Red Dead Redemption: Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 27th, 2010

I am not a gamer and find this somewhat offensive…

The legendary Bigfoot (the creature, not the monster truck) has been confirmed for the Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC. He appears fleetingly several times in the most recent television commercial and trailer.

Bigfoot has a history of rumored appearances in Rockstar games dating back to GTA: San Andreas. This will mark his first official appearance.

Will he be friend or foe?

The Undead Nightmare pack releases on Oct 26th on the Xbox Live and PSN and will cost $9.99 or 800 MSP.ripten

Source: Bigfoot Confirmed by New Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Trailer

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21 Responses to “Red Dead Redemption: Bigfoot”

  1. shownuff responds:

    I agree with you Craig. We still have not brought in the smoking gun and these game developers are already brain washing the American kids that if you see one, just kill it. Not cool. And I am a gamer. This was also in Grand Theft Auto 3. Not cool at all.

  2. ILoveSnakes responds:

    I find it HIGHLY offensive.

  3. gavinf responds:

    I am a gamer. Have been for a long time. This is not only offensive, but pathetic.

  4. Herm1947 responds:

    I haven’t played any shoot’em up games for about ten years…since I got married and we had two children. Shooting zombies, werwolves, vampires or bad aliens never seemed to bother me, but this is rather disturbing. When the cowboy had a conversation with the Bigfoot creature after killing all of his people… Well, it made me get a knot in my stomach. Games are becoming so realistic that it almost feels like your watching real death. Nope, wouldn’t want to play this “game.”

  5. John Kirk responds:


    Whatever happened to social responsibility and a respect for nature? This game will only appeal to violent morons. This is as bad as the rod and gun club in BC who use sasquatch targets for practice.

    Atrociously bad judgment on the behalf of the game’s makers. Also, their sasquatch looks like a man in an ape suit.

  6. Macleod responds:

    you guys need to get a grip! No one that should be playing this game thinks that it is real, and just because i shoot a cougar in this game for its pelt does not mean i am going to go out into the woods and shoot a damn couger…..i really enjoyed this game and i am not a “violent moron” i am a 33 yr old business owner and a parent, and have always enjoyed video games as a way to relax and have some fun. Not sure what else to say, it just really bothers me when i see this kind of knee jerk reaction to this sort of “story”. It’s not real life folks.

  7. Wulf responds:

    You guys are offended by someone shooting some fake digital sasquatches in a video game, but you failed to mention the shooting of the fake digital bears, the fake digital wolf, and the fake digital birds. Not to mention all the fake digital humans you shoot in this game. I think we have a serious problem here, and you all don’t understand the full gravity of it.

    This game will no doubt inspire hordes of violent, overweight, blood thirsty gamers to put the cheetos down, get off their couches, go out and buy a gun, and then go hunting for Bigfoot. As we all know, the chances of them actually finding a Bigfoot are EXTREMELY high. In fact, I think the bigfoot population will be endangered after the release of this game. All those fat, roly poly gamers will be as thick in the forest as the stack of pancakes they ate for breakfast.

    But it doesn’t end there. Oh no. After they have slaughtered all the sasquatches, they will then move onto the birds. Then the wolves. And the bears. Finally, they’ll go after the humans. (They need the achievements!!)

    Thus will end the human race, and several species of animal.

    God help us all.

  8. chrisc responds:

    Really? offensive ?! Laughable at best, it’s a Fictional game and scenario. HOW ABOUT all the real life hoaxers out there producing actual trash at the search of this creature. CMON, offensive?

  9. Hambone responds:

    I think it is a little too much extreme, “YOU EAT BABIES”. Who came up with that crud??

  10. springheeledjack responds:

    I think what it really shows is that BF is pervading our culture even further…if it’s in a hunting game, then it’s taking for granted that BF is a real critter…casting it alongside bear and deer, etc.

    I tend not to take that stuff too seriously–while I hold cryptids near and dear to my heart, it’s still a vid-game after all. And like I said, The game assumes BF is a real creature…so if anything the game is putting forth that BF is really in the wild–not that we have to shoot him, but as was said up there, there’s a difference between video violence and real violence…I ought to know, in my video game life, I’ve killed more men and monsters than a third world dictator, and I’ve never let that bleed into the real world…

  11. Weezy responds:

    I’ve seen a ton of movies, so it takes a lot to disturb me in this society. I found the whole sequence where he was talking to the sasquatch pretty disturbing. I’m not offended by a video game, just disturbed. The part where he tells the guy to just shoot him and starts crying, that’s just a bit much for me. I realize this is an M rated game and it’s for adults, I just don’t see the point of having something like that, who finds that entertaining or fun?

  12. Macleod responds:

    @Hambone, I believe it was mike tyson, and as far as offensive I take offense to “roly poly gamers” lol 🙂
    (Acheivment Unlocked)
    (50g Roly Poly)

  13. wolfatrest responds:

    I have played this game and it’s lot of fun. I notice no one seemed to have a problem with the fact that you shoot hundreds of humans in the game, nor did anyone comment that it was an atrocity that you saw bears being gunned down. I haven’t seen anything in the game so far that had to do with sasquatch so I can’t comment on that part of the game, but everything else in the game seemed to have a rational (for it being a fictional game) reason for what happens. From doing a little research it appears that John Marsten was under the impression that the family of sasquatch were eating people’s babies. How many of us would react any differently?

