Stop Shooting Bigfoot

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 28th, 2013

Stop Shooting Bigfoot 1: Rick Dyer and Christopher Noël Debate


Update on the movement to safeguard Sasquatch. Please visit Facebook: STOP Shooting Bigfoot: March on Washington for Humane Legislation.

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10 Responses to “Stop Shooting Bigfoot”

  1. edsbigfoot responds:

    So I may be slow, or missed something but I thought the movie wasn’t out yet, and there is no proof of a dead sasquatch…so…??? Publicity I guess. I suppose that if the body materializes, (I sure hope not, but that’s just me) then I guess they can argue for real?….bizarre:)

  2. edsbigfoot responds:

    So I may be slow, or missed something but I thought the movie wasn’t out yet, and that so far there’s no proof a body….so…??? Publicity I guess? I suppose that if a body materializes, (I hope not, but that’s just me) then I guess they can argue for real?….bizarre:)

  3. tpanek responds:

    It’s because of people like Chris that this country can not and will not ever win a war against our enemies. Now that a bigfoot has taken one for the team the world will know that they are real. They may come under federal protection eventually. However if people are threatened by one or attacked (which they have been) then it is our right to defend ourselves from these animals. Being one chromesome away from being human does not make it human.

  4. DWA responds:

    I would imagine that carcass to be getting quite the aroma by now.

    Did the Georgia Boys lend their freezer?

  5. mandors responds:

    DWA, Isn’t Dyer one of the Georgia boys? Wiki has him in cahoots with Biscardi in the pig guts/Harry and the Hendersons suit in the freezer. I’ve seen the video. It looks good, but the messenger is so discredited by past claims that red flags are everywhere. Then again, if I recall, the Patterson film came about when the guys were trying to get some stock footage at the creek for their film, when Patty actually walked right by.

  6. plowboy1065 responds:

    What a great reason not to release a video! I’m sorry but there was just too much controversy for us to show hard evidence. Here are some crappy pictures instead

  7. PhotoExpert responds:

    Dyer is a lying moron! And that is not libelous for me to say that as he is a proven liar. And an infallible defense to libel is the truth. I just stated the truth. Dyer is the kind of guy that gets a lot of laughs but what he doesn’t realize that people are laughing at him and not with him.

    Asking Dyer questions about DNA? Did you really expect him to answer that or even understand the question? He barely knows his name or how to spell it. Keep the questions simple and the arguments simple with people like him. Otherwise, everything you say is going over his head.

    I don’t know if I just do not like Dyer or I feel sorry for him. The way his redneck mind has to think and struggle for words is painful to watch. His vocabulary is limited as much as his thought process to reason as he tries to grasp your questions, Chris. I have a 5 year old nephew that speaks more elequently than Dyer does. He’s smarter than Rick too! Just sorry! Dyer is sorry in so many respects.

  8. shawnsquatch responds:

    Wow, you know, not everyone is blessed with a high quality private education. I am not defending his lying , but as for his vocabulary, would you rather he fake big words, so you can see him as a worthy human? I know of many brilliant people who have country voices and small vocabularies, but, what ever, your entitled to your opinion, especially if you have no flaws yourself.

  9. airforce47 responds:

    Greetings All,

    A word of caution for Photoexpert. The blog owners do take exception to personal attacks and you’re pretty direct. There may or may not be truth in what you say but their beef will be in how you say it.

    Now I have exchanged emails with Rick in the past and he’s bound up with TB and the Great BF Hoax of 2008. He really has no credibility in the BF community or standing. I don’t personally dislike him but for all intents and purposes I will steer clear of anything BF with him.

    I didn’t read the discussion but was interested in what the commentors said about it and that probably had more interest than the discussion did. Please have a good one and the weather out here on the west coast is just great. My best,

  10. PhotoExpert responds:

    shawnsquatch–Yes, I get that. And I am blessed to have a private high quality education. However, I would like him to use adult conversation and words worthy of an adult’s vocabulary and not a 5 year child. I do not think that is too much to ask. And speaking of flaws, unlike Dyer, I am not a proven liar, have not been fired from a police force, have not hooked up with the likes of Biscardi with the intent to deceive people, etc. I would not say I have any flaws but compared to Dyer, I would be considered flawless since I am the exact opposite of what he stands for. So go right ahead defending the likes of him. It speaks volumes about you and your character. You backed the wrong horse!

    irforce47–Yes, I appreciate the words of advice and caution. But I have been here for years and post often. I know how to post and I know how to dance around legalities. Yes, I am pretty direct. I call a spade a spade and a liar, well, a liar. Most people appreciate truthfulness like that. And it is not a personal attack calling a police officer a cop or a hoaxer, a liar. That is not a personal attack but simply a fact! You need to learn to differentiate between personal attacks and mere facts!

    I am the kind of guy that looks you in the eye when I speak and the people I am speaking to, trust what I am saying. They know there is nothing but truth in my statements. Combine that truth and my ability to post, there is nothing for me to worry about, nor the blog owners, nor you for that matter.

    So you are friends with Dyer or at least you have conversations with him not relating to BF on a friendly basis? Interesting! I now have some advice for you, since you attempted to advise me–I would choose my friends and acquaintences more carefully! You stated that you don’t personally dislike him. That speaks volumes about you and your character. I tend not to like people who get fired from jobs, are proven liars and hoaxers, and who run around with other people. like Biscardi and attack Cryptozoologists like Loren Coleman was attacked by Dyer. I tend not to like bullies and stand up to them. You should choose your friends more wisely. That is my advice to you! But by all means keep ignoring the facts about Dyer and post here publicly that you do like Dyer. That is your right and your choice. You won’t make many friends here by stating that but by all means, post away. Most people judge others by the company they keep. That same judgement will be made upon you by keeping company with the likes of Dyer. Was that direct enough for you?

    And the weather out here on the East Coast is simply amazing–it is in the 70’s, sunny and things are flowering! My best back at you!

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