New Bigfoot Video?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 18th, 2010

A moving figure can be seen on the trail at the top center of the video in the first 23 seconds or so of the video.

What do the Cryptomundians think?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

20 Responses to “New Bigfoot Video?”

  1. JBrook responds:

    Poor video, it appears to be filmed from someones house, if that’s the case and they think Bigfoot is living in their backyard why would they not use a tripod? This video has the requisite shaking, the camera moves away from the object and some stupid background talking. The kid sounds excited and may think he saw bigfoot but my guess is maybe his mom had someone dress up and walk around for a few seconds to get the kid excited. The animal really lacks bulk and appears to be walking around with no intentions kinda like look I’m here you saw me. Lastly, as elusive as these animals are I doubt they are hanging out right next to several houses in the middle of the day and I highly doubt that with all the screaming the kid is doing that any sasquatch would be hanging around. This is some kind of fake, maybe the filmers knew, maybe not but this looks a lot like every other blobsquatch fake out there.

  2. tropicalwolf responds:

    I think that is 1 minute, 29 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  3. Dr Kaco responds:

    @Craig: What & where are we look at? I see one main trail, a clearing straight ahead, tree line to the left…what & where is lil Timmy shouting at? Please advise.
    Thanks! ;p

  4. formerbfrocurator responds:

    I agree with Tropicalwolf. What a waste of time. Let’s do a little screening and not post everything submitted.

  5. RWRidley responds:

    I initially poo-poo’d this video, too, but I kept on hearing chatter about it so, I downloaded the HD version, captured about 60 frames and examined them in Photoshop. There is something there. It’s bipedal. It’s bulky. It’s covered in black hair. The back has a bit of a silver reflection to it in the sunlight. The arms are fairly long, and the bottoms of the feet are white (reflected in the sun).

    It does appear to be someone’s residence, but it also looks to be somewhat secluded, and it’s on a small lake. The background noises are more natural than residential. When you know what to look for, you can see that once the kid gets really excited, it scoots up the incline at a very fast pace.

    The word is that this creature has been sighted at this location a few times over a number of years. The kid got a flip cam and has been more or less waiting for it to come back. My understanding is that he’s now invested in a better camera and is again waiting for the creature’s return.

    Is it bigfoot? Could it be a hoax? I can’t say, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. If I have some free time, I’ll post the frames for review. They are by no means clear, but they are somewhat interesting.

  6. Larry responds:

    Hmmm…. I think I’ll disagree with others that this is a fake. I think that it sounds like that this isn’t the only time they have seen it so I believe an investigation would be a good idea. It also appears they have a good place to film from. A trail cam in that spot would be ideal IMO. Of course I could be wrong and someone is dressing in a bigfoot type costume to prank the kid (and the mother?)… I don’t think that is the case.

    New version is up at YouTube.

    I saw the first video & was intrigued because it seemed everyone was reacting naturally… even the kid yelling at the Bigfoot (LOL). The new version of the video shows whitish/light foot pads as it walks back up the trail. I find it very interesting.

    I truly hope someone is able to connect up with the people that uploaded the video and do a serious on-site investigation.

  7. graybear responds:

    Could be a Bigfoot. Could also be Rubeus Hagrid on vacation. Or some guy in a bulky coat. The Youtube origin does absolutely nothing for the believability of the video. Why didn’t the kid try waving a Slim Jim?

  8. shownuff responds:

    Okay lets not forget it’s a kid. Not some expert. Ease up guys. Tripod? are you serious people. Leave it to a kid to one day film this forest being in HD. I went on his channel and noticed they have a 1080p short clip version. Looks crisp. All they have to do is report it to some image analyzing experts and hopefully it could be good. If he could have just stayed quiet for just a little longer. A lot of kids do have encounters with these bipedal primitive looking people or apes. We are heading in the correct direction. HD cameras are the key. I have a HD camera on my phone. So that’s awesome. Technology will keep these Forest dwellers safe. My wish is to see a family of them together. Just watching them interact with each other. Again I can dream. Thanks Craig!

  9. ILoveSnakes responds:

    I don’t see a blasted thing…

    Waste of time.

