Dr. Melba Ketchum on the DNA Project

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 14th, 2011

I have caught a lot of heat from folks here at Cryptomundo regarding my post: Dr. Melba Ketchum’s DNA Diagnostics Gets an F?

Some people, who will not be named, have accused me of posting secret information.

I can assure that anyone can access a company’s BBB report.

I thought I would share this news, from Dr. Melba Ketchum’s public facebook page.

I promise it will be worth the wait!!! I am fine, thanks for the best wishes. I apologize to all for my brutally stated honesty on the forum. I hate to squash a bug, much less be called pro-kill. I can keep silent on the so-called leaks and on personal attacks that are untrue, but I cannot and will not be called a killer. Once again, thanks for all of the best wishes and kind support that I have been receiving, it means the world to me. It won’t be too long now and then all will know what I know and all of this drama will be concluded. Even I can’t wait! Ahead of all of this I just want to say that the submitters to this project are some of the finest people I have ever met. I am so proud of them. They have handled themselves honorably and professionally through this and I am proud to call them my friends. Best wishes to all and thanks again for your supportMelba Ketchum

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22 Responses to “Dr. Melba Ketchum on the DNA Project”

  1. CDC responds:

    Thanks for posting this Craig.

    Although she says nothing either way, at least we get some response to all the rumors flying back and forth.

    Now only time will tell if she has substance or is all hype.

  2. Redrose999 responds:

    Thank you for keeping us updated Craig. I really hope she does come up with some thing. This is becoming quite the scandal. For the sake of the folks with hope invested in her, I do hope she has something significant to show, and soon.

  3. RWRidley responds:

    Craig – Secret information? If the BBB kept complaints against a company secret, that would totally defeat the purpose of the BBB, which is ultimately as a consumer protection entity. I’m critical of the BBB, but that doesn’t mean their public records aren’t a matter for debate, pro or con, in this continuing saga. The more information that can be unearthed and publicly vetted the better off we all are. Like it or not, if Dr. Ketchum’s paper is published and declares that there is indeed a hairy 8′ bipedal ape/man roaming the woods of North America, her entire life is going to be picked apart and scrutinized. That’s just the nature of startling discoveries and those who bring it to public light.

  4. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Exactly RWRidley,

    There are proponents of Dr. Ketchum that are trying to keep the BBB report hidden. Incredible, considering anybody performing a search on the BBB website for DNA Diagnostics has access to the information I posted.

    As a matter of fact, I have been threatened that if I do not take down the post, which again is public information, that Cryptomundo will be sued.

    Just to be clear, the threats of litigation are not coming from Dr. Ketchum, but one of her proponents.

    I guess that donate button at the top right of the page will come in handy to raise legal fees to fight this unfounded threat of lawsuits being filed.

  5. Justin31p responds:

    Once again, this sounds like the real deal. Some of the flies are coming into this and trying to be the first to leak the “real story” and while they are not credible nor is their account, the main characters like Erickson and Kectchum sound legit. We will see how this ends, but they dont seem to be taking the road of a high profile hoax with the attempt to make money.

    And again, what is the big deal if a bigfoot was killed? That was always going to be the only way it would ever be recognized as an animal and then protected.

  6. airforce47 responds:


    I have watched this situation develop as I have others in the past and have communicated with some of the participants. It’s possible it is not a hoax but overall I feel the situation may very well be a hoax.

    The real question though may be who is hoaxing whom?

    The very secretiveness of the participants, their failure to establish estimated dates for releasing their supposed reports, their overbearing ego in communications, the on-going innuendo and rumors, false stories and insistence that no laws have been broken all lead me to a conclusion of hoax by somebody. It looks very much like the Great Bigfoot Hoax of 2008 in which Loren was so active in reporting.

    I’ve been informed though by one of my longtime retired sources that the story has caught the attention of federal investigators who are waiting. It seems they’ve been aware of the situation for some time and have decided to just wait it out.

