The Idea of Infighting in the Bigfoot Community is Actually a Silly State of Affairs

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 16th, 2014

Cryptomundian cryptokellie offered this comment to the post: More Bigfooters Breaking Ranks After Jeff Meldrum’s Interview On Coast to Coast.

I felt that it deserved elevation to a separate post.

I was going to make some pithy comments about this but then I realized that the idea of infighting in the Bigfoot community is actually a silly state of affairs. Here is why;

1. Bigfoot as provided by the present level of hard evidence – does not exist or at least is not accepted by the mainstream scientific community at large. Not to say that Bigfoot couldn’t exist.

2. Even if Standing’s images are hoaxes, they certainly appear to be hoaxes to me, than what does it matter who says what about them. They are images, not scientific facts and should dealt with on that level… you either like them or you don’t.

3. Dr. Meldrum, long a standard bearer in the Bigfoot universe, has the right to say what he wants and approve or disapprove of what he wants. He’s not saying that anybody’s favorite baseball team, an actual reality and factually arguable on many of levels, stinks or is great.

4. It seems to me that even though someone you may have held in high regard makes a statement or opines in disagreement with your particular stand on an issue, a respectful “That’s interesting, why do you have this opinion?” might be in order. After all, isn’t the quest for the truth about Bigfoot also a quest to answer some questions about ourselves? Breaking ranks, reaching the boiling point… lighten up I say. Besides, in truth, deep down inside, aren’t hoaxes just a little bit of fun?

~ cryptokellie

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One Response to “The Idea of Infighting in the Bigfoot Community is Actually a Silly State of Affairs”

  1. Goodfoot responds:

    “Besides, in truth, deep down inside, aren’t hoaxes just a little bit of fun?”

    They are, and thank you, Craig, for pointing out this fact.

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