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Navajo Cops: “Eyes of the Howler”

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 21st, 2012

Loren previewed this episode last week here on Cryptomundo.

The most important piece of video from the “Howler” in Navajo Cops Episode 2. This 3 -parts is the only relevant part of all the program.Uploaded by icetotos on Mar 20, 2012

The video above is all I could find on youtube of the episode.

I did not catch the program when it aired on Monday.

It re-airs on the following dates for those Cryptomundians like myself who missed it the first time around:

Saturday, March 24 @ 6:00 PM Central
Sunday, March 25 @ 1:00 AM Central
Monday, March 26 @ 5:00 PM Central

Navajo Cops: Eyes of the Howler

Navajo Police Officers mount a new hunt for The Howler a mysterious creature believed to have killed dogs and livestock. Some of the elders in the community suspect it might be a Skinwalker, while others insist that its the Navajo version of Bigfoot. As they sweep through a remote canyon, the heavily-armed cops actually hear the chilling sound caught on tape and they think its coming from a cave high in the cliffs. Have they finally tracked down the elusive Howler?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

46 Responses to “Navajo Cops: “Eyes of the Howler””

  1. Robert Schneck via Facebook responds:

    Now I’ve got “Eye of the Tiger” playing over and over in my head.

  2. Hapa responds:

    Very very interesting. I wish they would have had a person go up to that cave and look around for hairs scat and other evidence of whatever it was in that cave, and to see how big it was compared to a man. The howl itself did not sound natural.

    Could a man turn into a beast? I have heard of stories of people who have undergone unusual physical transformations (Pastor John Hagee of Texas was ministering to a woman who thought she was possessed when her face contorted to rememble a Cat’s, her legs were raised above her body and made a triangle shape, and she uttered with a voice better left to a John Carpenter movie, saying “I hate you John Hagee!”. He joked that they don’t teach you about this in seminary (protestant seminaries)! I’ve heard a similar story to this as well, all indicating a transformation is possible, but not a full one where a person does turn into a wolf or bat or Tiger. Perhaps there are people among the Navajo who practice the black arts and pull this off. Having said that, this gets out of science and into metaphysics and the supernatural.

    And for proof, a body or live capture will be needed. I wish the cop had taken it down with his rifle.

  3. recurve responds:

    I watched the show when it aired and they did send some one up to the cave and said they couldn’t see any evidence of anything being there no scuff marks in the dirt nothing. But when he got up to the spot the cave didn’t look big enough for a man to crawl in. I’m guessing it was a big cat of some kind lounging in the cave.

  4. paul_r responds:

    I think being police shooting at the eyes of an unidentified target may be unethical. I guess I’ll have to watch the show to see if anyone climbed up and looked in the cave.

  5. BumbleBeast responds:

    I’m a little behind in this story and haven’t heard of the Howler before, but why do we not think it’s a coyote?

  6. joelice responds:

    Hello everyone!

    That’s my video that I uploaded yesterday because I could not find the video clip in any site. I did not include anything else, only the important video evidence and the howl that was recorded. I just cut everything else for the sake of the clip.

    In the video episode, they actually go up and try to find the creature, but no trace was found and the creature was gone. The cameraman just got a glimpse and recorded on the video the creepy eyes stalking the team while searching in the mountain. Also there where more howls heard, like 3-4, but they only got what was shown on the episode.

  7. Redrose999 responds:

    My son and I think the eye shine is from a Coyote. It’s the right shape and angle for one. The rest is Hollywood FB tv tactics to ensnare viewers.

  8. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    @ Hapa re, “I wish they would have had a person go up to that cave and look around for hairs, scat and other evidence of whatever it was in that cave, and to see how big it was compared to a man.”

    Me too. To that I would add, “You first.”

    Consider that Navajo police officers are primarily tasked with keeping the peace and protecting Reservation residents. Those duties do not necessarily include confronting a cornered (pick one): Coyote, Wolf, Cougar, Jaguar, Black Bear (or Sasquatch, or Shape-Shifter, I might add,) simply to satisfy a TV crew’s curiosity. Indeed, considering the inherent risks, discretion may have been the wiser choice.

