Finding Bigfoot: Debrief of “Baby Bigfoot” by Cliff Barackman

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 5th, 2012

Finding Bigfoot – NY Episode Video Debrief

This past New Years Eve, I invited a small number of bigfooters to my home in Portland, OR to preview the Season 2 premiere of Finding Bigfoot. Among the noteworthy crowd were various friends of the ‘squatch, including Craig Flipy, Guy Edwards, Thom Powell, Will Robinson, and Randee Chase. Others that might have name recognition with you bigfooters were in attendance as well, but I’ll leave that to the video.

After watching the New York episode, I let them ask me whatever question they chose, and the resulting video can be seen below. It was a great way to usher in 2012, and I hope you had as much fun on that night as I did. Happy New Year, everybody, and may it be a bigfooty one at that!

~Cliff Barackman

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

16 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot: Debrief of “Baby Bigfoot” by Cliff Barackman”

  1. DWA responds:

    I wasn’t going to even open this, then I saw one of the names and couldn’t resist.

    DANGER, Will Robinson, DANGER! Do not enter the portal marked ‘Finding Bigfoot’! That way lie fog, darkness and confusion, not to mention lack of scientific perspective!

    DANGER, Will Robinson, DANGER!…OK, I’m done. Maybe I’ll even watch the video now. Probably better than the show was. And a better idea by far for a New Year party than a freakin’ bowl game.

  2. optifiex responds:

    You know what? A show about debunking episodes of Finding Bigfoot could be more popular than Finding Bigfoot, itself! The facts presented are so half assed, if I got a decent comedian to host Debunking Finding Bigfoot, I’ll bet it would garner 3 times as many viewers!

    Could you maybe get a single map on the show that accurately depicts real areas?

    Your latest makes it look like the Baby Bigfoot siting, Ranaes investigating area, and the Zoo are within miles of each other, when infact, the zoo is about 100 miles away, in another state! In the middle of a city! Not up the logging road apiece.

  3. optifiex responds:

    I am convinced the show is totally inaccurate on purpose. They want to make people who believe in Bigfoot look like total idiots. This is project Bluebook for Crytids.

  4. Jeff Johnston responds:

    Interesting video clip, Cliff. Nice work.

    But next time, tell your shooter to turn off the auto iris on his camera so the image doesn’t go significantly dark every time he includes something bright, like the TV screen or a lamp with multiple globes, in the shot. Other than that, a nice presentation.

    Best regards,
    Jeff Johnston

  5. fuzzy responds:

    FUN! And exactly the kind of conversations that follow most BFRO Expeditions… lively, enthusiastic, curious and serious.

    Nature, in all its radiant and mystical beauty, is all around us!

    If you are inquisitive about members of the natural community, GET OUT INTO THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT! NOW! TODAY!

    Go to – find the map for your locale – search out the most recent and frequent sightings – they’re there! Make a map.

    Getcher boots on, layer up, grab gloves, cap, flashlite, camera, camcorder, water bottle, map, companions and HIT THE TRAIL! Nature is awaiting your arrival – you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested – YOU can be a Bigfooter too!


  6. CDC responds:

    Cliff sounds like a nice enough guy, like he would be fun to play a round of golf with.

    The “Bigfooters” seemed like extras right out of central casting, and their questions sounded as read off cue cards, “is there more footage of Bigfoots swinging in trees”?????? Really Cliff? Really? You could write better, more beliievable questions to have an extra ask you.

    In the show…

    A “producer” ask you to stop and listen, and OMG what happens, you hear a howl!!!!! Wow, how did that producer know a howl may be coming????

    Was it the same producer from last year that some how found a perfect “footprint”? Who “recreated” Bigfoot howls for taping last year? Who “recreated” wood knocks last year for taping of the show? Hmm, great producers on that show!

    I actually looked into this video footage of the “Baby Bigfoot” when it first came out years ago, and for me, it was a pretty simple explanation….

    In my opinion, someone owned a monkey, or other small primate for a pet, and lived in the City. The pet became too much to handle, and the pet owner decided to set it free in the woods rather than give it to an animal shelter(why not the shelter? Maybe it was owned illegally, or maybe he just didnt want it living in a cage, who knows). So this City dwelling pet owner sees this concert in the forest as a great opportunity to set his monkey free. He sneaks the monkey in…and lets it free in a tree, seems more reasonable than a Bigfoot.

    There are THOUSANDS of pets released into the wild by pet owners…ask Florida about it’s snake and lizard issues. There could be reckless pet owners who go to concerts in the woods…more likely than a momma Bigfoot and her baby playing in a tree near a ton of people.

    As for the wood knocks? I heard wood knocks here in Pasadena at 4:00am just hours before the Rose Parade…it was one of the parade goers who was camping out on Orange Grove Blvd hammering a nail into a tree to tie his tent to…wood knocks don’t automatically mean Bigfoot.

    Cliff needs a REAL honest person around to challenge all the points the show brings up. Ranae is too beta to challenge any of the guys on the show…you need an alpha to make it fair and honest.

    Yeah, I would love to sit in at any of Cliff’s “debriefings”, if Cliff could respond to real questions, the show would add credibility. They don’t need it though…with 1.6 million viewers, they will simply keep being the superficial show that it is.

    The Kardashians are watched too, substance isn’t needed to be on cable TV

  7. fuzzy responds:

    “Baby Bigfoot” indeed! With all the cutting & zooming in & out of the harsh video silhouettes, by the time you recognize where in the shrubbery to look and try to separate the fast-moving animal from the branches and leaves, they have switched to another viewpoint or gone to a cast member’s face or a commercial!