  14. tropicalwolf responds:

    Chrisc pretty much said it all. I am far mor offended by hoaxers and people giving their crap videos airtime. I have no love for Rockstar Games, but one could look at this from a devils advocate petspective: after killing a few, the gamer is presented with the oppurtunity to see the sasquatch as intelligent creature far more so (and able to speak English none the less) than probably in reality. It may even garner more interest in sasquatch from younger people than currently exists. Let’s not start the “real” kill vs no kill debate, however, at least Mr Red Dead would have something we don’t have…proof. Come on, it is a GAME people. I would expect the PETA people to be “offended” but not anyone else.

  15. CrimsonFox79 responds:

    I agree with Mcleod.
    I am a gamer. I have always been, and will always be a gamer. I’m 31 years old, and still have every system I ever owned from the atari (7800) to the wii and xbox360.
    While playing games, even as a young child, I knew they were just games. They are interactive, fictional stories.
    I love animals and nature. I would never deliberately harm a creature in real life. I may enjoy firing a virtual gun around in a fictional world made of pixels, but in real life I will go out of my way to save the life of even a little bug.
    Playing super Mario bros, I never went outside afterwards and stomped on turtles. After playing Zelda, I never ran outside to break my neighbors’ flowerpots hoping to find money.
    Most gamers do realize that they are playing something fictional. That’s what we love most about games- we go on quests and play as characters we would never do or be in real life.
    There may be upsetting situations, or quests to shoot things we love in real life, or horrific scenes that would make you vomit in real life. But they are games. And if someone plays a game and takes it seriously and goes out and mimics what they saw on the tv screen, then there was probably something off in their brain to begin with….

  16. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Yo, this is Rockstar Games we’re talking about, Cryptos!

    If their games don’t offend at least *one* demographic, their stock price plummets 😉

  17. Fhqwhgads responds:

    I’ve been killing ’em in Nethack for years. There’s a lot of meat on ’em, too, so if you’re not being attacked by something else it’s a good idea to eat the corpse. I never met a Y monster I liked, unless maybe it was my polymorphed dog or I had a scroll of taming.

  18. ILoveSnakes responds:

    I find these “It’s just a game!” arguments to be rather pathetic. They say the same thing whenever anyone finds any game offensive for any reason whatsoever.

    Let’s not forget that among other things, the military uses video games to desensitize soldiers from killing… But wait, it shouldn’t desensitize them, because after all, its “just a game”, right?

  19. Fhqwhgads responds:

    I can’t help notice how the sasquatch shown in the game is also both much slower than everyone says and much easier to kill than one would expect.

  20. paul_r responds:

    I think those with fears that a video game will bring death to an innocent sasquatch are unfounded.

    Video games are about people doing things that they can’t do in real life. It would take a real hunter with real guns to kill a saquatch. If that could be done in real life then we would all be expressing outrage about someone who did that already because we wouldn’t have “existence of” to argue about.

  21. Tarzanboyy responds:

    I like how the vast majority of people placing judgment have probably never played a game in their entire life. I am a gamer and an animal lover. I don’t play GTA and I’m not a shooter addict, but I do play games considered violent, and I do own red dead redemption. In the game, you kill people and animals, but anyone who thinks that it somehow encourages people to commit violent acts isn’t within hailing distance of earth. It’s no different than any other violent medium. I don’t enjoy senseless violence and I have never even been hunting. I wouldn’t kill another creature unless it was a life or death situation. Even if something is admittedly in bad taste, anyone who is inspired to commit an act of violence by a game or a movie or whatever else has problems to begin with. Hell, the guy who killed John Lennon claimed to be inspired by Catcher in the Rye. Manson was supposedly inspired by Beatles lyrics. People inherently have violent tendencies, and some very disturbed people can’t or choose not to put those things into context. There’s a time and a place where personal responsibility comes into play. Now I can’t speak for certain individuals, but for me and for most people, no matter how “realistic” the game is, it’s not real life and the psychological effect is completely different. How can people who don’t play video games have the temerity to spout off like this? They’re just parroting what they’ve been programmed to say. Ask yourself this: Who is more likely to kill someone in cold blood? A person who plays video games all day or someone who tortures animals in their basement?
    The difference is this: A psychopath is a psychopath regardless of violent video games, movies, music or anything else. Will they use them to act out their fantasies? Certainly. But that doesn’t make the medium evil.
    Anyway, the simulators the military uses don’t actually ‘desensitize’ soldiers to killing people to any significant degree. Even though I’ve never killed anyone, I’m willing to bet that most military personnel who have been in combat situations will tell you that actually shooting someone and watching them die is not the same as any simulator, regardless of how realistic it is. If you want evidence for this, people who chronically play first person shooters don’t develop post traumatic stress disorder. Returning soldiers do. Playing call of duty doesn’t make you a murderer. I play call of duty, but I get viscerally upset when I even see one of those animal cruelty videos.

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