On the Trail of Orang Pendek

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 14th, 2017

Daily Planet: Orang Pendek

Explorer Adam Davies has traveled some of the most dangerous places in the world in search of the universe’s mythical beasts. One of his favorites: the mysterious Orang Pendek, a bipedal ape living in the jungles on the island of Sumatara. Like a miniature Bigfoot, this humanoid creature is bipedal, ape-like and covered with thick fur. Though it stands only about a meter tall it is incredibly powerful and said to have the strength to tear small trees straight out of the ground.Davies will take us through his expeditions to the Sumatra and tell us about what he’s found to prove the existence of this creature.

Source Discovery.ca

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  1. mandors responds:

    I’ve really grown tired of the Orang Pendek myth. There is far less evidence of it than either Bigfoot or the Yeti, and the potential for misidentification is enormous. Unlike North American, there are at least half a dozen primates roughly in the size rage of Orang Pendek that inhabit the Sumatra. Putting aside stereotypes of native peoples as possessing inerrant knowledge of their environment, they’re people and they can get it wrong like anybody else.

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