ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot Filmed Knocking Down a Tree …?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 21st, 2015

Do you believe in eye-witness testimony? The American Legal-system and the Bible both depend on it.

So based on what Youtuber Unseenseven X said to be true; he filmed one of the most powerful displays ever recorded – a Bigfoot knocking down a massive tree. But before the tree falls, we see large chunks of wood flying out from the tree – explain that. Or better yet, for anyone who believes this was a hoax – prove it. Get out there with your camera and saw and show us how easy this would be to do. (You can’t and won’t 🙂

Original footage by UnseenSeven X:

Check out all of ThinkerThunker’s videos here on Cryptomundo.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

15 Responses to “ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot Filmed Knocking Down a Tree …?”

  1. dconstrukt responds:



    are you kidding me?

    a tree falls and its gotta be a bigfoot?

    so geniuses…. there’s so many holes in this story… its like swiss cheese.

    1. the guy had a dog running around… if there was a bigfoot, why doesn’t the dog smell it? why doesn’t the dog freak out?

    2. if there was a bigfoot pushing the tree down, where did it go? did it teleport out of the area?

    3. if a bigfoot is pushing a tree down, you’d hear the bigfoot making noises as its breathing harder, but we hear nothing.

    i mean, i can go on and on with this nonsense.

    its comical.

    the photo with the girl…. the “bigfoot” is a leaf.

    the second “bigfoot” is just background artifacts in the image.

    Like i’ve said a million times… when you have BIAS and are looking for something, your mind works to justify this belief and you will see whatever it is you want to see… just like these guys do.

    there is absolutely NOTHING there.

  2. PhotoExpert responds:

    LOL ThinkerStunker! Wow! Now you are not even trying to hide your blatant salesmanship. Before, at least you were subtle about it. But now, you plainly state about the number of followers. You are asking them to visit your site which sells merchandise. And you are outright asking for donations, money, etc.

    This whole Bigfoot thing and video analysis is clearly just a way for you to make money. I called you out on your first couple of videos posted here that you were about the money and you are selling to gain viewers, which increases traffic to your site where you sell merchandise. I actually do not have a problem with that at all. I think capitalism is not a dirty word. What I have a problem with is the deception.

    By that, I mean the deception of you pawning yourself off as a video analyst. It was evident for me when your first video was posted here. And your theory on proportions which I refuted with facts, data and the scientific method utilizing optical physics. Look ThinkerThunker, I had no problem with an amateur thinking they were some kind of professional video analyst. People elevate themselves all the time and lie on resumes. You seemed a little arrogant, but hey, I had no problem with that. My problem with you then was the junk science you were using and getting others who were less knowledgeable or ignorant into believing your refuted theories once they had been refuted. That was my problem then. And I thought to myself, for a guy who is an amateur, he is brimming with arrogance. He reminds me of a salesman that gets lucky and then runs with it. I thought about that. And I predicted we would see more videos coming from you to tout your website so you could sell T-shirts and increase your hit number on YouTube, thus stroking that inflated ego of yours.

    Sure enough, it happened just that way. You became bolder with your success of increasing the number of hits using the community of Bigfoot enthusiasts.

    When your subsequent videos were posted here, I seemed prophetic. You actually stated about the number of hits you received and asked people to visit your site. Thus proving that money was your only motivator in trying to analyze potential Bigfoot videos. I have a problem with that! It is the deception of trying to investigate videos as probable Bigfoot phenomenon when you know plain well they are hoaxed or just natural occurrences. I have a problem with that kind of deception!

    You are like the PT Barnum for amateur Bigfoot video analysis. “Ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, please step right up and view my vdeo analysis…” You are pawning off junk science, false data, refuted theories, and taking advantage of people who lack the knowledge to know that you are a farce! Despicable!

    And now, just as I predicted months ago, you are pawning off your analysis of this video as attributable to Bigfoot so you can increase your numbers, sell merchandise at your site and even ask for donations from people to continue your “work”. Sad!

    And that is why I am calling you out. I predicted it, it happened just as I said it would, and now you do not even try to hide it. You can’t sell a salesman. And you can’t sell me! But you have sold others who lack the intelligence to see through your scheme using the Bigfoot community. I DO have a PROBLEM with that!!!