    As far as shooting first and asking questions later; any individual – and especially any law enforcement officer – would be reckless in the extreme in taking a shot at an unidentified target. Imagine the legal and moral repercussions if they had taken a shot and then entered the cave to find a human corpse…

  9. EvilEmpire responds:

    While the video and howl were interesting, I personally wasn’t too impressed. I didn’t watch the show though, so I’m not sure how much more they did.

    Hapa – to respond to your question “Could a man turn into a beast?”

    I grew up on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in NC and there was a very old medicine man who I had heard rumors was a shape shifter. Now keep in mind, I take everything with a grain of salt and honestly don’t believe anything unless I can see it for myself. The old man was very close with my family and I asked him one day about the rumors I had heard. He asked what I thought, and as politely as a 13 yr kid smart-ass could say it, I told him I thought it was BS, but I did believe there was a lot out there, especially the ‘old ways’ that have been lost. He whispered to me that I would see a great owl outside my door that night. Of course I went home and couldn’t sleep a wink that night. No bullshit, in the middle of the night I heard some commotion so ran to the front door and opened it. ten feet away in a tree was the greatest, most majestic owl I have ever seen in my life. I’ve never even seen an owl like that around this area (almost like an albino or snow owl) just staring right at me. I swung the door open and had turned on the light, so most any wild animal would have took off, but it didn’t. Not to mention we had five dogs who ran wild around the house, so not much every got close. it just sat there and we stared at each other for what felt like forever (prob more like 7-8 minutes) until I gave a nod, and went back inside to bed.

    The next day when went into the store (he always hung out at the store where my dad worked), as soon as the old man saw me, he started grinning from ear to ear and told me “you believe now, don’t you”

    So to answer your question, I think yes. while of course it could have all been some crazy coincidence, but I think there was a natural power that some of the old civilizations like the American Indians or Chinese possessed that we wouldn’t be able to explain today, especially the connection with nature. Over generations and modernization, much of this has been lost, but there may be some of the old ‘ancients’ who practiced the old traditions (this all happened 20 or so years ago).

    Who knows, maybe there are some Navajo with the same old ways, and this howler could be the same.

    That’s not even the only instance of crazy unexplainable stuff I’ve had happen or seen on ‘the rez’ (reservation).

  10. Sierra-D124 responds:

    That’s quite good footage. I regret that I don’t get the National Geographic channel. Personally, I’d say it was a wolf, coyote or wild dog, but that howl just isn’t any of those. Whatever it is, it’s not any canine I’ve heard.

  11. Windigo2357 responds:

    When I heard on Cryptomundo about the episode, I had to watch. Luckily, they didn’t wait until the end of the episode to conclude their investigation. One officer with a long range rifle could see something in the cave. The cameraman with NatGeo caught the eyes or eyeshine with his camera. It definitely looked like eyes. What kind of eyes? I have no idea.

    Anyway there were two officers at the mouth of the cave. One began moving towards the entrance and threw a rock in the cave. There was no response. Then he moved toward the mouth of the cave, raised his firearm and shined a light in it. His response, “There’s nothing in there,” or something like that. Needless to say I was disappointed. But there was clearly something there at some point, just not when they searched.

  12. ModernShanahan responds:

    My guess it’s a Dire wolf or an unknown giant baboon. The werewolf theory doesn’t make sense to me unless it’s a man that has been experimented on with wolf dna or something by ancient or modern scientist. Something that Dr. Moreau would do. I’m talking about the movie “Island of Dr. Moreau”. A man who mixes human dna with animals and creates hybrids.

  13. CDC responds:


    I have been waiting for a thread about this since I watched the show on Monday.

    The video, the audio, the location, the source…this is the BEST evidence for an unknown Bigfoot type animal this and other sites have had in years.

    Police with rifle scopes aimed in the direction…nope, this wasn’t a hoax or prank.

    Remote area, nothing could be staged.