    Apparently they’ve been collecting background information on everyone involved including me. If and when they decide that federal laws or state laws have been broken they will act with indictments and arrests. In the meantime we’ll just wait and if it’s a hoax it will be revealed and fall of it’s own weight. My best,

  7. CDC responds:


    To be fair, what you did by posting that “F” rating about her business, before Dr Ketchum had produced a paper, was basically mud slinging. Even with your question mark.

    Her paper and her evidence will stand or fall on it’s own, and the sucess or failure of her business will have nothing to do with that.

    She will be torn apart after her paper is published, but you attacked her before she published anything.

    You posted a thread about, “using two dead bodies for samples”, then followed that with you “F?” thread, seems a little negative. The question mark after your “F” didn’t change the implication.

    A fair thread would have also stated that her company has been in business for over 25 years, and she has never been accused of fraud or hoaxing any DNA samples. To only post negative information, be it public or not, well, was a cheap shot.

    If the Better Business Bureau is now the standard for Cryptozoological study, what next?

    This site we are on right now has several advertisments suggesting to visitors that these companies are endorsed by the site. I am sure if researched, we could find a few complaints about any business.

    Let’s see what she has before we attack…maybe there will be no need.

    I am pretty sure all she will come forward with is, “unknown primate” DNA samples. She will just be opening the door to the possible existance of the animal…not the absolute identification we all are hoping for.

  8. stickyum responds:

    @ Justin31p

    Your comment quote, “And again, what is the big deal if a bigfoot was killed? That was always going to be the only way it would ever be recognized as an animal and then protected.

    Just incase you were unaware that the premeditated murder of any human is a crime in the United States and probably in most civilized nations, you wouldn’t have made such an absurd statement. I must remind myself, that people like yourself, have, as you’ve stated, little regard for the sanctity of life of a human being or a defenseless animal, all in the name of science-yeah right! I find your comments chilling & revolting. “What’s the Big Deal”, you say? I don’t know, why don’t you ask the relatives of the Mother & Child Bigfoots that were allegedly gunned down in cold blood for research, how they feel about it?

  9. Craig Woolheater responds:


    You are entitled to your opinion, but…

    This coming from the guy who has blatantly called at least one other Cryptomundian a liar who claimed to have seen a Bigfoot.

    Truth is D.R. I don’t believe you ever saw a Bigfoot, let alone more than once. For whatever reason you say you did, I could care less…you didn’t.CDC

    And the reason? Because Bigfoot doesn’t exist, right?

    You, my friend, are the pot calling the kettle black… just sayin’.


  10. Justin31p responds:

    Ok stickyum,

    Thanks for at least taking the bait. Now, my “chilling and revolting” comment comes from someone how didn’t kill the bigfoot nor do I hunt animals at all. But this is exactly my point, how is hunting and killing a bigfoot any more wrong than hunting and killing a bear? Now we have to throw out the “sanctity of human life” crack out the window unless you plan on agruing that they are in fact humans. So, once again lets recap, I dont hunt animals, I dont kill animals, but I like people to be consistent and when I hear all this crying and knashing of teeth at the very thought of killing a bigfoot I wonder why that is so much more awefull than killing any other animal?

  11. RWRidley responds:

    I am pretty sure all she will come forward with is, “unknown primate” DNA samples. She will just be opening the door to the possible existance of the animal…not the absolute identification we all are hoping for.

    If that’s true then she’s 100% delusional if she thinks this is well worth the wait. If she’s as level headed and direct as she sounds in all her interviews, then I’ve got to think she’s got something more than that.

    And in defense of Craig, I don’t think providing background information is going negative in this situation. You’re right. She’s going to get hit hard by naysayers and skeptics when this report goes live, but that doesn’t excuse us – researchers, believers, whatever you want to call us – from examining all the information. Her DNA analysis business is relevant. Whether the BBB is relevant and conducts unbiased investigations or not is also open for debate. Everything DNA and quality of work is on the table as far as credibility goes.

    If Craig had posted a picture of her, Mel Gibson and Tiger Woods living it up in a strip club in Las Vegas then I would say that’s crossing the line. BTW – for those who like to throw around the law suit threats, let me be clear. The picture does not exist. It’s just an absurd hypothetical example.