  10. Craig Woolheater responds:

    The video update has been posted here at Cryptomundo.

  11. Automaton responds:

    Is it just me, or does the scenery look like its painted? Even in the 1080p version, and when the camera shakes, it seems like the whole plane shifts, how would that happen? Unless it was a 2d plane filmed, I dunno. If it was then the cgi, or whatever to add the bigfoot, was done pretty well….
    ….Or maybe I’m on crack and it actually is real….
    Not sure why but I can’t NOT see a painting….

  12. Daedalus responds:

    I do not even have a tripod in the house so I could not use one if I wanted.
    And this is a kid, what do you expect , he is excited . And he has a cold :).
    But I can see the thing walking up the trail , you just have to look up the path
    to see him at the first of the video. When the kid sees the thing he starts moving
    and yelling at the Bigfoot. If that is what it is. And there is just a short bit more after
    he quits moving all around , but it does look clear , a lot more clear than most videos are of this.

    I am going to stabilize the video and see if I can zoom in and clean it up .
    Maybe we can tell something more and see if it really is a Bigfoot.
    I will work on this tonight and try to get it up for all to see, that is if I can
    make it look any better.

  13. rickodemilo responds:

    I hate when a video like this comes out and everyone instantly dispels it. It’s all you got.

  14. Mïk responds:

    Lighten up, Francis. You work with the evidence you get, Not the evidence you want. Most encounters, you’ll notice, ARE the shaky kind. That doesn’t make them all a hoax. This was taped by a youngster. He probably doesn’t know what a tripod is…if there was one available. During a sighting, do you want everyone to stop filming until the camera is stabilized?

    I think this is as real as a chance encounter can get. It moves like a bipedal animal with a dark surface that has no hint of clothing or costume. It is definitely mobile and, though hard to see, seems to walk with the limbs sorts visible. OK, it ain’t perfect, but it’s a start. Larry’s correct that a trail cam would be ideal right there to get a non-shaky look at the creature.

  15. Dr Kaco responds:

    The main shot of it is the first 6 seconds of this video. Straight ahead of the main clearing standing next to the 2nd tree to the right. Moves to the left and reaches its left arm out to grab a limb or trunk of a tree, hill?

    There after it proceeds to exit the scene towards the tree line straight ahead.

    Didn’t see it initially till Craig re posted the higher res version.

  16. korollocke responds:

    The lighter colored soles prove hands down that this and patty are bogus. And obvious waistline separation visible in the patty suit in the film. Look at it for yourselves why would the “fur” be lighter and thinner on the waist? Try walking around barefoot in your own property for a couple days, your feet will be quite dark. Let alone living your entire existence barefoot in the wilderness. I’m sure there are North American primates out in the wild.

  17. Roddy Hays responds:

    I don’t think the pale feet would be part of my denial.

  18. Dr Kaco responds:

    @Roddy Hays: good show man! LOL I love this group, so varied.

  19. Roddy Hays responds:

    Dr Kaco,

    I dunno, but as I said to Loren, it is the fact that there indeed pale soles of feet visible that make a review of this video of more than passing interest.

    If you were a hoaxer, would you think of that ? Would a kid and his sister, and their mum ?

    We need to see some frames if anyone has grabbed them….. there’s something about this video, maybe in the audio, that really piques my interest…. it’s either the fact that the figure moves off immediately the noise starts (a man would stand and stare at the noise to start with, homeless or not) or the sheer idiocy of the child to start screaming at the figure. Who would write that into a script for a hoax, where ultimately the filming is poorly executed – when it could have been more artful ?

    **shakes head and watches video again**

  20. Roddy Hays responds:

    Right at the end of the audio, you can hear the little sister saying;

    “You scared him away, you shouldn’t have scared him away….. you could’ve got more on film, but then you wouldn’t want him to get too close, would you?”

    And the mother softly replies, “No, thank you.”

    I’ve spent half an hour closely listening to that clip, and at 1.20 I think I detect a tremor of fear in that little girl’s voice. I would be surprised if that is fake.

    It could well be that the figure across the lake is not our hairy friend, of course, but I’d happily put down a small sum on the film and its protagonists not being part of a hoax.

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