “Whiter” and are more intelligent. In earlier times, Whiter Blacks could probably negotiate better in White society and could possibly make more money. But Black positive selection for Whiter features continues to this day.”)

    In other words, gang…NOTHING this man writes is worthy of consideration.

  18. Richard888 responds:

    If this story is false, then:

    Someone is very gifted in creative writing and is so expert at weaving fiction with truth that the fiction part can become believable even by skeptics.

    If this story is true, then:

    1) Apparently, there exists what can be called a secret society of Bigfooters who are way ahead of mainstream bigfootry in terms of knowledge.

    2) There are some pretty sick things happening such as, someone having killed 1,000 bears and being proud of it and the Canadian government destroying forestland to destroy an (officially) unknown species so that it never becomes known.

  19. Asphalt Prophet responds:

    “Have you seen the Jacobs footage that they say is a mangy bear?”

    Sorry, I live in the area where that footage was obtained.

    Everybody (hunters) knew that bear. It was sick and a nuisance.

    I think the bfro put it out of its misery before they took folks on their “expedition” to that area of the forest.

    If that is any indication of the qualifications of “bear hunter”, I would just delete this whole post right now.

  20. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    Hahaha!! I have not laughed that hard in a long time!! This story sounds like something submitted to readers digest but was rejected!! It almost sounds like an old Saturday night live skit. I can just picture Bill Murray interviewing Belushi!! Hahaha, huh, huh. Anyway, I call BS.

    I loved the quote some of you guys and gals mentioned in the comments already. “I know bears inside and out. I’ve shot over 1,000 of them. I love bears.” I assume he means bears are tasty? Hahaha, come on!!

  21. korollocke responds:

    The bear poacher hunter bit is from the new Troll Hunter movie, the rest is from an old early eighties documentary The Body Human that had a section about a hunter shooting and killing a bigfoot family. Same show had a recording of howl that was supossedly recorded in the deep woods and a guy who wouldn’t shoot at a bigfoot even with his lady friend telling him to because it looked human to him also had a bit with a family that had a female bigfoot living with them that they shared home brewed booze with. It was shown on KUSM channel 8.

    Total bs story as usual.

    If this were for real it would be huge news on every major network in the friggin world!

  22. joedastudd responds:

    I could understand the reluctance of people bringing in a bigfoot body.

    Something like a real body or large flesh sample would have profound consequences. It would destroy certain peoples livelihoods, potentially ruin companies and numerous other damaging aspects. With all the damage it would create, I’d be willing to bet high stakes that certain people/companies would pay highly to have the body or samples disappear.

    How many unique samples/specimens of unidentified species have just disappeared. From the top of my head there is the Yeti bones/head, the shunka warak’in disappeared for 121 years, the Cadborosaurus samples not to mention a certain thunderbird photo.

    I know for a fact there are lot of other samples/specimens which have been lost, stolen or just plain vanished.

    Yes, it sounds like I’m a bit of a nutter and it’s all one big conspiracy theory, but look at his account of a hunter being paid off and it doesn’t look like such a crazy idea/theory.

  23. Opalman responds:

    I just read the full account as told on the referenced site (Erickson Project) by Robert Lindsay. There is at least one fundamental and very major problem with Bear Hunter’s account, that causes me to seriously doubt the account as given.
    That is that a hunter would hunt bear with a 25-06. NO self respecting bear hunter would attempt a kill shot with such a cartridge. A minimum hunting cartridge would be a .270 or .308 caliber weapon. Sure in a pinch a smaller cartridge could be used if absolutely necessary (with perfect shot placement) but NEVER by design would any experienced hunter go afield with a 25.06 with the intended quarry being bear (either black bear or brown bear) Personally, (and though I own one) I NEVER even hunt whitetail deer with the 25.06, the 30.06 being my min. choice for North American (non dangerous) big game. The cartridge (25.06) was designed as a varmint / target range specialty cartridge, also suitable for coyotes, woodchucks and similar vermin at relatively long ranges. Though it enjoys a flat trajectory due to its high velocity the rounds ballistic coefficient is just to low to be seriously considered for any kind of big game. An experienced hunter has learned long ago that hunting with an undersized firearm is cruel, dangerous and inhumane—it’s a major taboo amongst hunters, and for many good reasons. I just can’t imagine telling such a story to other hunters. The entire account from BH as presented doesn’t read right, he doesn’t come across as a hunter at all.
    The thought of two sasquatches being killed grieves me very deeply—let alone a mother and offspring. I hope with all my being that the account is so much badly written fiction. I do though find a believable underlying story in some of RL’s conclusions regarding the connection between industry and Bigfoot ecology.

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