    Real Police, so any producers playing tricks would face criminal charges.

    Good audio and credible video.

    Yes, this was the real deal and you believers should place this up there below Patterson/Gimlin as something skeptics would have trouble debunking…I think it is of a real animal.

    I just pray to God that Matt Moneymaker doesn’t run down there and turn some actual REAL evidence into another sideshow joke.

    I am heading down there myself in April to look at the area…just need to get permission from the Navajo Reservation.

    This was very interesting and I will say, real evidence of “something”.

  14. Hapa responds:


    “Me to. I would add, “You first.”

    Okay. I wouldn’t mind. There’s always a risk when doing field crypto-zoological work (There are so many times Josh Gates could have been killed by more mundane things on his journeys, such as spider bites and falls, let alone with possible cryptids and paranormal activity). Having said that, I understand the reasoning why they didn’t fire, especially if what was in view might have been an endangered species (if you shoot and it was endangered, you would be guilty of poaching). Its hard to think that those eyes belonged to a human at first (before they found out the animal was much smaller due to the size of the cave it was in), but then again even fake eyes on some suits might pull off the same eye glow effect.


    Very interesting story. My Dad is part Choctaw, and he told me a story about an Indian Mystic he once talked too on a reservation who had unusual prophetic abilities, though whether the person was a shapeshifter too was not mentioned. I told him about this show, and he actually seemed a bit interested, even though cryptids and animals are far from being his thing (He’s into NASCAR).
    While waiting for this footage I caught the premiere episode on another website, and one of the cops said they had actually arrested supposed skinwalkers. However, there was no further discussion on them, possibly due to the suspects being merely crazies, or perhaps due to the taboo of the subject in Navajo culture.

    I bet Josh Gates will be hitting the Navajo Trail here soon…

  15. TheForthcoming responds:

    Very interesting!

    Also I like John Hagee as well and have heard that story in regards to the first comment by Hapa.

  16. texasbeliever responds:

    I saw the episode and it was clearly evident that the camera man was a long way off when he shot that footage of the eyes. He had to zoom in and was far enough out he could get an angle into the dark hole or cave. Whatever it was, it just stared and did not turn its head. I doubt it was a coyote as the distance between the eyes was too far. There might be an inch, no more than two inches, between a coyote’s eyes. It might have been a big mountain lion, it wouldn’t be unlike a cat to just lay there and stare out over his domain, then skulk away when a human approaches.

    I was just disappointed when they were “called back to town” just as they get to the cave.

  17. D2K4 responds:

    Very intriguing. It definitely warrants further scientific investigation. Not enough here to draw any real conclusions it seems.

    Still, I wish we could just focus on a rational, scientific discussion of all this. Shape shifting, magic, and wild stories of the dark arts, be it from Navajo shamans or a bigoted megachurch conman don’t really have much basis in the particular facts of this case or in reality for that matter.

  18. Desertdweller responds:

    I just can’t say this enough: If you don’t know what it is you are shooting at, don’t shoot!

    It is compounded shooting into a dark cave: you can’t tell what is behind your target, either.

    The Navajo policeman was absolutely correct in refusing to shoot at a pair of eyes in a cave.

    I am part Cherokee myself, and have grandchildren who are Lakota. I also have friends who are traditional Navajos. I personally have a hard time getting my mind around the concept of “shape-shifting”. But I do know this idea is shared by the traditions of all three nations, and will not discount the possibility out of respect for that tradition.

  19. forsakenfuture responds:

    I had a very good Navajo friend one time tell me of his experiences with Skinwalkers. The stories sound out landish when you think about it but the way he talked just made me think he was telling the truth. The stories still send chills down my spine.

  20. Opalman responds:

    Greetings all; Back in the late sixties I became intensely interested in the writings of Carlos Castaneda, and the first of his several excellent works; “The Teachings of Don Juan”; a first person narrative describing various spiritual adventures under the tutelage of the character, Don Juan Matus; a shaman. For anyone who hasn’t read it and might be interested in shape-shifters and the Southwestern Amerind occult I highly recommend the book.

