Sasquatch Caught on Video by Chinese Tourists

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 23rd, 2013

This is another video that is getting talked about in the Bigfoot Community:

Stabilized version:

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13 Responses to “Sasquatch Caught on Video by Chinese Tourists”

  1. edsbigfoot responds:

    It looks like either a young black bear or a primate, like a chimpanzee or small gorilla, at least to me. I didn’t see it stand up, and it didn’t seem to care at all about those folks being there. It looks like video from a tour group at a nature reserve. Interesting.

  2. viking0047 responds:

    Looks to me like this was a setup. The person filming keeps going back and forth between the tourists and the “suit” man. He looks more intent on getting the tourists reaction than the actual subject. Even to the point of letting everyone with a camera move ahead of him towards the end of the video.

    My theory, two or more guys know that this is where a tourist group regularly stops. One goes out in the woods dressed in a suit and the other one waits for the bus with the camera.


  3. mandors responds:

    Here we go again…

    The arm movement at the very beginning, the :01 to :02 mark, appears out of the range of a bear. Looks like a biped, guy in a suit or Bigfoot, squatting down and throwing something behind him.

    Based on the lackadaisical behavior, I’m going with guy in a suit pranking Chinese tourists.

    Either way, there should be about a dozen other videos, hopefully with better detail. Also, at the end when the other tourist steps in front of the camera, the “Sasquatch” starts to look a little photoshoppy. Don’t know if that could be focusing/mechanical issue.

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    so basically these things dont want to be seen… and NO ONE can get real video or photos of one, yet its RIGHT next to a massive group of asian tourists snapping away?


    looks like a younger bear to me…

    this shit gets more comical by the day… you bigfoot guys are lacking in proof so much you’re reaching…. just reaching to cling on to anything and hope some jabroni believes you.

    real proof guys, its SORELY lacking…

  5. William responds:

    At first I thought this was a black bear but then it looks more like a small gorilla. Either way, I don’t think it is a bigfoot. Maybe it is legal to have a pet gorilla in China??

  6. hoodoorocket responds:

    This is an interesting video.

    There are very un-bearlike things being shown. A distinct human/primate arm thrown back in a range of motion that a bear cannot do. A slimness in the shoulder neck area unlike a bear.

    I don’t know what is shown. It could be a primate, could be a guy in a suit on his haunches.

    Whatever is shown is certainly putting on a show for the crowd, either defensive posturing of a primate or overacting by a human. It flails its arm a couple of times, once clearly at the beginning while tearing up the stump and other times just glimpsed over the heads of the people. It also half-heartedly charges the group, flushing the redcoat out of the woods and dispersing the crowd at the end.

    I didn’t watch it with sound (no sound at work), were there any noises when it charged? Huffing or grunting?

    The top video is high enough resolution to reveal some things if someone had time to monkey with it.

    The showmanship and certain hopping movements when it was rooting at the stump make me lean towards a guy hunkered in a costume, but I’m undecided. I could be swayed one way or the other if I wasted some time watching it.

    @Viking0047, same thoughts ran through my mind regarding your analysis of the camera work.

  7. cryptokellie responds:

    Video of a prank to give the Chinese tourist “something” to home with.
    Why on earth would anyone keep panning away from this figure to the crowd
    if it was a real Bigfoot? The photographer did it three times…three? And then let
    the crowd get between the camera and the subject…who is acting like a gorilla.
    Another lunch meat video…baloney.

  8. hoodoorocket responds:

    LOL, came back and watched the stabilized version. First new thing I noticed; it is not a guy on his haunches, it’s a guy actually on his hands and knees… you can see a foot sticking out from the undergrowth. I guess it is now officially case closed for me…

    It would be fun to take a booze-fueled junket into the lakes and mountains with the high point being stepping out of the land rovers and “seeing” bigfoot. It would be equally fun to put on the show for tourists for a fist full of money a pop.

    More fun than a glacier trip anyway…

  9. Goodfoot responds:


    Snapping a punt, I think. Don’t the Raiders need a new long-snapper?

    But I think this is a first for me: a video of people making videos of a “Sasquatch”. Do Chinese people know the word, “Sasquatch”?

  10. John Kirk responds:

    What is wrong with this video? Lots.

    1. Chinese tourists visiting Mission, B.C.? You must be joking. That;s like French gastronomes visiting a burger joint in search of good food. Other than Westminster Abbey (yes there is one in Mission) there is absolutely nothing in Mission that Chinese tourists would be remotely interested in. Well, maybe my buddy Thomas Steenburg who just happens to live in Mission. Thomas is a legend in his own lunchtime :), but I don’t think tourists would flock to Mission to see him. I don’t even think this was shot in Mission. Looks like Golden Ears provincial park to me.

    2. This video was released on the Legend Trackers web site. LT have developed a geocaching game app that features searching for, wait for it: Sasquatch in Mission, BC. Hmmmmmm? How coincidental is this? Go to their web site at and you will see a video of a guy in a sasquatch costume engaging a local realtor to help sasquatch find a home. Very touching. This costume looks an awful lot to me like the one that is seen in the above video.

    3. Listen to the tour guide who says “Sasquatch” in the video. She’s British. So am I. I can tell by the way she says it that this is bloody tongue-in-cheek stuff. Look at the other person who is non-Chinese in
    the video. She’s the blond woman below the road in a pinkish top. I ask: What is she doing down there? Did she perhaps go and set this up with the “sasquatch”? I wonder.

    So there you have it my friends, a very probable hoax and as a Cantonese speaker from Hong Kong I did not hear a single one of the Chinese people call sasquatch by an equivalent name in Chinese which is Yeren ro also Xing-xing. Chinese people in Hong Kong know what a Yeren is and the fact that the Chinese Yeren bears such a close resemblance to sasquatch would not be missed by Hong Kong folks. The fact that they did not know what it was just baffles me. Were these people in on the joke too?

    Now if you excuse me I have to take a look at a video of Ogopogo shot by some tourists from Lithuania as it leaps over the Bennett Bridge in Kelowna. 🙂

  11. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:

    Greetings, one and all. I am not impressed with this footage one bit. And we just acquired a long snapper, thank you.

  12. PhotoExpert responds:

    Yawn, LOL Fake as hell hoax!

    No need to make any further comments as it has all been covered by the posters above.

  13. DWA responds:

    Um, looks more like “Chinese Tourists Caught on Video by Sasquatch” to me.

    There’s bigfoot! But the people are so interesting.

    Oh. OK.

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