Strange Creature Caught on Eagle Cam Bigfoot?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 29th, 2016

My sister watches this eagle cam constantly. It is live footage of an eagle’s nest located in northern Michigan. While watching one day she noticed a strange dark creature in the background. Almost looks like a bear but it appears to be walking normally. Check out the top right corner background. Anyone have any idea what this is?

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17 Responses to “Strange Creature Caught on Eagle Cam Bigfoot?”

  1. Peter Von Berg responds:

    It looks impressive, like a Bigfoot . But of course could be a bear standing on its hind legs. Or even a hoax. Too far away too tell.

  2. KnuckleHead responds:

    Could be someone checking in on the site. Once again not enough background info on very iffy video. Still could be what we want it to be, the big guy…. This is probably the best way to catch a photo of a squatch but not this time I am afraid.

  3. KernalPanic responds:

    Does anyone else notice that although you can hear the sound of baby birds…they NEVER move? Also you can hear cars??? This is a FAKE!
    Someone took a still image from the cam and inserted the “strange creature” video and ALSO added a fake sound track.

    Baby birds move a lot. Constantly moving….why do these birds not move at all and please don’t say something bone-headed like, “well, maybe they are both asleep!” Conveniently, the “strange creature” is far in the back ground so we can’t get a good look…this screams SCAM…not cam!

  4. cryptokellie responds:

    Watch the video again and look very closely at the baby birds. Although not moving great deal, they are breathing and you can see the movement. It’s possible they are asleep. As for the Bigfoot…no, that’s a person checking the site. Moves like a person. That being said, although this is not a Bigfoot trail capture, I’m excited that more trail cam footage is coming forward as I agree that these types of camera set-ups are probably the best shot at getting Bigfoot footage, barring some extraordinary luck of a Bigfoot encounter with a well photo/video equipped person with the wherewithal to obtain satisfactory images.

  5. Big Steve responds:

    Not a still picture. You can see the feathers on the eaglets and twigs in the nest moving with the breeze.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a genuine video of the eagles nest.

    Given the camera being trained and focused on the nest. Naturally anything on the ground will be out of focus and difficult to distinguish. Any local joker knowing of the site could use this to their advantage and simply stroll by in a cheap suit creating a quite convincing hoax by not being outlandish. Also an unsuspecting 3rd party viewer can innocently trigger the desired effect by reporting it. Good hoax!
    Although I don’t think he/she bargained on the terrain. I would hope bigfoot to be more stable on his feet and move with purpose through the woods. This guy seems to stumble a lot. Or maybe bigfoot likes a pint or two?

  6. springheeledjack responds:

    It’s too far out to make any kind of real judgment as to authenticity…also it seems like several times the figure turns to face the camera and stands there. Suspicious at best.

    Also, again it could be a person. The movement didn’t look like anything other than a human –and perhaps someone was walking out there and kept looking up at the bird cam-maybe someone was curious as to whether the cam was in that spot or not…

  7. Goodfoot responds:

    Yeah, it’s NOT a still. Baby birds sleep and eat. Mostly sleep.

    The gait is a bit awkward, and well within human parameters. The leap over the log or whatever is extremely clumsy, and I get the impression the spot the blobsquatch goes to is worked out in some detail – it’s the most open and visible place not occupied by the nest.

    Twice I thought I could see the straight hem of a mid-thigh length coat, but I can’t be sure. Even on the enhanced version.

    Even if it were a Bigfoot – and it isn’t – there’s not much here that you would write home about.

  8. Goodfoot responds:

    Big Steve – I agree about the hoaxer. Still, it would not be easy to work out exactly where that open spot on the upper right of the cam shot is from the ground, I think. In my opinion they made at least one prior visit to work that out, and may have placed markers on the ground to make it easy to find.

  9. PhotoExpert responds:

    KernalPanic–It is not a still picture as you can see the birds breathing and feathers moving from the wind.

    If it is the Carbon Eagle Cam in Northern Michigan, it is run by the Department of Natural Resources. I have not been to that site but I have been to the Washington DC site where they also have an eagle cam. That is in the National Arboretum and is run in conjunction with the American Eagle Foundation.

    The way these things work is they actually block off the site from tourists. You can use a telescope to view them or a high powered telephoto lens outside the perimeter they set up. They do not want any one disturbing the nest site! They go to great measures to ensure that the eagles are not stressed out. At the Arboretum site, they actually had trained personnel in a tree adjacent to the nest. As to not disturb the eagles, guess what the guy in the tree was wearing? A ghillie suit! And he was in a tree already surrounded by leaves.

    So naturally, anyone inside the perimeter would be wearing a ghillie suit and that person is one of the people checking on the welfare of the eagles.

    Simple answer–not a Bigfoot!

  10. chadgatlin responds:

    It appears to me as though the right one third of the background behind the nest is overlaid video. It is distinctly different in lighting and appears to be different in focus and/or frame rate or resolution. Compare it to the live shot of this same camera at The positioning of the nest with clear cutoff points like the branches of the tree and in of the bare trees in the background would allow for a relatively easy “clean” cut for overlay.

  11. mandors responds:

    You had me, PhotoExpert, up until the JET BLACK GHILLIE SUIT.