    How about a SLOW, smooth viewing of the entire film, showing the various activities in their entirety, so the animal’s size, shape, mass, limb proportions and movements can be seen in context, rather than the 0.3-second bits?

    “Caged Animals In The Woods” is a cruel and insensitive way to treat innocent “domestic” creatures, and raises all sorts of concerns for the poor pet’s safety. As commenters suggested, it would seem a better idea to simply play LOUD recordings of 300-pound Bili apes, chimpanzees, howler monkeys and gorillas’ various vocalizations to attract curious Sasquatches, not only because of their easy access but for their natural vocal timbre and unfamiliarity.

    Why leave Ranae out in the woods overnite, ALONE (except for cameraman, soundman, producer, director, camp manager, driver, grip, security man and cook), tippytoeing around in the dark with virtually no gear or techniques to attract the big guys? Outside of the danger, what did they expect to happen?

    When they heard those distant knocks, WHY DIDN’T THEY KNOCK BACK??? There’s only two animals that can make loud wood knocks, and they opine out loud that it must have been a Squatch, but then they wander off! Why not hunker down, go dark, point cameras and thermals everywhere, and knock again to try to tease the other communicator to investigate who’s knocking around in their territory?

    Cliff says they have to reduce about 100 hours of video down to the 44 minutes required for each show; it seems the production people need to be more selective in exactly which 44 minutes they choose.

  8. Surveyor responds:

    CDC, don’t pet the monkey! I agree the tree-swinger is a monkey. The figure seen with the monkey on its shoulder is simply a person. No primate species goes from brachiation to bipedalism as it matures. No great apes brachiate for locomotion except for orangutans, which “semi-brachiate”. All primate babies are very dependent on their mothers and mature at slow rates when compared to other mammals. There is no way a baby or even a young Bigfoot could just take off swinging in the trees like that. One that small, compared to the size of the alleged mother who let him climb, would still be an infant that was totally dependent on its mother, always hanging on her, still nursing, and likely not even walking well, much less climbing trees and swinging around like a spider monkey. There are plenty of reports in the BFRO database that are much more convincing that this ridiculous and easily debunked video.

  9. choppedlow responds:

    Can the BFRO look any dumber? I don’t think they can get any lower after an hour show about a baby bigfoot swinging in a tree, and not once thinking JUST MAYBE a guy had a pet monkey that he was letting play in a tree!!! This show has as much scientific information as those skin flicks that Cinimax shows after 10pm.

  10. CelticBull responds:


    Exactly what I came here to post.
    A producer tells them to stop for a while and just listen. Then “within minutes we heard 5 howls”. Seems like a bit of coincidence, doesn’t it?

  11. CDC responds:

    @ Surveyor

    I am just happy that monkey was not here in Calif…Justin Smeja would have taken a shot at it

  12. DWA responds:


    More than once I’ve had a companion go, hold it, hear that? I hadn’t heard it. But when I stopped and listened, then I did, too.

    To call this a “coincidence” (or staged) is simply reading stuff in that isn’t there. Sometimes the guy/gal with the best hearing hears it first. Sometimes one is straining to listen, and the others aren’t and need to be. Sometimes the first sound isn’t the loudest. Sometimes a faint call in the distance elicits one from a closer animal.

    And this show gets no defense from me. Just sayin’ how life is.

    Another thing. If one allows that the sasquatch could be a real animal, and if one is in a place they might be, why is hearing one the most outlandish possibility? Little confusing thinking there.

  13. CelticBull responds:


    That’s not how this went down. It wasn’t like the producer heard something and wanted them to listen. It was more like a “let’s stop here for a while and take a listen for a change”. They were basically directed for a scene. Also I’m not saying this was faked. It just seems very coincidental that they hear 5 howls when a producer wants to shoot them just listening into the woods.

  14. squatchwatcher responds:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If you don’t like Finding Bigfoot then don’t watch it! I cannot comprehend why some people will spend so much time and energy bashing this show. It’s on tv so its on for entertainment purposes! Even though it is not the most scientific show out there, it still gets people interested in the outdoors and the possibilities of unknown creatures living in our backyards. Really people lighten up, please.

  15. CDC responds:


    Yeah my opinion was based on the fact that we went back and forth with the Finding Bigfoot team on threads months ago…and they all admitted here on this site, that the producers of the show “RECREATED” evidence.

    Once you have that as a “reality”, then any evidence being recreated is a “possibility”.

    Great hearing, great eyesight, or a great sense of smell, wasn’t used when the producers from last season recreated evidence.

    You are absolutely right, they are out there to hear sounds of a Bigfoot…but every sound they hear should be looked at as an unknown sound until identified.

    Watch the show replay and see how many times their team claims they hear “sasquatch” sounds…reality is they didn’t hear any sasquatch sounds. They just heard “unknown” sounds…or, maybe, “recreated” sounds

  16. CDC responds:


    The great thing about a free country, is you get to watch stuff you don’t like and continue to not like it.

    I hate the Miami Heat, but I watch every game I can hoping to see them lose.

    I hate the Kardashians, but I watch now and then to see that even millionaires can have miserable lives and relationships.

    And I hate Finding Bigfoot, but I watch now and then because I know they will NEVER find a Bigfoot, and it is entertaining to watch them try to convince their audience and themselves that Bigfoot actually exists.

    Let the haters critisize, would you want everyone to agree blindly?

    Maybe you true believers need to “lighten up” a bit…negative criticism can make the show better, and maybe help them find a Bigfoot.

    LOL, nah, I promise you, no one from that show will ever FIND A BIGFOOT.

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