    So someone has to be the voice of reason. I volunteer! And I will continue to call you out for what you are and what you are doing, every single time I see you post here asking for money under the guise of contributing video analysis. I will try to stop you from bleeding the lesser intelligent people of the Bigfoot community.

    Shame on you, ThinkerStunker! Shame!

    What we see here is a guy walking his dog near his property that is full of natural resources. I actually believe he was filming his girlfriend and this was no set up. I do not think he tried to hoax anyone. But what he caught was a rare instance of a tree naturally falling down. He was able to film it, which makes it all the more rare and interesting. It probably truly did affect him. I believe all of that! It makes sense.

    What I do not believe is ThinkerThunker’s attributing this to Bigfoot. No proof! No evidence! Junk science and amature analysis just to make a few bucks and profit off of the Bigfoot community. But any video, even a video of a tree naturally falling in the woods and being filmed is a good enough reason to use as an opportunity for ThinkerStunker to profit.

    StinkerStunker, how do you sleep at night? That is a rhetorical question because I know the answer for unscrupulous people like you is, “pretty well”.

    You actions disgust me ThinkerThunker! Either stop the charade of being a video analyst or just clearly make a video that clearly states you have no job that produces income and because of one reason or another, you can not find a job and to please buy some merchandise or contribute to your cause. If you did that, I would give you a generous donation. Why? Because you are not trying to deceive anyone and you are truthfully asking for help. I believe more people would donate to that cause.

    But as long as you continue to deceive people, PhotoExpert will be there to call you out!

  3. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Yes, but what do you really think?

  4. Raiderpithicusblaci responds:


  5. Grasshopper responds:

    Oy vey. The backbiting among the “serious” bigfoot researchers, (whether actual or armchair) is getting old and does just as much to harm the credibility of these Bigfoot sites and to researchers everywhere. Please give us thinking people some credit. Not “everyone” is deceived. But everyone IS entitled to their opinion and perspective, just as you have done so eloquently here.

    It’s fairly simple people. Don’t like it – don’t watch it. Think it’s a scam – don’t contribute.

    Geesh, they should rename this site to BITCHAMUNDO, because that’s all anyone does here anymore, it seems.

  6. cryptokellie responds:

    Kudos to PhotoExpert. I bailed on Thunker back when he stated that bison were 6 feet high at the shoulder and drew a line at the bison’s head height, making the bison almost 9 feet tall, in the national park footage. He has since become another Sassoon. The “Mountain Monsters” yahoos could use him to analyze their nonsense and proclaim it as factual. Anyone doing a short search on Google can find out who Thunker actually is and why he is doing this stuff.

  7. PhotoExpert responds:

    PoeticsOfBigfoot–LOL Agreed!

    Raiderpithicusblaci–Nice to know you see it my way.

    Cryptokellie–Thank you my friend! Intelligent people like you get it. Unfortunately, others less gifted do not get it. I make it painfully clear for them by posting here.

    Grasshopper–I could not disagree with you more! Calling out hoaxers and scammers does not hurt the credibility of true researchers at all. In fact, it weeds out the scum so serious discussions can take place.

    Grasshopper, I would hate to see your flower garden. You probably just let the weeds stay in the flower bed and because of laziness or apathy, refuse to weed them out. You probably say to yourself, “Hey, I know what they are but I am not going to do anything about because they don’t appear to be hurting the flowers,” WRONG. I tried to use an analogy that even you might comprehend. Pssst, the weeds do affect the flowers.

    So yes, so do the weeds in the cryptozoological community, like StinkerThunker. They affect the flowers or true researchers in this case! Apparently, you are not as smart as you think you are. If you were, then you could understand the damage being done by StinkerThunker. But since your limited thinking or intelligence, does not allow you to think out the process to the end, I have to do it for you.

    Grasshopper, you stated: “It’s fairly simple people. Don’t like it – don’t watch it. Think it’s a scam – don’t contribute.”

    The problem is, people take what other people say at face value. Perhaps it was your reading comprehension or apathy, but the problem is, some people do not know it is a scam because StinkerThunker is pawning himself as a BF video analyst. People believe that and contribute. Not all are as intelligent as Cryptokellie.

    And for someone who wants to rename the site Bitchamundo, you would be one of the contributing reasons for that name change. All you did was bitch in your post about how people should react. Ever hear about the pot calling the kettle black? That is you! Very hypocritical!

