ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot vs Buffalo Top 5 Objections

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 12th, 2015

ThinkerThunker addresses the concerns with this video: ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot vs Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

Just how smart are Bigfoot Skeptics? Take a look, let’s see.

My original clip which went viralThinkerThunker – Bigfoot vs Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park

Check out all of ThinkerThunker’s videos here on Cryptomundo.

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4 Responses to “ThinkerThunker – Bigfoot vs Buffalo Top 5 Objections”

  1. cryptokellie responds:

    Okay Thunker. How convenient you left out my comment about your analysis. I will repeat it here again. You stated that the Bison was six foot high at the “shoulder”. This is a correct statement for a large male. You than erroneously placed a horizontal line across the bison’s head height and stated that the actual size to the top of the animal was much higher, more nearer nine feet in height to justify your claim that the humanoid figure is way larger than any human could be. Here is the truth, the bison’s total height is measured at the very top of it’s backbone which comprises the large hump the animal has. The very top of this hump is also the top of the the attachment area for the trapezius muscles of the scapula, the enormous shoulder blades that Bison possess. If your calculations were correct, the total height of this Bison would close to nine feet high. That would make it as tall as modern average Asian Elephant and no present day Bison reaches anywhere near that size. I suggest that you do your diligence and take a look at Bison anatomy and images of real Bison standing next to their human handlers, all available on-line to see the actual size of the animal and then rethink your thunker. I live not far from a Bison breeding farm and have stood next to several alive Bison. I’m 6’1″ tall and only one was as tall as me, most were shorter. They were still very large and impressive animals.
    I am not a hater but nonsense is nonsense and I don’t beg for contributions

  2. cryptokellie responds:

    Addendum; I left out the fact that an exceptional sized Bison can reach 6’5″ tall but they are rare today with the average height being shorter. Bison latifrons – the extinct paleo bison could reach heights of up to 8 feet but alas they are extinct. Still a very large and powerful animal. They don’t smell very nice either…

  3. PhotoExpert responds:

    Cryptokellie–Good analysis there! Points well taken!

    StinkerStunker–None of your analysis makes much sense, as usual. The skeptics are pointing out that you stated “Yosemite” rather than “Yellowstone”. is a salient point. If you are careless about the facts in naming the geographic location, it is a logical progression to assume that you might be just as sloppy and careless in your video analysis; which you were! Their point was valid!

    Through all your analysis, you failed to prove why it could possibly be a BF. Not one shred of valid evidence. What I see are people walking behind the bison. Leg stride is not unusual. Size is not unusual. There is nothing unusual about those hikers that would make me take note or say they were BF.

    StinkerStunker, you asked, “why all the hate?” Let me answer that for you. It is because your analysis has been proven incorrect many times. The reason for the hate though is not due to your incorrect analysis. The reason for the hate is because people see you for who you are and what you are about. You are only concerned with your number of viewers and the potential of earning cash through that viewership. That is what is so distasteful. That might be the reason for the negative comments you receive from viewers on YouTube. They disagree with your methods of making a mountain out of a molehill. They disagree with your intentional misdirection and incorrect analysis which hinders real researchers.

    Your only concern is viewership on YouTube, your number of followers and what money you can collect from that endeavor. It is sickening. That is why you have so many “haters”. I applaud those haters for calling you out. Although I am opposed to militant skeptics. I do not think any of these people calling you out are militant skeptics. They are just normal people with enough IQ, to see through your smoke screen and call you out.

    Kudos to them! And kudos for those that call you out on your junk science being used as a method to increase your followers. Thank goodness some of us are not that naive.

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    this guy is a PERFECT example of seeing whatever you want to see… even when there’s nothing there.

    to say his “analysis” is anything but “backyard science” would be a crime.

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