    Ultimately, complete transparency of Dr. Ketchum’s professional conduct is going to go a long way in verifying her findings. If she and/or a member of her team is reading this, I hope you’re prepared to address these issues. Craig did you a favor by bringing these things to light now. This is a golden opportunity for you to step out in front of this thing.


  12. CDC responds:


    Yeah I have argued with a few kettles in my life…and a couple of dishes and pans too 🙂

    True, I say what I say, and stand by my comments. I have been wrong on quite a few occasions.

    Here though, me telling DR more or less to his face, “I don’t believe him” is how I roll. DR fired back and to his credit, gave as good as he got.

    If good ole Melba was a member here, then I’d say game on 🙂 But sadly, you stating negative “facts” about a person who is not around and me stating “opinion” to a guy who can answer back is a bit different.

    What you posted was not slander nor lies in my opinion, and you had every right to post whatever you choose.

    Just in the back of my mind and deep in my heart I am hoping Dr Ketchum has the goods this time. It sure would be a change from all those let downs and straight out lies we have seen before.

    Saying her business had a few problems before her paper is published, is like telling your best friend the blind date you set him up on is a little chubby. We have a tendency to form our opinions way too soon, and we sometimes miss out on a great date with a great girl because we pictured her before we met her.

    Dr Ketchum may fall short, just as your friend and his blind date may not hit it off…but wouldn’t it be best to wait and see before we form our opinions on something we haven’t seen yet? We may be witness to an historic event…or even best man at a wedding.

    You’re right, it is just my opinion 🙂 and what does a pot know anyway 🙂

  13. Hapa responds:

    Thanks Mr. Woolheater for posting this, and (if she is reading here) thanks Dr Ketchum for writing this: Please get this info out S-O-O-N. We here are jumping at the bits as to what you’ve got.

    Good Luck 🙂

  14. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    This is directed to both Loren & Melba…

    That prior Lindsay thread evoking incredulous comments… you know, the human male outdoorsman in Canada kidnapped by “Sasquatch”, where they tried to compel him to mate with female “Sasquatch’?

    The old buzz on the web at Above Top Secret was that you, Loren, have data published on several other seperate unrelated modern cases where Sasquatch wanted the human males to get busy with nubile young female “Sasquatch” (whatever their hybrid parentage percentage happened to be).

    Now upon contemplating, it is actually logical.
    Aside from me possibly concurring with “Sasquatch” that the more the offspring look like a hot blonde buxom babe, the Hawtter she is.. (great minds think alike).

    But if you have a no-maintenance “incubator” that is rough and hardy, in contrast to a delicate, depressed, fearful, vulnerable to the elements kidnapped human non-Indian (who sometimes put up with it) female, who has to be kept under watch, or in a cave with difficulty of caring for her to keep her alive for at least a couple of years…

    Sasquatch realize this?!!!…at least the more intelligent ones with more recent infusions & boosts of maternal human mitochondrial DNA.

    For Melba (or any associates), out of the numerous samples, how would you distinguish Nuclear DNA if the hybrid was Giganto/Yeti male mating with female Homo Sapiens many thousands of years ago, but also kidnapped human males this past century or two to mate with more or less hybrid Sasquatch females.

    How would the male side Nuclear DNA read? 100% human on both Nuclear AND Mitochondrial? Even if the source was 12′ tall, with a sagittal crest, brow ridges, long canine fangs and a solid head to toe hair covering?

  15. Redrose999 responds:

    There are proponents of Dr. Ketchum that are trying to keep the BBB report hidden. Incredible, considering anybody performing a search on the BBB website for DNA Diagnostics has access to the information I posted.

    As a matter of fact, I have been threatened that if I do not take down the post, which again is public information, that Cryptomundo will be sued.

    Holy moo-patties soaked in sheepdip!

    Craig, seriously? (*hugs* sorry this is happening).

    They’re threatening you with lawsuit, for posting something that is public information?

    That’s just plain horrible!