    Now maybe you really do not like bitching. Then don’t contribute by bitching yourself. Take your own advice. If you don’t like what I had to post, simply don’t read it. Isn’t that what you stated?

    Anyway Grasshopper, nice try but your hypocrisy destroys any credibility you may have had when posting. I will continue to call out StinkerStunker and others like him that prey on the Cryptozoological community. Take your own advice, Don’t like it, don’t read it! Or just post as you have and bitch about people bitching. LOL

  8. dconstrukt responds:

    Grasshopper – whoa whoa… I know you’re a “thinking person”, but you gotta slow down for the rest of the population here… we aren’t “thinking people” you know…

    That said, if you are a “thinking person” as you CLAIM to be… lol.. you would have commented at how ridiculous this video and commentary was.

    thats what an educated, intelligent person with a brain does after seeing junk like that.

    you didn’t.

    so that leaves us wondering about you… 🙂

  9. PhotoExpert responds:

    dconstruct–Well said, as always!

  10. PhotoExpert responds:

    dconstrukt–Well said, as always!

  11. cryptokellie responds:

    When Thunker starts comparing the tree toppling abilities of an African Elephant to the maybe strength of an unconfirmed animal such as Bigfoot, he is way over the line and needs to be called out on this stuff. Using his pseudo-scientific techniques to estimate American Bison at nine feet in height is misleading to those that don’t know better and insulting to those that do. Perhaps he started out with good intentions but that ship has sailed. I actually enjoy seeing the hoax videos as they whet my appetite for something better to show up in future. Taking videos with nothing unusual going in them, creating a Bigfoot scenario and trying to prove it with nonsense is distasteful when one discovers the motivation behind it.

  12. dconstrukt responds:

    ya… i think its obvious… we all WANT to believe these things are real.

    we WANT to watch one of these things and see something legit.

    and this isn’t.

    not even remotely.

    and man… when its garbage being portrayed as legit… that pisses us off.

    it pisses me off.

    it should piss you off.

  13. Grasshopper responds:

    Wow. Just wow. Wearing our ego a little tight are we, guys?

    For the record, I wasn’t bitching, simply noticing a trend, here. I never disagreed with any of you, or said your views were misdirected. I don’t agree with ThinkerThunker either, but I also don’t feel the need to crucify him . He is only one of many analyst “wannabes” who churns out his fanciful elucidations for attention and monetary gain; there are tons of these kinds of videos out there and viewers will generally make up their own mind about them, whether misguided or not. That’s what I meant by “It’s fairly simple people. Don’t like it – don’t watch it. Think it’s a scam – don’t contribute.” It would take a full-time crusade to try to call out every one these too-ridiculous-too-believe videos/armchair “experts” to keep them from “preying” on crypto communities. I haven’t been on this site as long as some of you have, so I don’t get the foaming-at-the-mouth vehemence with which some of you express yourselves. It just seems to shut down any kind of sapient dialogue for the remainder of the thread.

    Perhaps it’s because you are passionate about the subject? A bonafide expert on the subject? Ok, fine. Some of you claim I was being hypocritical by doing my own “bitching” (which was NEVER my intent), I was only making the observation that there seems to be a lot splenetic derision here (and on other similar sites, I’ve noticed). I certainly meant no vehemence in my own comment, so I am disappointed that you perceived it as such.

    I do not care to resort to ugly, hostile, personal attacks, which a couple of you felt compelled to do to me, claiming I have “limited thinking or intelligence”, etc, I am sorry that you feel that way. Maybe trying to ridicule others makes you feel important – whatever floats your boat. I would have liked to engage in interesting and non-regimented discussions when I visit here, not be shut out because I may interpret something differently than you. I thought this site was to encourage dialogue and discovery about topics we share an interest in. Apparently that is only encouraged from the privileged few.

  14. Fhqwhgads responds:

    “Do you believe in eye-witness testimony? The American Legal-system and the Bible both depend on it.” A more accurate statement would be, “The American Legal-system and the Bible both make use of it.” Both are also aware of the biases and errors that can distort eye-witness testimony, and that eye-witness testimony that cannot be reconciled with other, more well-established truths is probably inaccurate.

