Is This the Face of Hank?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 19th, 2013

From Bigfoot Research News

Is This The Face Of Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot Body?

This video was supposedly taken by an individual who was allowed to see the body over the weekend.

Is this the Bigfoot that was promised by Tricky Dick?Looks more like a Dwarf or a Gnome. Some have speculated that this is a wax figure.

Data pulled from a short phone videoTony Nevada

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

33 Responses to “Is This the Face of Hank?”

  1. red_pill_junkie responds:

    NOOOO! He killed Gimli :'(

  2. Gaming Yeti via Facebook responds:

    Gimli from Lord of the Rings? lol

  3. Allen Garmon via Facebook responds:

    Garden gnome.

  4. Pete Fischer via Facebook responds:

    It looks like he shot Hillbilly Jim from the old WWF Wrestling……

  5. Pam Ren via Facebook responds:

    If that is what he actually shot ( which I don’t believe is, I am sure the whole thing is a huge farce..) he’s got a problem– called ‘homicide”.

  6. Tom Berges via Facebook responds:

    Why is anyone paying any ounce of attention to Rick Dyer???? WHY!!!???

  7. Iceman responds:

    Holy crap; Rick Dyer killed Gimli?! Can’t he discern an eight foot gigantopithecus from a three foot dwarf!?

  8. gridbug responds:

    *closes browser, watches Lord of the Rings*


  9. Glenn Bryce via Facebook responds:

    If you have a Bigfoot body, you call a university biology department and make a name for yourself worldwide as the person who caught Bigfoot. You do not hide it and release 4-second videos of what may or may not be its face.

  10. cryptokellie responds:

    Face of Bigfoot?

    No. That is a distinctly human face with the pertinent markers of a modern or close to modern man’s.This appears to be a screen shot image from a display or video representing a primitive man…if you will.

  11. Hank S responds:

    Man, someone shot Gimli! The Fellowship is gonna be pissed…

  12. Will Fowler via Facebook responds:

    Looks like Gimli from LOTR!

  13. Anita Wittig via Facebook responds:

    No and there is no ‘Hank’ only a con still running a scam

  14. Tim M via Facebook responds:

    What the heck am I looking at?

  15. Luke Clinton Gallagher via Facebook responds:

    Glenn, not siding with what is likely a hoax-ception, but I’d ask how many university biology departments are going to believe anyone who calls them and tells them that?

  16. Dave Cornwell via Facebook responds:

    It could be anything.

  17. dconstrukt responds:


    Looks like something from Lord of the rings…. Ask Gandalf… maybe he knows which dwarf it is. 🙂

  18. Chalupacabra responds:

    It’s Hagrid!

  19. PhotoExpert responds:

    Rick Dyer? Rick Dyer and anything = HOAX! Nothing to see here and there never was! Whenever you hear his name, intelligent people and people with common sense, just move on!

    So see ya!

  20. Evso Rivers via Facebook responds:

    That looks alot like the pic I saw.that is why I asked could it be one of the alleged wild men of the navidad.

  21. DWA responds:

    OK, but which Hank?

    Hank Allen? Hank Williams? Hankasaurus rex? Tom Hanks?

    An anxious world awaits. I got a beer riding on this one.

  22. volmar responds:

    Hoax! This is human face with a long beard.

  23. springheeledjack responds:

    That’s the lamest “proof” yet…just when I think they can’t amaze me any further, there they go and up and do it again. Way to go!

    Seriously, it’s Gimli’s half brother’s cousin twice removed…they were room mates in the Dwarven Academy…

  24. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Someone killed Gimli, put him in a freezer, and dropped possum guts in his lap.

  25. David-Australia responds:

    Yer durn tootin, it’s Gabby Hayes come back to life, you young whipper snapper…

  26. graybear responds:

    The head is dead, frozen in a freezer, absolutely still, no movement whatsoever and they still can’t get A DECENT PICTURE OR MORE THAN ONE! Why weren’t twenty-five photos taken, all at different angles to make the head more real and detailed? Screams HOAX!
    And anyway, Tolkien’s dwarves were closer to 5 feet tall, not 3.

  27. cryptokellie responds:

    Hey DWA…
    It must be Hank E. Panky, noted Bigfoot researcher and provider of immeasurable and incontrovertible evidence and soon to guest star in a future episode of “Finding Bigfoot” which will have a new sponsor for the show – dare I say it…Gillette.

  28. Kopite responds:

    I have no idea who Gimli is….but look at the size of that bugle!! Massive.

  29. alan borky responds:

    Wow Craig this’s amazing the guy who shot this must o’ been worn out chasing the face round the place like that.

    It’s a pity he wasn’t allowed just to point his camera at the freezer it’s lyin’ in.

    But oh well at least we’ve finally established two monumental things

    1) Sasquatch’s Santa Claus or his alcoholic hobo brother

    2) the reason Sasquatch can’t be captured’s because he lives in the Christopher Reeve period Phantom Zone with General Zod

  30. marcodufour responds:

    What it is, is a load of old ( rhymes with Hank ) ; )

  31. hoodoorocket responds:

    Mystery solved.

    Just kidding… but I’d pay a dollar to step into the tent, if the spiel was as good as the linked article.

    The youtube account has posted two more clips. Looks like maybe an old store mannequin was used as the base (when you see the left side of the face). Looks like saftey glass was used used in the lid. The brass corners, incandescent lights in the display box, and a possible vintage mannequin might make this pretty old. Any sideshow fans among us to identify it?

    Here’s a question, what is your most memorable sideshow attraction?

    As a kid, I once paid a dollar I couldn’t afford to spare, after spotting the painted canvases depicting the most awesome sea serpent and hearing the barker give the most amazing speech, to SEE! the colosal behemoth! the REAL sea monster! housed in this, the largest tent available! purchased especially to contain the monster within! with refridgerator units running 24 hrs a day to keep the monster as lifelike as the day it was captured! please note attendants are waiting to escort away those who faint! ect. ect…

    After having surrendered my dollar, I timidly stepped into this huge tent (obviously necessary to house such a beast) with pounding heart… to find it completely empty, except for a small display box on the far side. After the long walk through the empty tent I peered apprehensively into the box and had my fears confirmed. I had given my dollar to see a small stuffed tuna fish in a box.

    It was a sorry long walk back to my older sister, who wasn’t going to let me spend the money until I insisted.

    Many years later I saw the sideshow episode of the Xfiles and it made me feel much better and even nostalgic about the incident. Up until then I had no idea I had touched a bit of history that was fading away. Now, I am proud of the professional gypping I got.

  32. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL…. glad to see i’m not alone. 🙂

    does this jabroni not realize how stupid this looks?

    or realize how much of a fool this makes him look?

    i mean you’d have to be a friggin MORON, blind or have an IQ under 20 to think this is a bigfoot or anything but a dwarf from lord of the rings.:-)

    did this guy not watch the PG film?

    i mean duh… at least make it look SIMILAR.

    What a jabroni!

  33. William responds:

    Egads, next thing you know Dyer will be throwing the Travelocity Gnome in his freezer and claim he killed a Leprechaun. LOL. How stupid does he think people are?

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