    Ever since reading Castaneda’s works I have never been able to totally discount the plausibility of such paranormal phenomenon. While at the Farm and during the period in which I was engrossed in Castaneda’s first work, we were visited by longtime family friend and mutual friend of Ivan T. Sanderson: Desmond Slattery. At the time (1969) Desmond was in New Jersey recuperating from malaria he had contracted while in, what was at that time, known as British Honduras; (now Belize). Desmond ran, (or was a major part of) a jungle outpost there which he called; “The Institute for Ethnobotanical Studies”. In one of my many hounding sessions I brought the subject up, wondering what Desmond thought of it. I was quite surprised to find out that he; knowing nothing of Castaneda’s writing; validated many of the activities and;( and for lack of a better word);the protocols described in Castaneda’s book. It was obvious that Desmond considered the whole subject as very real and even sacred. I spent several hours that night listening to stories from his personal experience; with what can only be termed or described as shape-shifting shamans, miraculous botanical healings etc.

    Regarding the video; again…wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone had given us a scale reference, a yardstick, a shoe, anything so that we might ascertain the size of the opening in the rocks, and thereby a possible rough idea of the pupil to pupil distance of the eyeshine. Without some quality fieldwork including audio simulation we’ll not know much about this event.

    90% or more of the audio howls and cries I’ve ever heard in supposed sasquatch audio taping’s I feel pretty confident in classifying as coyote howls. The audio in this instance falls within the ten or so percent that I would consider as something other than coyote.

  21. Averagefoot responds:

    I see no reason to think its anything more than a coyote/stray dog/coy dog. They’re all over Navajo country. If livestock such as cattle are being taken down then it is probably a mountain lion. It’s quite possible it’s both.

  22. WinterIsComing responds:

    It’s just so obvious guys…it’s a jawa…sorry had to. In all honesty though that is pretty interesting! it is a shame they didn’t really get a chance to get a great look at it. It could be anything, as for having trouble debunking it, sure, they are surely eyes of some kind but they could be eyes for…well anything.

    just wish they had caught more!

  23. coelacanth1938 responds:

    This has been the most Skinwalker activity since the Fire Rock Casino visitation two years ago.

  24. ModernShanahan responds:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to be disappointed. It obviously like other shows were nothing or at least some small evidence that they found something unknown or cryptid. I’m not saying they faked it but it’s something I shouldn’t have high expectations on. One day, something will be found. Full body and all. Live or dead. They can’t stay hidden forever. I bet if all of us cryptomundians would hunt for these cryptids, we will find something. One of us has too. 😉 Put all of our minds together and we will find something. Whether it’s Bigfoot, a dinosaur, a prehistoric mammal, skunk ape, sea beast or something completely unknown to cryptozoology and animal records.

  25. Cass_of_MPLS responds:

    @Opalman…you are aware that “Don Juan” never existed, right? Castaneda made up most of the stuff in his books including that Master Shaman.

    Independent Researchers have been unable to verify most of the contents of his books.

    For more information:

  26. bigfoot_kicked_my_nards responds:

    hey cryptos. long time reader. first post.

    i don’t know much, but i know the audio in this vid isn’t natural. i am a classically trained musician (with a bachelor of music) and i have a pretty strong ear. those four “howls” were four repetitions of the same sound. like, the EXACT same sound, as if they were cued from software (via perhaps the editors of the show) or by perhaps some sort of machine (industrial equipment perhaps) in the distance. if it is a natural animal, it was prerecorded and played back four successive times.

  27. muircertach responds:

    I think its a jaguar.

  28. texasbeliever responds:

    If you want to pick an animal, and let’s use a coyote since a lot of people appear to have already made that assumption, and go for a known size of an eyeball.
    A coyotes eyes aren’t any bigger than your average size dogs, say about an inch in diameter. Look at those eyes in the video, assume them to be an inch wide and now see how many eyes would fit in between. That’s a really big canine.

  29. CDC responds:

    OBVIOUSLY, most of you did not SEE THE SHOW!