    Seriously, I stick by my earlier statement way back when, this behavior we are seeing from these people really stinks of a “credit” battle. Someone thinks someone has “something important or ground shaking” and wants to be the one to make said “possible” discovery theirs. They’re all trying to hammer the credibility of each other (in an attempt to claim the “discovery” (DNA?)). Which is why they need to defend the lab in question.

    Yeah, this is really ugly. I’m sorry, you and Loren are getting dragged into this muck.

    After all the insanity, they better have bodies because they certainly dragging enough of them into this cat fight.

  16. Redrose999 responds:

    They’re threatening you with lawsuit, for posting something that is public information?

    To clarify, by you, I mean Cryptomundo.

  17. Craig Woolheater responds:


    And also to clarify who the “They’re” are.

    It is not Melba Ketchum, nor her company, DNA Diagnostics.

    “They’re” is an apparent proponent of Dr. Ketchum’s who has a habit of threatening to sue people when things don’t go his way.

    It is someone who has posted in the original thread here regarding the BBB reports and who no longer has posting privileges here at Cryptomundo.

    Not naming names, but if you review the other thread, I’m sure it will be easy to figure out.

    And no, this does not open up a guessing game here. Any mention of the person in question will be stricken and the comment deleted.

  18. Redrose999 responds:

    Thanks you, I understand. I’m sorry you have to put up with stuff like this. LOL and I suppose I missed the boat entirely with my theory! LOL I’m just amazed at the defensiveness of the parties in question and keep thinking there has to be a good reason rather than just folks blowing off just to make each other look bad/good. I’m a glass half full sort of gal when it comes to people.

    Thanks again. Man this is a fiasco!

  19. Nominay responds:

    I’m suppose to accept Ketchum’s statement at face value? What is she suppose to say, that the project is falling apart amid litigation, criminal wrongdoing and bad business practices? The Erickson project is probably harboring a guy who could well be charged with manslaughter or 2nd degree murder. And this cheery version of Dr. Ketchum is the same Dr. Ketchum who bitterly ripped Richard Stubstad a new one at Robert Lindsay’s site a week ago? Was it really necessary to make an old man fighting prostate cancer out to look like the devil? She never rebutted his or Lindsay’s claims about the Bigfoot shooting story or the DNA results. The real contribution of Lindsay’s articles have been to bring all these characters out of the woodwork and show us how messed up they are. Of course Ketchum’s trying to save face now.

    I sincerely want someone to explain how I’m naive and to correct me.

  20. EastTexan responds:

    Craig – I, too, thank you for posting this. We need to see all sides to get a better picture of what is going on. A quick Google search of Dr. Ketchum will turn up a list that any of us can use, and some things are positive and some not. I think it interesting that her business is in Timpson, Texas. Timpson is a very small town on US 59 in eastern Texas with a population of a little over 1,000. Not a place you would think of as having a DNA lab or services. But a nice town. I used to live there.

  21. flame821 responds:

    Before anyone gets all crazy and argumentative over the “Mother and Child’ killed and/or murdered (depending on your point of view) PLEASE, PLEASE remember that this particular story was broken on a less than reputable website (IMHO) and that the story has changed at LEAST three times over the last few weeks.

    For all we know a body may have been stumbled across while someone was hunting or hiking. Maybe they have actually found a sick or aging Bigfoot. Maybe some guy did pull the trigger out of arrogance or fear. We don’t know and we probably never will know the whole story.

    This all smacks of misdirection and games. Now who is pulling the strings and why? THAT is something that might be worth knowing.

  22. Red Earth White Lies responds:

    Need to get a full Nuclear DNA sequence on this guy’s body or at least to save time, target those Nuclear areas where apes & humans are known to have the most divergence.

    Theoretically, if Khwit son of Zana later mated with a bipedal ape, would his offspring IF CONCEIVED have read ape in the mitochondrial DNA sequence? Was any time really spent on his mitochondrial DNA test?

    Furthermore, if Zana was in fact a distant past bipedal ape male/human female hybrid, would Khwit’s mito still say 100% Homo Sapiens if Zana as the description goes looked & mostly behaved as an Australopithecene advanced bipedal ape?

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