Ketchum Sasquatch DNA Study Now Open Access

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 9th, 2013

Announced via Facebook today:

The full DNA study is available as open-accessDr. Melba Ketchum

Yep, that’s right, now discounted from $35 to nada.

Here’s the link: View DNA Study

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11 Responses to “Ketchum Sasquatch DNA Study Now Open Access”

  1. MR JOSHUA responds:

    This study is like that pair of miracle scissors you see on infomercials reduced from 19.99 to free with a subscription to a magazine. The catch here is you have to subscribe your brain to complete BS.

  2. Degnostik responds:

    you know people get paid to do what you’re doing?

  3. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    My off-the-cuff response is, “You get what you pay for.”

    However, as I lack the necessary skill-set to decipher the results, I’m not in any position to judge the merits of the study.

    Hopefully, now that the findings are readily available, more knowledgeable persons than I can/will review the data and report, to the rest of us, exactly what Dr. Ketchum hath wrought…

  4. edsbigfoot responds:

    I dunno…I mean I hope the Squatches exist, but I still say all this new jumping from the Ketchum camp has something to do with the Sykes study, Rhettman Mullis who didn’t appear to buy the Erickson footage) was on coast to coast in the news segment on 10-02-13 and he mentioned how the Sykes folks tried to get together with the Ketchum/Erickson folks etc at some point early on….so I think there is some back and forth or some leaking going on, and the Ketchum folks are jockeying for position ahead of the Nov/Dec release of the Sykes study. Which can say what really? How can anyone say they have Sasquatch DNA if they can not provide absolute proof of the creature that the DNA was taken from either by tranqualizing it and video taping the DNA being extracted, or filming it leaving hair or something else somewhere and filming the DNA being extracted etc….I’m not a kill person but a body will have to appear some way at some point for absolute proof, it seems. These two DNA studies will either be similar or different, and I’m not sure together they’ll get us anywhere, unless they are identical in their findings, and then what? They still can’t say its from a sasquatch without serious proof….even if both studies prove there is a new hominid out there, that won’t be good enough for most, and probably not good enough to get a new species named or protected….but it may be able to buck some serious videographers to go out there and get some seriously good video, that would be cool.

  5. Goodfoot responds:


    You mean the ones that will “cut a penny in half”? Yeah. Tried that lie, I mean like, 12 years ago. I suppose it might actually do that, if you’ve undergone specific training. But how many folks have a burning desire or need to cut pennies in half? It’s not good for any other task, either. You can’t even cut a piece of notebook paper with it.

    Like the old blue-eyed soul song says, “gimme, gimme, gimme some kinda sign, girl!”

  6. Goodfoot responds:

    Degnostik: Paid to do WHAT? Can you put me in touch with someone who pays for that?

  7. Glenn Bryce via Facebook responds:

    Real scientists do not charge people to view their work.

  8. MR JOSHUA responds:


    Paid !? Oh you mean like the government officials who don’t want Sasquatch proven for some nefarious reason ? Sorry, your on the wrong continent again.

    I don’t know much about DNA/anthropology aside from some biology courses in college. I will leave her conclusions to the experts in the field like Dr Jeff Meldrum, Todd Disotell, and others. However, when I see that somebody published their own scientific journal and skirted the peer review process just to make a name for themselves my Masters Degree in the detection of BS kicks in full gear.

    The fact that Melba charged the public to view her study sets off a red flag that she was looking for a profit on a hot topic. The fact that she claimed she had the best high definition footage of a sasquatch which turned out to be “fozzy the bear” puts the nail in the coffin for me.

    Believe what you like but I can assure you I am not seeing a “penny for my thoughts.” 🙂

  9. Degnostik responds:


    “your on the wrong continent again.” – ridiculous
    “don’t know much about DNA/anthropology”- obviously
    “I will leave her conclusions to the experts” – well why didn’t you?
    “like Dr Jeff Meldrum, Todd Disotell,” – you get to choose which ones?
    “somebody published their own scientific journal” – addressed many times why, but you chose to ignore
    “skirted the peer review process”- not true, check it out (but you chose to ignore)
    “just to make a name for themselves” – succeeded to engage tens of pros in several real labs, even make them think, after blind analyses, she found new species… got some serious PhD support… been through hell…to make a name for herself. Well wow.
    “my Masters Degree in the detection of BS” – we knew you were well educated
    “charged the public to view her study” – as people regularly do
    “she claimed she had the best high definition footage” – never claimed it was neither best nor “her” or had any authority over it
    “I am not seeing a “penny for my thoughts.” – jut like that pair of miracle scissors. The catch here is we have to subscribe our brains to complete BS.

  10. MR JOSHUA responds:


    You belittle yourself questioning my intelligence and my right to voice my opinion on a public forum. You would have fit right in with the Gestapo 70 years ago. If you firmly believe Bigfoot is the result of a hybridization event occuring 13,000 years ago between a great ape ancestor and a female human you show how much knowledge you possess of the evolutionary process. You want to come at me personally get ready to be challenged.

    Sounds like your the one who has “money” on the dog in this fight. I simply posted my thoughts and you launched yourself right at me. Melba Ketchum posted her study to the public and was pushing for Government Legislated Protection for the Forest People. A bold claim like that will be challenged by every free thinking mind. I hope in the end your struggle is worth it. PEACE.

  11. Degnostik responds:


    Sorry it ended up sounding so personal.
    It’s too easy when we’re all just nicknames.
    Maybe another reason lies in my answers such as “addressed many times, but you chose to ignore” and “not true, check it out”, “BBB is not relevant”… – they are just true, me and others here and elsewhere point to MK’s arguments and facts that speak in her defense, frequently providing links, but points like yours here are so persistently recurring without no acknowledging whatsoever that there may well be explanations and answers, that I have no other explanation but to call it a campaign.

    I’m not questioning your right to an opinion on a public forum, I’m questioning the level to which your opinion is informed.

    She did not dream about the hybridization event from 13,000 years ago. It’s in the data. Nobody really found a different explanation for her data as of yet. She clearly discounted contamination. It’s just that few people cared.

    I too hope in the end my, and OUR struggle is worth it.
    Sorry again, and PEACE, off course.

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