    The video you see above is poor quality, and nothing at all like the video on the show. Watch the show again this weekend so we can take your opinion more seriously

    @ Choppedlow

    Please, I doubt you ever lived anywhere near that area by the comment you made. If you look at the actual video on the show and can in anyway say it is a mountain lion then you need an optometrist.

    The fur is black, and eyes set far apart. Even a black jaguar wouldn’t come close…but again, I bet you didn’t even see the show.

    This is not supernatural, it’s a real animal. Watch the actual show then come back and make an informed comment about what you saw

    I am more skeptic when it comes to actual evidence than anyone, and this sighting is a legitimate sighting of an animal

    @ Muircertach

    The video above is terrible, but the only one available for the time being. Watch the show and look at the zoomed in shot of the animal. It’s eyes seem too wide set and round with the head too bulky for it to be a jaguar. My first thought too was a black jag, but when I watched again, I pretty much ruled that out due to the eyes

    @ averagefoot

    Yeah you too didn’t see the actual show I bet. Watch the show and you will see, that wasn’t no big black lab or poodle looking through those rocks

    @ all

    Yeah, this is the real deal folks…and we haven’t even began to discuss this. This will go on for a long time once you all SEE THE ACTUAL SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Opalman responds:

    @Cass_of_MPLS: “Salon”…LOL now that’s a scientific and accurate site! LOL…

    I never intended to indicate whether the don Juan Matus was a fictional character or a denizen of a hidden reality that Castaneda had the privilege of knowing. I was though describing the fact that Desmond Slattery spoke of many of the same practices and other-world hierarchies that Castaneda described eloquently in his books. Nobody even claims to know if his works were fiction or something altogether different. Why Salon includes Castaneda in their list of hoaxers is a mystery to me as he never made any claims as to his writings being any more than just that: writings.

    I cannot judge the books or their subject matter at all; what I do know is that there are incredible things in our universe that I cannot even begin to understand let alone pass judgment on.
    Why would you put much confidence in such a ignorant digital rag as “Salon” totally escapes me? If they; the writers and publishers of “Salon” came out with an article denouncing Sasquatch as nothing more than a tricksters “hoax” would you accept that as irrefutable fact? (I wouldn’t doubt that they already have)
    If you do some serious research into Castaneda’s life you might be a bit surprised at the events that transpired around him; all well known and verified phenomenon for which no answers exist. Debunkers try to paint a ridiculous picture of the man I can only describe as a true “lucid”. Debunkers try to paint sasquatch investigators and sasquatch with the same garbage can of assumptions. There’s no such thing as an independent reporter regarding such subjects; BTW.
    If you’re really interested in finding some factual info on Castaneda’s final decades look into: “The Embers Of Castaneda’s `Don Juan Legacy’ – Tensegrity, Lujan Matus, And Mystery.” @

    @ bigfoot_kicked_my_nards; When I’m not eriting or info searching I’m a performing musician; (lead Guitar) in an eight member Praise and Worship band at my church—that and a dollar might buy me a cup of coffee until next week when coffee and gas is going up another 40cents;LOL!!! I’ve got a darn good ear according to my fellow band members etc. But in the case of the howls above I knew better than to trust my ear. (To my ear they sounded pretty identical) I ran the whole clip through Audacity® 1.3.13-beta, (Unicode) a sound editor and analyzer. All four howls were significantly different in formant structure, onset transients and zero crossing regions. Yes they sound alike…but they’re not when detail is examined.

    @ choppedlow. You’ve said some pretty bigoted and racial things about Amerind peoples in your post. I doubt you really even understand what you neighboring elders are even saying about diabetes. For just one example they’re saying that white man’s black magic i.e. contemporary diet and bad food eating habits are responsible for a societal disruption in the ways of a once healthy and proud people. The Amerinds (or what’s left of them) know more about nature than you and all the National Geo writers and producers on earth put together. I could really go off here but I don’t think it’s warranted—bigots are bigots and they usually end up in a pit of their own hatred before ever seeing the light and the error of their ways.
    Watch what the hell you say about our first nation’s peoples and save the hatred for your next KKK meeting. Chopped low you are.

