Incredible Bigfoot Footage

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 22nd, 2013

The footage in this video was submitted to Legends Beware on July 12, 2013. The cameraman claims to have been 5 miles north of Blue Ridge, GA when he captured the footage.

Much like our previous Bigfoot video submission, the cameraman claims that the creature was huge, he guessed at approx 8 to 9 feet tall. (I’d like to see it myself)LegendsBeware

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

20 Responses to “Incredible Bigfoot Footage”

  1. etheral responds:

    Definitely an interesting video. I don’t really have an opinion as to whether or not it’s real. Not enough to go on, but it’s neat nonetheless.

  2. edsbigfoot responds:

    Cool. Don’t know if it’s real either, but at least it seems that he really does go after the thing and is trying to get good video, and the vocalizations are interesting….and I must say the camera person’s breathing really does sound genuinely anxious and labored, not made up, at least to me. (In an emergency room you can always tell who’s faking by the breathing…same on some of these videos when people are pretending to be surprised or scared)

  3. Ploughboy responds:

    I think it has more indicators of authenticity than most such videos…but as always, my credulity can’t be separated from the need to hear the whole story, from the videographer. I also am always mystified why those who post these videos feel they need to tart them up with all the cheesy b-movie soundtrack clips. It just detracts from the presentation of what is important and taints the viewer’s impression right off the bat.

    The area where this is supposed to have been shot borders on the Cohutta Wilderness…a place where I’ve done some backcountry camping over the years. Yes, the video could very well be that area, and yes, those woods are sufficiently dense to host many kinds of animals and which are going to be visited only infrequently over multi-year intervals.

    Aside from that, I’m non-committal on this one. If we had a BFRO report to correspond with this alleged sighting, I’d be much more interested.

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    intro: he pans RIGHT at the time the “thing” crosses the road…. why is this suspicious?

    EVERY HOAXED VIDEO DOES THIS. (Red flag to me.)

    58 seconds… he’s running… he stops, but you hear the “thing” making the SAME noise thru the bush… if this thing is HUGE, like its claimed, wouldn’t it be making MORE noise than the guy recording?

    1:10 – the thing running thru the bush grunting… was interesting…

    1:22 is where I loose faith.

    starting there, thats when i THINK its a guy in a suit. (i have it paused at 1:24 and can clearly see what I think is a guy in a suit)

    that “thing” doesn’t look big enough… not TALL enough… or bulky enough to be a bigfoot.

    Remember, if we take the PG film to be real, that is a bigfoot. This to me, doesn’t appear to be remotely the same. So one MUST be fake. If we assume PG film one to be real, then this would be a fake.

  5. BOOTYMONSTER responds:

    at the 1.25 mark where “it” looks and moves way too much like a person in a suit , IMO ….. the body looks too big/fat and the arms/legs seem much shorter than Pattys proportions . the head looks too round …. no crest on top . not to mention it almost seems lost or like it cant decide where to go and it’s way too noisy (vocally) knowing a person is in pursuit of it .

    IMO it’s another hoax ……. 🙁

  6. BOOTYMONSTER responds:

    too late to edit and i forgot to add ……
    remember when bigfoot used to stink ? that’s rarely mentioned anymore … i guess he got wind 😉 of his sighting reports and starting bathing more often .. or using deodorant , LOL .

    and don’t get me wrong ……… i definitely believe BF did and possibly still does exist , he’s just too ingrained in too many native american cultures .

  7. chadgatlin responds:

    Just eyeballing it, but the figure doesn’t appear to be as big as advertised. Assuming the cameraman is somewhere in the 6 foot range, I would say the film subject is close to the same. Again, just eyeballing.

    Also, it makes vocalizations while still retreating. I am curious if other animals do this, because it would seem to me that if an animal was vocalizing defensively, it would face you. I’m not all that studied in that area though, so maybe someone else can answer that.

    I also would like to know if this is the entire footage as submitted or if Legends Beware cut out some in the beginning. If the footage starts where we see it here, with a “sasquatch” crossing the road, it is suspect to me. However, if there is footage before this of something like the cameraman looking around trying to find it, then maybe more believable.

    I am leaning heavily toward this not being genuine, but then again, you never know I guess.

  8. Ploughboy responds:

    All of the above are valid points, and questions that will have to remain open until somebody steps forward and provides the rest of the story. Hoaxers don’t do that, they just throw it up there, make incredible claims and bask in the resulting attention.

    If I were the videographer of a legit video, I’d be there to explain what happened, as it only seems like you couldn’t help but do that. The longer this goes without that kind of support, the more it stinks. How many of these have we seen that just sort of seem to exist in a vacuum…nothing to substantiate it aside from claims of “authenticity?”

    Would the P/G film hold any fascination if you didn’t know who shot it, how they came to be there, what happened before and after it was shot? I don’t think so. Heck, even when knowing all that some have doubts about Patty, and what chance has a video like this to “get legs” with serious researchers?

    Unless, and until, people are willing to put their faces on camera and explain in detail what happened at the time, possibly even taking questions about the circumstances, I’m putting dodgey clips like this in the pile labeled, “Need more information before drawing conclusions..but probably a hoax.”

  9. allenfuchs responds:

    My main thoughts was that, “Hmmm, the camera man seems to know exactly where to look for the ‘hiding’ bigfoot”…
    And, yes, the sasquatch in question looked too much like a man in a suit.