    One might as well be wearing a neon sign that reads: PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW. That it’s not a trick of light can be see by comparing the actual foliage the suit would be intended to blend in with. Epic fail.

    That said, I have no idea what the figure is. But I’m in agreement that a hoaxer could figure out the camera angle and climb a fence to create this. The term is trespassing. Happens all the time.

    Here is the link to the webcam (no babies eagles, sigh):

  12. KernalPanic responds:

    Okay, coincidently, I work and live in the wilderness area around Eagle Nest, New Mexico and instead of focusing on the fact that this is a FAKED video, I get an earful about how baby birds breathe and lengthy pointless explanations how cams work….oh dear god.

    THANK YOU for the voice of reason. This video has been tampered with, that was the point I was trying too make in my original post. Also notice in the beginning that the video jumps as though the overlay is not synced correctly/frame rates do not match up.
    …you made me laugh! Thank you for that!

    Tonight I’m going to sleep like a baby eagle on cam, not moving but with a sound track of me peeping/snoring the whole time! Maybe someone dressed as Bigfoot will crawl under my bed and we can all watch the footage and later, argue about my pajamas. Geez Louise people!

  13. Fhqwhgads responds:

    Come on folks, use Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation is probably the correct one: it was a shadow person in a ghillie suit! 🙂

  14. PhotoExpert responds:

    mandors–Sorry I had you and then lost you at the ghillie suit. If you look at the right side of the video, you will notice it is black. Yet I know there is leaf litter there, small plants on the ground, and other things of color. Why are they not showing up as green or different colors? They show as black. Same thing when the camera compensates for exposure! The ghillie suit shows up as dark or black!

    No rocket science there, just optical physics! Sorry I can not got through the entire explanation and convert 40 years of optical physics knowledge in a paragraph or two to spell it out for you. But the ghillie suit is not black. The ghillie suit shows up black due to exposure compensation for exposure on the nest being correct and the aperature stopped down too low for the background.

    Sorry I can not change the laws of optical physics to fit your wants and desires of this being something else.

    And again, the American Eagle Foundation and DNR of Michigan set up a perimeter with tape and have it staffed and monitored as not to allow ANYONE within the perimeter except staff! I can not make it any clearer than that.

    For those of you saying the video is hoaxed or cut or altered, then prove it. Do it yourself and show us all how it is done! It is what it is. It is video of a nest with a designated person in a ghillie suit from the powers that be, walking through the background. It is not a hoaxed video, nor a BF, nor a digitally cut spliced overlay. It is what it is.

    Learn people! Use logic! Some even said the eaglets were still photos. Stop with the conspiracy theories and digital enhancement theories on what is plain and simple common sense. The most rational explanation is what it is 99% of the time. Yet there are those that will twist it to make it the least possible explanation to fit and justify their BELIEFS! I take facts over belief every time. And not having enough knowledge about optical physics to declare it a black ghillie suit is simply ridiculous mandors.

    You stand corrected! Do you still see the neon sign that says SHOOT ME NOW? You should because you got it wrong! Read up on exposure compensation. I don’t feel like typing 8,000 words to explain to you the optical physics knowledge you are lacking.

  15. Goodfoot responds:

    KernalPanic : I lived in Taos 2006-2011 and really like Eagle Nest. Not as terribly cold as Alamosa, but you have a long haul to a real grocery store! Angel Fire has sort of a grocery store, I guess. I enjoyed Eagle Nest more than I did Angel Fire, by far.

  16. mandors responds:

    PhotoExpert, the figure is standing in the middle of a clearing. There is very little ground cover. Optics, shmoptics, it’s black! Sunset was about half an hour away at 8:52p on 5/6/16, so the light is going to be tricky, but come on, the uniformity of the blackness?

    Also, ain’t no DNR public employee out at 9p to check on the birds. That’s why they have a camera on them. And if they did do a physical check why not in the morning? Do we even know if the Michigan DNR even use ghillie suits?

    Weird time for a hoaxer too. If it’s miles away, who wants to get caught in the middle of nowhere in the woods at night, illegally, where if you use a flash light you’re busted. And more so, if you are a employee paid to do it. Again, the employee would do it at a more reasonable time for similar reasons, not the least of which is personal convenience.

    The “simplest answers” actually don’t add up here and are not so simple. I am NOT saying this is a Bigfoot, but the time and place make this occurrence really interesting. I will say what I’ve said for years, and that is if Bigfoot exists, it’s humanoid, so it’s probably not a majestically graceful creature. It’ll look more like a big dumb guy in a suit.

  17. Fhqwhgads responds:

    @mandors — The optics part isn’t really quite so complicated. Just look at the branch next to the nest, then look at the tree trunks down where we see the figure. Notice how much brighter the branch is? Yet it is probably no brighter or darker than the tree trunks — they have the same kind of bark. That gives you an idea how much darker anything at ground level will appear than it would if it were up next to the nest. If someone were wearing a brown or even dark green ghillie suit, it would appear several shades darker than it would in good light — rendering it for all practical purposes black. Most ghillie suits are a darker color than the branch and the twigs making up the nest, after all; even a straw-colored suit would look dark. The suit would not look that way to you at ground level, because your eyes would adjust, but it would be recorded that way on a camera adjusted to the brighter conditions of the nest.

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