  31. Opalman responds:

    “The Embers Of Castaneda’s `Don Juan Legacy’ – Tensegrity, Lujan Matus, And Mystery.” @ the heavy stuff or just paste title of article into browser. I had provided the link but it didn’t paste into above post.

  32. William responds:

    I was very unimpressed with this as being anything other than a mountain lion. The cave was too small for a man to even fit in and the eyes were to wide apart for a coyote. Ergo, mountain lion. That would also howl and tear dogs apart. Why didn’t anyone mention that as a possibility on the show? Are they not present in this area? The least possible thing this could be is a bigfoot.

  33. armykitty26 responds:

    I have lived on the Navajo nation for a very long time and i know you dont have to see some thing to know its their i have seen my far share of creepy and unexplainable things i can even say i have seen a skinwalker Ive heard this howling my self its very loud and chilling im an expert on anmials and ive never herd this sound from cougers coyotes or even a jaguar. I also know that Navajos are supose to stay away from things like that and yes even the cops. You can talk all that stuff about how you dont belive while you sit in your safe home but i dare you to come and take a look then you can claim its nothing.

  34. texasbeliever responds:

    Googling up close pictures of both Mt. Lion and Jaguars, it would appear that their eyes are no more than 3 inches apart, maybe 4 on a big cat? A coyotes are probably closer to 2 inches?
    Again, those eyes are further apart and as mentioned above, the video clip shown is not nearly as clear as the footage on tv, which will be airing again one night this week.
    When the officer steps up near the entrance, you could use him as a size reference only for the boulder directly behind him. The animal is clearly further back inside, how far, who knows?
    But the boulder will appear bigger due to depth perception, much like fisherman that hold a 4 lb fish out in front of them with their arms fully extended. In the picture, the bass now looks like a 40 pounder.
    There’s no telling where the cave went to or how far back it went since it appears on the show that no attempt was made to enter it?

  35. bigfoot_kicked_my_nards responds:

    @ opalman

    fair enough. you are definitely going above my head with the audio software language. but couldn’t the differences in what you see in audacity (i have used the program a little bit) be attributed to the environment the audio was recorded in. i guess what i’m asking is if the sounds in question were properly isolated?

    if so i’m surprised. i really would have bet an arm that it was one sound repeated.

  36. Averagefoot responds:

    @CDC, I did see the show. It’s seems obvious to me that if they’re willing to fake that ridiculous keyboard howl then they’d have no problem fabricating some eye shine. I’ve lived in Arizona for 25 years. It’s either coyotes/some other canine or a mountain lion (they’re everywhere) or straight up fake crap for ratings….. if you want to believe in werewolves then, by all means, be my guest, but I’ll have to go with a more glaringly obvious conclusion.

  37. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    I saw that episode and it was nothing. It was just the way the sunlight was playing off the back of the shallow cave. Maybe it was reflecting off some crystals. Who knows? It was a completely natural explaination though.

  38. CDC responds:


    I certainly don’t believe in werewolves and I don’t believe you ever lived in the area of this Navajo Reservation…this is not Arizona it is New Mexico, which is a “Glaring, Obvious, Conclusion” to me that you did NOT see the show.

    The sound was recorded and the best recording was put on a loop, that was the reason for the repetitive sound.

    Navajo Cops is not a cryptozoology show, it is a reality show about the real life issues facing Law Enforcement on this Navajo Reservation…it is pure stupidity for anyone to suggest they staged any event.

    There were drug arrests, assaults, gang fights, etc, on this show…nothing was staged and you know it.

    In my opinion you are lying, you did not see the show. If you had seen the show, there is no way possible you would even suggest it was a big cat or canine.

    My guess is, you looked at the video above, made an uninformed opinion, and now are trapped because you lack the maturity to admit you are wrong. There is no “Glaring, Obvious, Conclusion” to what is shown on the video and you know that as well.

