Leader Of Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation

Posted by: Administrator on March 24th, 2012

Did somebody get caught Squatching without a permit?

Source: The Morning Report
Friday, March 23, 2012


Buffalo National River (AR)
Leader Of Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation

On February 24th, rangers received information from a concessionaire who reported that there were visitors in the park who were on a “Bigfoot hunting expedition.” Rangers Billy Bell and Ben Henthorne proceeded to the Steel Creek Campground to investigate. After questioning numerous people associated with the group, they discovered that approximately 30 people had paid Matt Pruitt, who is affiliated with The Bigfoot Field Researcher’s Organization, to lead them on a hunt for the creature. Several participants said that they had paid $300 to $500 each to be lead on a three- day expedition. Pruitt was cited for a violation of the regulation on engaging in a business without a permit or written agreement (36 CFR 5.3). Paid activities that do not have commercial use authorizations or special use permits appear to be on the increase on a nationwide basis and need to be on the radar of all park staff to insure that only sanctioned and permitted activities are conducted in the parks.
[Submitted by Karen L Bradford, Chief Ranger]

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5 Responses to “Leader Of Bigfoot Expedition Cited For Permit Violation”

  1. gridbug responds:

    Just think, they could have all saved their money and squatch watched from the safety and comfort of their own home… plenty of free websites dedicated to the study of the hirsute female!

  2. Robert Robinson via Facebook responds:

    We gotta get a permit to do that? I didn’t know. I guess I’ll have to give this city folks their money back.

  3. peteyweestro responds:

    Someones hand got caught in the Bigfoot cookie jar big time!!

  4. Nny responds:

    I wonder if Matt Pruitt is a rogue BFRO affiliate, or if they frequently squatch without a permit. Furthermore, if they do, would the price for a squatch trip increase to cover the necessary legality?

    With Finding Bigfoot doing pretty well in the ratings, you’d think there would be more people contacting them to go on expeditions. And I’d suppose having more attention on you, as a business, you’d want to try to keep your brand pretty clear of stuff like this.

  5. flame821 responds:

    I hope the Park Services place hefty fines on people like this. It is using up the Rangers precious time and manpower to police these people and they should be reimbursed. As for these ‘Bigfoot Hunts’ I hope that they are all checked to make sure they have no firearms on them. Yes I know you need to have protection from bears and such but if these are a bunch of newbies being taken on a glorified camping trip I don’t have high expectations regarding their knowledge or abilities with sidearms and I can see an accidental shooting in the near future if they are allowed to go in with anything more harmful than bear repellent.

    And speaking of newbies in the woods; at the outrageous prices being charged for these ‘hunts’ I do sincerely and truly hope the participants receive not only food and lodgings but are given safety and first aid lessons. What to do if confronted by a bear, how to tell venomous snakes from harmless, what to do if you get separated from the group, etc.

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