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Posted by: Guy Edwards on March 13th, 2013

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Roger Patterson making a cast of a Bigfoot track

“We know enough about Bigfoot’s habits and habitats that we should be able to soon lure one into a position where we can capture it…” ~ Roger Patterson, 1968

There is debate whether this actually happened in 1968 or 1969 as the portion of the Oregon Journal article with the date is missing. If anybody wants to go to the University of Oregon, they have the article on microfiche.

What we do know is Patterson incorporated the scene of the infamous Sasquatch walking across a river bank into a documentary and he screened his movie at local movie houses across the Northwest. One of the stops was Portland’s Memorial Coliseum, where he screened it for two nights March 13th and March 14th.

Read the excerpt from the Oregon Journal article, interestingly it also talks about a BBC documentary, we will get to that after the excerpt.

[Roger Patterson’s] film has become the basis for a documentary made by the British Broadcasting Company and subsequent articles in Life Magazine and Reader’s Digest, Argosy and the National Wilderness Magazines. The BBC film and additional footage of expeditions into western wilderness will be shown at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum on March 13 and 14.

Early next week Patterson and three companions intend to go into the Cascades east of Portland, Oregon on the first of a serious of three “ape hunting trips” he is planning this year. Reports of sightings and footprints in this area from an Estacada logger, who claims to have seen the giant creature on three different occasions, prompted the Oregon expedition. Both Patterson and Rene Dahinden of British Columbia who has spent the last ten years hunting the Sasquatch (Canadian name for the creatures) are convinced the logger is telling the truth. Dahinden visited the area a week ago and inspected piles of rocks supposedly piled up by the mystery creatures as they looked for hibernating rodents.

After the Oregon expeditions, Patterson and the Northwest Research Association, which he heads, plan trips to Mt. St. Helens area in Washington and in the Mt. Shasta country in northern California.

In Portland this week, Patterson said he felt the search for Bigfoot is drawing to a close. “We know enough about Bigfoot’s habits and habitats that we should be able to soon lure one into a position where we can capture it,” Patterson declared.Oregon Journal

The BBC documentary was never made whole and a lot of BBC footage was given back to Patterson. Some of the footage can be seen in the BBC series, “X-Creatures:Shooting Bigfoot.”

The “X-Creatures:Shooting Bigfoot” documentary by the BBC has John Green showing his film roll containing Roger Patterson’s Bluff Creek PGF footage. Note: the very start shows footage from the Yakima, WA area, of riders coming down a hill on horses–this is NOT from Bluff Creek. It was added by someone else, and I left it there for historical purposes. This clip then includes the preceding pack horse scenes from X-Creatures, the Bigfoot section including the very early frames, and the possible re-enactment of the footprint casting scene at the very end. Note: the early parts were spliced in reverse accidentally up to the first appearance of the Bigfoot creature, and so are seen “flipped” here.BigfootBooks

You watch the entire episode of “X-Creatures:Shooting Bigfoot.” that contains some of the BBC footage at Bigfoot Lunch Club

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