    The video on the SHOW looks like an animal that does not fit any animal native to that area. I know most of you did not see the show, so wait till tomorrow and watch the replay.

    This is a cryptozoology site, and this video is the BEST evidence of a cryptid this site has seen in years…watch and see.

    When we get the actual video put up on this site, the REAL discussions will begin…this youtube video is too dark and you cant see what makes this special.

  39. CrytpobelieverinIdaho responds:

    This such an awesome video and i watched the show and it is no where near Bigfoot Hunters or other crap like that. Like the show said, the cops are supposed to investigate paranormal reports if enough come in. The video of the eyes is great and i know for sure its not a coyote, mountain lion, or jaguar. The eyes are to far apart.

    And the howl was played on a loop. And to the classically trained singer, whatever, no notes are ever the same or sang at the same pitch or octive.

    I believe in a lot of what the indians have taught and believed in.

  40. Fred123 responds:

    It’s pure stupidity to suggest that a reality show staged an event? That’s even funnier than “I do believe in werewolves.”. Call me a scoftic or skeptic or whatever true believers prefer to call the rest of the country, including the overwhelming majority of scientists who don’t believe in skin walkers, mothmen and mad gassers, but I don’t believe for a minute that there are people out there who turn into animals and no matter how badly you guys want to pretend that it isn’t, the burden of proof on this one is clearly in your corner, and you have zilch. How anybody can seriously ask why most “mainstream” (I’m getting so sick of that word) don’t waste their resources investigating mothmen and skinwalkers is difficult to fathom. By the way, for a bunch of people who are pretty thin skinned when it comes to being criticized, a lot of you guys are pretty good it comes to tossing around your own insults. Once again, I’ve been reading bigfoot books since I was a kid, but I’ve decided that the evidence of attention seeking hoaxers, people who want to see a bigfoot in every blurry image and shadow, cases of simple mistaken identity and now out and out con men trying to squeeze a buck out bigfoot believers overwhelms the evidence for a big hairy ape man wandering all over the country for decades without ever being caught on a clear picture or video, never catching a bullet and never winding up as roadkill.

  41. CDC responds:


    Just watch the show if you think you “know it all”. You are not a “scoftic or skeptic” you are just uninformed.

    This is not the Jersey Shore, or the Kardashians, if those are your types of shows, then I can understand your confusion Fred.

    This is a POLICE SHOW, videos from this show can be used as actual evidence in court.

    Just like “Cops”, there are no actors, nothing staged, all real life, but once again, you would have known that had you watched the show, instead of making wise-cracking remarks about something you don’t understand.

    As far as the “mainstream”? Well, right now about 30% of the Nation believe Bigfoot could be real, 60% believe it does not exist, and 10% unsure(Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll)…I am in the 10%.

    Did you really read all those Bigfoot books Fred or did you just look at the pictures? The reason I ask is, my main reason for not believing in Bigfoot was the lack of a fossil record…that is until I read how Gorillas, Chimps, and other jungle dwellers don’t leave much of a fossil record either.

    Just watch the show tomorrow, and if you don’t have cable or Satellite, I’m sure by Monday the show will be available on the Nat Geo Channel to watch full episodes.

    Watch the show…then get back to us.

  42. Fred123 responds:

    Like I said, a lot of you guys are pretty thin skinned. How many people are you going to call immature, liar or stupid because they didn’t reach the same conclusion about this video as you did CDC?

  43. CDC responds:


    I will completely respect your opinion once it is informed. You watch the show, and if you feel the same way, then oh well, more power to you. What I was pointing out about you and a few others, you were being negative without having all the information…SEEING THE ACTUAL VIDEO!

    The truth is, read all the stories on this, and other sites for the last few months…not much to get excited about. Then along comes this short video and there is something to talk about.

    Of the HUNDREDS of hoaxed, faked, blurry, or staged, videos we see all the time on youtube and site after site…this one is different.