  10. semillama responds:

    Another point to consider: This being a year where we have actual Bigfoot movies being made which rely on the “found footage” concept, all new purported footage of Bigfoot must be weighed against the possibility it is part of a viral marketing campaign.

    My two bits: seems staged, and I agree that the subject seems too human-like (the skinny legs are kind of a deal-breaker).

  11. cryptokellie responds:

    I’ve always had one question. Why would a full grown Bigfoot run away from a human…certainly no one is regularly shooting them in most of the areas they are supposed to be in. I’m aware that most wild animals will avoid humans and some hunted species will learn to hide from a human but a Bigfoot? In my area, misguided people feed larger wildlife – deer – coywolves, even black bears and they lose their timidity quite quickly. I would assume that a real Bigfoot upon encountering a single human would stand still to assess the situation and if alarmed, present some form of display to intimidate – typical basal primate behaviors. Bear, canids and even deer will freeze, assess and than take what they feel is appropriate action. The half-tame animals here will actually stand and wait to see if you are going to give a meal. I’m not suggesting that a real Bigfoot is going to stand around and wait to see if it is getting a meal but automatically turning tail and fleeing into the thicket – where it is conveniently out of camera range? Not likely in my opinion.
    A pertinent point to add here is that distance gives most wild animals enough security to not run away and hide. Think of all the wildlife footage where wild animals are acting normally and not fleeing because they are being filmed by a human at a comfortable distance – sometimes under 50 yards. I am always brought back to the P/G film where the Bigfoot figure’s comfort zone has been breached and is retreating but not fleeing and then hiding/lurking in the brush out of clear camera sight, as in all the rest of these hoaxed videos…unfortunately, this one included.

    Also, the first glimpse of the bigfoot figure in this video is clearly a person in a suit crossing the road.

  12. Peltboy25 responds:

    Looks like the subject is about 5 foot seven, tops. Look when it first crosses the road. Not very big at all. Also, the “creature” walks in a path that is parallel to the photographer. Not once, but twice. He walks in to the woods, crosses a path (how convenient for the photographer) and then, at the 1:22-1:26 point, does a complete 180 and walks back the same direction. During these frames, it is quite clear that this is a costume. If this animal is upset, why doesn’t it just walk away in a straight line?


  13. Ragnar responds:

    A. Its not 8 or 9 feet tall.
    2. Its all too obviously a guy in a suit trying to monkey walk.

    And the camera work is just sooooo cliche.

  14. alan borky responds:

    Craig I guess Patty must’ve been the Sasquatch world’s equivalent of a supermodel.

    All that grace under pressure plus coolheadedness to boldly glance back and take a direct full faced curiosity filled nerveless look at who her potential aggressors or even captors might be especially at that whirring camera object one of them’s holding in his hands while all the time never once missing a beat in her elegant stride pattern.

    Either that or the male Sasquatch’s a miserable undernourished runt of a thing covered with unkempt ungroomed hair in which case are there any hoaxers out there capable of producing a scene as compelling as the one in this video where the hunter looses track of his prey before putting on a pretty convincing display of furiously searching everywhere but the sky only this time have the tracker splutter something like “Jeezus what’s that smell?” conveying the impression it’s the guy’s nose which’s finally put him back on track.

    Speaking of which as a terrified kid being chased through some woods I knew better than to suddenly make myself highly visible again by reappearing at the foot of the well worn footpath our critter makes his second bow.

    I like the extended “Keep away!” arm gesture though making it seem like we’re dealing with something intelligent and capable of interspecies communication.

    Don’t like the “Get in the house!” intro though.

    Based on personal experience whenever I’ve seen seriously weird stuff my normal reaction if I’m not too paralysed to screech’s been “Oh my god you’ve got’o come’n’see this!”

    I hope next time he has the brain’s to at least leave on the mike as he retreats because authentic sounds containing pitches incapable of simulation by humans would’ve made this a far more compelling piece of work.

  15. springheeledjack responds:

    As always, I want more details on the footage: who shot it, when where, circumstances and so on. THEN I’ll give my two cents about whether I think it’s legitimate or not.

  16. dconstrukt responds:

    @ springheeledjack – LOL… ummmm…. dude…. are you watching the same video as the rest of us?

    its obviously NOT a bigfoot. 🙂

  17. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    Greetings, one and all. I was going to go into broken record mode (any footprints? hair samples?), but after another look at the film subject (lack of size/girth, seems to wander aimlessly), i thought, why bother. These fraudulent films are getting better, though.

  18. volmar responds:

    It looks like a hoax to me. Not only it is too small to be a Bigfoot, it moves like a human on a forest, very clumsily.

  19. slappy responds:

    looks pretty much like every other fake Bigfoot video I have ever seen.

    the only thing “interesting” about it is that its creator is a tiny bit better at fakery than many others.

    don’t waste your time.

  20. William responds:

    Fake, fake, and more fake. This “bigfoot” looks so clumsy it is almost comical. He literally looks like he doesn’t know where he is going and having difficulty walking. Good job though in trying to simulate “stumbling” on to one crossing a road. Sort of illustrates how difficult it would have been to fake the PG film and have it look so real. To me this helps validate the PG film, yet once again.

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