You are Sasquatch: The Smarter Ape Theory

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 20th, 2012

Recently, Jeffery Pritchett, radio show host for The Church Of Mabus, interviewed Jack D. Barnes of Facebook/Find Bigfoot, about their new book, You Are Sasquatch.

Below is an excerpt of that interview.

You are Sasquatch

1. Your new book You are Sasquatch has a very provocative title. How exactly are we Sasquatch?

View slideshow: You Are Sasquatch Art by Jeff Caramagna

Well that is a great question. All humans have come from a human shaped ape, not a chimpanzee, Gorilla or Australopithecus, we never knucklewalked. How this happened is the purpose of the book. Humanity is in the process of domestication into the group from our natural state of the individual and individual family group. This is a complex process that we try to explain as simply as possible using analogous animals that everyone can relate to. The fact that Sasquatch not only exist, but exist throughout the whole of the United States is extraordinarily important to mankind and to science. Sightings from Florida to Alaska show a successful species that made transitions to adapt to different niche, namely the water, winter and bipedalism. This could only happen on one side of the Bering straight. Since the distribution is so great in North America it is the obvious choice. Homo Erectus was born in America.

2. Could you tell us a bit about everyone that is involved in your book?

Well that is an extensive list and a pretty good story. Originally we planned on making a movie on the subject in an attempt to explain the mystery that is Sasquatch. Credit has to go to John Green for taking the time to point out the morotopithecus vertebrae from 21.6 million years ago. We were at his house in Harrison Hot Springs and at the end of the movie interview came down told me to start here and pointed to the backbone. From that point Dr. Aaron Fillers work began to explain the process by which Sasquatch and humanity came to be. It became conceivable that we could explain the process. This became a thought experiment that was handled by Jack D. Barnes with daily conversations with Jeffrey L Andersen, discussing the data and finding new an important pieces to the puzzle. It became a team effort to understand how the world only makes sense with Sasquatch inhabiting the whole of North America and being smarter in some way than modern humans. Christopher Noel served as editor, Bigfoot Expert and consultant on the project. Jeff Caramagna illustrated the book and each of the different steps toward Sasquatch then toward humanity. There were hundreds of people who added evidence and insight along the way experts, researchers and enthusiasts.

3. What exactly is the smarter ape theory?

It actually is a universal theory that explains how humanity became possible. But in general it states that we are in the process of getting smaller and dumber rather than bigger and smarter. Everyone has seen the 1950s drawing is incorrect and we revise the chart in this book. We came from an animal that is strategically superior to ourselves.It weaves together 9 other theories into their proper place. Namely, the upright ape, out-of-africa, asian red-ape theory, biblical story of creation, dispersal vs. displacement theories, nocturnal/diurnal progression in primate theory, self-domestication theory, the aquatic ape theory and the savannah. Each of these series carries a great bit of truth but fall short a rational explanation. They are wove together with a new theory called the General Theory of Adaptation based on the work of AG Filler, Stephen J. Gould and Ernst Mayr. It hypothesizes that there are two phases of adaptation that explain the many yet to be explained mysteries in biology: the individual and the group.

4. Could you tell us what some of your experience is when it comes to Sasquatch research?

We have been on maybe 30 expeditions over the last 3 and half years, we have been within 30 feet of Sasquatch maybe four or five times, in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Washington. But the social network component was really the game changer and meeting and talking to thousands of researchers enthusiasts and skeptics on a daily basis. The heavy lifting and thanks really has to go to the fans of fbfb.

5. What exactly is your end all goal when it comes to your Sasquatch research?

Our goal now is simply to curate the data. If the book is successful enough we hope to be able to hire a few staff and catalog every picture, video, sound and footprint into usable form. There are thousands of sightings each year. Now with portable cameras there may be 10 to 20 videos of real sasquatch taken and uploaded to youtube or mailed to experts. We just featured two videos (Mink Creek Idaho and LaRayesville PA) that were emailed and authenticated by Dr. Jeff Meldrum. We added De-shaker and context to each and showed why they were real Sasquatch. We then catagorized them and added them to the authenticated list which is continually updated.

Read the entire interview here: ‘Bigfoot researchers release new book called You Are Sasquatch.

You can purchase the book You Are Sasquatch in Kindle form at

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

8 Responses to “You are Sasquatch: The Smarter Ape Theory”

  1. Miles Walter Martin via Facebook responds:

    One problem with this theory is that humans have actually been growing taller since the mid 1800’s. Granted this probably has more to do with nutrition than it does with genetics, but still it needs to be taken into account. On the other hand our nutrition is probably getting worse…

  2. Pat Mccray via Facebook responds:

    Flawed theory.

  3. corrick responds:

    These people are exactly why mainsream science avoids Bigfoot like a plague. Still I must admit it made me lol while reading their “theory.”

  4. Fred123 responds:

    “The fact that Sasquatch not only exist, but exist throughout the whole of the United States is extraordinarily important to mankind and to science.”–It’s not a “fact” until it’s proven to be a fact, and if the existence of sasquatch was a proven fact none of us would be visiting this site. We have here nothing but one more bigfoot “expert” who has proven that he has zero credibility by with his own words.

  5. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Well… Bigfoot doesn’t have a 9-to-5 job, doesn’t pay taxes and doesn’t bother himself with churches or governments. So maybe these guys are on the right track after all. 😉

  6. DWA responds:

    red_pill: If we’re just talking lifestyle choices, well I agree with you!

    If we’re talking strictly methodological choices, I’m methodologically wondering why there doesn’t seem a Meldrum nor a Bindernagel within 100 miles of their research.

  7. dogu4 responds:

    I find much to like in some of this theorizing, in particular the concept of our modern human domestication, and that process not necessarily being one where we got smarter, but rather more socialized some of the secondary characterizations of it being presumed to be intelligence though not necessarily requiring any greater brain power (if that’s what they are saying, and it seems to me that they are) and that this process led to our being physically adapted to that greater interdependency as we see in some other examples of domestication (wolves to dogs, aurochs to cattle, wild sheep to domestic sheep are three that come to mind).

  8. Taylor Reints responds:

    I agree completely.

    How does this theory incorporate earlier finds of homininans? Australopithecus wasn’t Bigfoot-sized, nor were any of our ancestors. If the fossils tell us that humans evolved from primates with smaller brains and of shorter stature, than how can this theory be not regarded as anything more than pseudoscience?

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