    1). The show and film crew don’t have to fake or fabricate anything…they can’t. There is enough real life drama to more than fill an hour show

    2). The “Cops” and other investigators on the show, have a LEGAL responsiblity to be honest and truthful. The people on this show face legal issues that are real, NOTHING CAN BE FAKED OR STAGED

    3). The witnesses and others who claim to have heard or seen “Skinwalkers”, or have had dogs hurt or killed, have legitimate fears. It may be a real animal and not supernatural, but whatever it is, they have the right to contact Police for protection

    Bottom line for me is this…

    The sighting was real, and in my opinion, it looked like a gorilla head and eyes, looking from behind some rocks.

    In MY RESEARCH, the only way an unknown primate can go undiscovered after all this time, is to be VERY RARE, and live in VERY isolated areas…in my opinion.

    The reason this is special to me is because where it was filmed. Fred if you go on mapquest, Google earth, Nat Geo Satellite, or just any map of the USA you would understand why…

    This video was filmed near Crownpoint New Mexico. Find any online satellite photos and enter Crownpoint New Mexico. Then just head North from Crownpoint all the way to CANADA, you wont find many cities or towns along the way…THAT IS THE MOST UNPOPULATED CORRIDOR IN THE US!

    In my opinion, “IF” this animal exists…it would have to be along that corridor…and I have felt that for longer than most here have been alive. “IF” it were anywhere else, it would have been shot and killed years ago.

    I have looked at US Census Maps since the Census began, I have looked at population density maps that cover the past 200 years…check the maps for yourself. I am not sure the animal is real, BUT “IF” it is, that’s where it would be…in my opinion

    This is just a hobby for me, but if I invest my time, then I take it seriously.

    Just watch the show, and I will respect any opinion you have…I have no choice but to

  44. wood responds:

    CDC you said:

    “my main reason for not believing in Bigfoot was the lack of a fossil record…that is until I read how Gorillas, Chimps, and other jungle dwellers don’t leave much of a fossil record either.”

    You may want to look a little harder. There are fossil records of giant apes. See Gigantopithecus blacki, Gigantopithecus bilaspurensis and Gigantopithecus giganteus to name a few. The fossil record suggests that individuals of the species Gigantopithecus blacki were the largest apes that ever lived, standing up to 3 meters (9.8 ft), and weighing up to 540 kilograms (1,200 lb)

    Just my two cents. I am one of those that believe that either someone or some group have been perpetrating a hoax for two hundred plus, or something is in the woods.

  45. totahdine responds:

    I live about 50 miles north of the Crownpoint area. We have been hearing for years about something running around the rez in that area. I had my own encounter about 25 years ago outside my home. In the front yard to be exact. Years ago I shared my encounter with folks on and they ripped me to shreds. I was dealing with ad hominem attacks and character assassination. It was ugly.

    I made up my mind I would never share my encounter again. Ever. And I haven’t. Reading some of the comments here I think I made the right decision.

    I have a friend that is a navajo police officer in Shiprock. He says they get calls like this all the time. He said he’s seen stuff that he cannot explain and most of the time won’t share. I don’t blame him. People tend to treat you like crap when you try to explain what you’ve seen.

  46. dfinix responds:

    I’m not sure the eye flash in the cave belong to what animal, but I’m pretty sure there was something in that cave and the fact that with everyone there, it was still able to make getaway without the sniper or the camera man seeing it, points to a stealthy puma.

    But the howl in the video was something else entirely; I’ve heard similar soundtracks supposedly pertaining to Big Foot, and since we don’t have any other soundtrack associated with skinwalkers/lycans there’s nothing there we can compare it with.

    And I’m not sure we have to fit everything we observe in our box of current scientific knowledge, knowing that there’s a lot more that we don’t know and understand about our world than we like to pretend we do. We can’t dismiss or disregard native, cultural mysteries which are presented with persistent and numerous first hand experiences of locals such as Evil Empire’s account with the shaman, since these mysteries exist because of the underlying evidence of actual accounts observed by Native Americans.

    Although technology has given us the means to visually make a record of such evidence, but we’re not any closer at scientifically proving or disproving the existence of such mysteries or phenomena.

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