Garry Liimatta Open Sea Footage of Cadborosaurus?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on February 25th, 2014

Did Gary Liimatta of Vancouver Island capture a Cadborosaurus on video in the 1970s?

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Reference by the BCSCC to this perhaps being footage of a Cadborosaurus:

Operation CaddyScan had set up video cameras at a location in Saanich Inlet following a Cadborosaurus sighting days earlier and on July 26th, 1999 an unusual creature with an undulating locomotion swam into view of the camera and stayed in view for over two minutes. No animal known to inhabit British Columbia waters locomotes like the creature in the video except for Cadborosaurus and its freshwater counterpart, Ogopogo of Okanagan Lake. This is possibly the second piece of footage obtained of Cadborosaurus following the capturing of a large reptilian head on film in the 1970s. Gary Liimatta of Vancouver Island filmed the creature during a spell on the water at some point during a calm evening. It is hard to tell exactly what Gary captured but the head bears a cursory resemblance to a giant turtle.

Stills from the footage:





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9 Responses to “Garry Liimatta Open Sea Footage of Cadborosaurus?”

  1. dconstrukt responds:


    if you gotta draw any circles on it, #FAIL

    its so blurry it could easily be hoaxed on a computer.

  2. John Kirk responds:

    Ah, dconstrukt again. Your ability to carry on an unreasonable argument amazes me. Did you just look at the pretty pictures or did you bother reading the text? The footage was from the 1970s so no computer hoaxing possible.

    Gary was a good guy, died in 2012. You don’t know the guy and you call him a hoaxer by way of your snide comments? We had dealings with Gary and he was an honest guy. He never claimed to know what it is and came to us for help. We thought it MIGHT be a Caddy. Still don’t know to this day.

    Now go back and crawl under your rock and let reasonable minds do their their work without your nonsense.

  3. David-Australia responds:


  4. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    Fascinating. This marine basin is extremely deep in some locations. Virtually anything could swim in and out as it pleased.

  5. dconstrukt responds:

    John…. totally overlooked that one (1970’s)… duh!!

    I look at the evidence, not the person or your loving relationship with him.

    extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof, to me.

    and in my mind, this doesn’t qualify.

    Amazing… instead of having a conversation and dialogue between adults, you troll and personally attack me over 3 sentences with anger, negativism, and hostility.

    There is always a troll in the bunch somewhere, right?

    Gotta love the keyboard jockey and internet tough guy. Trolls like this get behind their computer screens and say things to other human beings they’d never say in person.

    to each his own.

  6. hoodoorocket responds:

    You can see a lot of these bobbing in the surf, if you walk the pier at Innsmouth at sunset.

  7. John Kirk responds:

    dconstrukt, I’m a troll? I am a bonafide contributor to Cryptomundo and do not hide behind a keyboard. I speak frankly and if you don’t like it go somewhere else. You use a pseudonym, I do not. Trolls often don’t use their real names.

    You have come on this forum with more negativity than me. So don’t chuck stones at me mate. If you want to have adult discussions you need to start writing like one. You wrote, “sorry.. if you gotta draw any circles on it, #FAIL its so blurry it could easily be hoaxed on a computer”. Those are the writings of an adult? You write like a troll yourself.

    You dissed Gary Liimatta by implying his film was a hoax, take responsibility for that. The implication derived from that therefore is Liimatta was a hoaxer – which he most certainly was not. Don’t use Sagan’s maxim with me, I know it well. The footage is of an unidentified creature which some think is a Cadborosaurus. I don’t know what it is, but it sure as heck not a hoax.

    Anyone on this forum (and there are many) who knows me, knows that I speak frankly and honestly and would say this to your face. You need to be accountable for your accusation of hoaxing and I am holding you and anybody else who makes accusations they cannot substantiate to that.

  8. chewbaccalacca responds:

    Have to side with John Kirk on this one, decontrukt. Your knee jerk debunkery on this one seems suspect to me. I’ve seen this footage a number of times since it first appeared, and think it’s intriguing, not an obvious hoax. Beyond that, though, I can’t say.

  9. dconstrukt responds:

    Im reading and looking at the evidence. (which I said duh, didnt realize it was from the 70’s in the first line after your reply, so it obviously couldn’t be computer hoaxed, no)

    The footage could be anything…. why not a moose swimming? or any other known animal?

    what makes you (since you’re defending this) so certain its an unknown animal, a sea monster thats not supposed to exist?

    if you make an extraordinary claim like that, you’d better have SOLID evidence to support it.

    its not for me to prove its real, thats your job.

    you believe the evidence. you make the claim.

    back it up with proof.

    you should hold yourself accountable for making unsubstantiated claims of unknown animals and have a higher level of acceptable proof before shouting off the rooftops “This is a caddy”.

    its up to you who believe to substantiate it.

    not me.

    a blurry image, while cool and interesting, to me, isn’t solid evidence pal.

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