  15. PhotoExpert responds:

    Grasshopper–Look, the thing is your first post was extremely passive-aggressive. You never commented on the video itself. What you did do, is after a few members made comments, you posted about the comments that were made by those members. You referred to it as bitching, never mentioning anything about StinkerStunker’s video, just about the member’s comments. You were aggressive. Sure, you tried to word your post nonchalantly, but anyone reading it can tell that your true intention was to ridicule the posts that were made prior to yours. That is why everyone who has been here longer than you pointed it out to you. Again, you never mentioned your views on StinkerStunker. You simply posted about the comments that were made!

    Then in your second post you play the victim. Look, I am an expert in photography and optical physics. I am not an expert in psychology, but as an arm chair psychologist, I would say the you are passive-aggressive in nature. After attacking the posters with your first post you come back an say, “Wow, oh my, I do not know where all this vehemence is coming from and claim that you are the innocent victim. I am not buying it! You made the post. Deal with the blowback!

    Then when members address your post, and call you out about the content of your post, you try to play this passive role and refer to this site being about “dialogue” and such. I for one, am not buying it. You were the one the precipitated the comments by attacking the previous posters.

    Let me clear the air for you: I am unsure about the others, but if you or anyone ever calls me out on this site, I will defend myself and my comments. Let me make it clear since you claim to be newer to this site than most. I am an expert in photography and optical physics. Not an armchair quarterback. I also have paid my dues in the cryptozoological community. Ask Craig or Loren Coleman. Usually, I pay my dues anonymously, or one or two people will know that it was me but the rest will not. I have solved several cryptozoological puzzles or photographic questions here. I have made substantial donations of time. I have also made several large monetary contributions to help out in the Cryptozoological community. And I have gifted to the community with substantial contributions to museums. You want the truth? When a relative newcomer makes a aggressive post, not about the video or StinkerStunker ( the subject of the post) but posts about the post previous to his own, the previous posters have a right to take exception to that. Don’t like the blowback? Well then think before you post so aggressively and not even mention the video in that post!

    See the error of your ways, Grasshopper?

    Then you come back and act like you are suprised by the blowback. You stepped on everyone’s toes and then try to say that you did not mean it and you have no idea where the hostility is coming from. You, my friend, stirred the pot while all the rest of us where watching it simmer. Your second post in this thread is the passive part while you are still taking digs at people.

    I think your comments were directed at me specifically, So let me address you directly on your indirect passive-aggressive style. In answer to your questions: Yes, I am passionate about the subject. I thought my first and second post made that perfectly clear. And yes, I am a bona fide expert. Clear enough?

    You said “some of you claimed…” that you were hypocritical. No, not some, just me, claimed you were hypocritical. It was me! Because you were hypocritical and to use your terminology—as I so eloquently pointed out. Each time you tried to be inclusive of everyone in defending yourself, you quoted my exact words. So man up and just address me if you have something to say. But your passive–aggressive post in singling me out as you address everyone is not fair to the others. If you have a problem with me, just address me. The others here jumped in on it because they saw through your BS. How is that for sharing some dialogue?

    And then later in your second post, you state, and I quote: “I would have liked to engage in interesting and non-regimented discussions when I visit here, not be shut out because I may interpret something differently than you. I thought this site was to encourage dialogue and discovery about topics we share an interest in. Apparently that is only encouraged from the privileged few.”

    You mention the word “interpret” twice and talk about open dialogue. But you did not interpret the video at all. You did nothing of the sort. All you did was make reference to the other posters prior to you, “bitching”. That is exactly what you did! And when people responded to your first punch, you cry “foul”! If you did not want a fight, then quit starting them here.

    I do not believe you in the least. Your backtracking is too little, too late. But nice try. You know what you did and you see the results that followed. You brought it on yourself. Own it or at least own up to it. Apologies go a long way. Veterans tend to be forgiving of newer members making mistakes. But taking a passive-aggressive role when you were the aggressor and the rest were just defending themselves, is transparent.

    I have had numerous discussions with people here who had opposing views and we engaged in dialogue and open discussion. These are the things you say you want and expect from this site. If that is true, then act politely and do not accuse people of bitching and then try to backtrack and play the victim. It is laughable!

    Let me show you how it is done. What did you think of the dog not barking or alerting to anything when the tree fell over in this video? See, I asked a question, about the video, encouraging dialogue. Notice I did not say, this site should be renamed bitchamundo. See the difference?

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